Click Frenzy: The Main Event Deals 9 Nov 2021

Click Frenzy lands in NZ

Click Frenzy is one of the biggest shopping events in Australia, and finally in 2021 Kiwis get to join in the shopping event. This time limited event runs for 53 hours and historically, has included partners from many big-name retailers and franchises

Be sure signup to their website here to receive their newsletter and be in the running to win some of their 99% of deals. (You can always opt out after the event is over).

What offers will we see on Click Frenzy?

Here are some details that I found on Scoop:

Fila: Up to 70% off sitewide
Lenovo: Take 10%* off sitewide, including sale items
Bose: Save up to 50% off
Dinkleboo: $12 Kids Personalised Story Books
Glassons: 20% off sitewide
Sketchers: Up to 50% off Best Selling Walking, Running & Casual Styles
BestDeal: Up to 98% off on Hot-Selling Items
Manscaped: 20% off + free shipping
Hype DC: Up to 20-60% Off Sale
The Athlete’s Foot: Up to 40% off Women's, Men's & Kids shoes
Peter Alexander: Up to 40% off selected Women’s, Men’s & Kid’s sleepwear

The event will be offering you a chance to buy some high-demand items such as Apple phones or laptops, 4K TV's, Nintendo Switches, Samsung Galaxy phones and more, at a very steep discount (99% off). These items randomly appear at certain times of the day (or night) during the 53-hour period, and stock is extremely limited so you'll need to keep your eyes peeled and your fingers ready to snap up these bargains.

Remember: You will need a Click Frenzy account to access these 99% off deals when they go live, so be sure to sign up for free beforehand so you don’t miss out.

Be sure to also bookmark their Instagram page as they sometimes use this to livestream events (which you need to watch to answer quizzes that unlock the 99% off deals)

How do the 99% off Deals work?

Visit their FAQ here to see an explanation

Confirmed 99% off Deals:


  • 8PM ~ 9PM NZDT - Nutribullet Pro 1000 Blender

  • 10PM ~ 11PM NZDT - Xbox Series S console


  • 5pm to 6pm NZDT - Luxe 2 Slice Toaster

  • 9pm to 10om NZDT - Samsung Galaxy S21 mobile


  • 1 PM to 2 PM NZDT - Garmin Sports Smart Watch

  • 4 PM to 5PM NZDT - Wonderboom 2 Bluetooth Speaker

  • 11~12PM NZDT - Microsoft Surface

See all Click Frenzy Deals on our page here

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  • well, I don't know what to think of this lol. are we sure they weren't just data collecting?

    • Keep the faith fredster

  • -2

    Just got a text, has anyone else got a text?

    • What did you win?

    • Nice job, what'd you snag - and what was the answer you put?

      • Sorry for responding late buddy, I work odd hours, I win surface laptop, answer was 18. I believe there more winners as it's not sold out and I have already placed the order, hope it gets shipped soon though it says it may take upto 3 weeks to dispatch..

        • +1

          Congrats. You definately received your text earlier than everyone else. Weird

          • @Timonthynz: Yup, got it yesterday but purchased it today, was kinda skeptical..

            • @nzhanji: Gonna be interesting to see how long shipping and what not is. Any clue where it is being shipped from - NZ or Aussie I wonder

    • ki jitea tu?

      • Absolutely fuming, this guys being a bit of a tease. I just want me kids and toaster back

  • +2

    Idk reckon this guys fiddling with our diddles

    • +1

      Brand new account, vague message, you could be right…

      • @rub1tonight bang on the money

      • They have removed all the competition clue videos from instagram in the past few hours but posted nothing new.

  • +1

    Just received this reply from them "There has been a slight delay sending out the text messages to those who were successful in scoring themselves a NZ 99% off deal. I can confirm messages will be sent tomorrow. Fingers crossed you are successful!"

    • Also got this exact message via Facebook 😁

  • +3

    Won some Galaxy Buds 2

    • What was your answer?

      • I can't remember tbh. But I remember thinking I had put the wrong answer

    • +2

      Same here with 9 was the answer to red logos

    • +2

      Got the text too saying I’ve unlocked the 99% off deal for the Galaxy Buds.

      • +2

        Buds for me too, was going for the surface but can’t complain with this cheeky snag

        • Max of one prize per person, correct?

          • @Bargain-Hunter: Have you won twice ya cheeky lad ;)

          • @Bargain-Hunter: Yeah think so bud, won’t complain if another message pops through tho

          • @Bargain-Hunter: the terms say: 'one item per user, household and/or IP address' and 'Once a text message has been sent with the unique discount code during the 53-hour period, the limit for that user/IP address/household has been reached'

  • +4

    Just in case someone gets a code and sits on it, only have until 11:59pm Thursday 18/11/21 to complete purchase

  • +3

    Just got my code for the Wonderboom :D

  • +5

    I won the xbox lol

    • +1

      Congrats - you must have been seriously fast. Can you remember what answer you put?

      • +1

        Thank you! I think i put in 5 or 6,I don't really remember because i thought i was too slow

        • Nice one - enjoy Halo :)

  • Any of you sasquatches won the phone?

    • Seems like I was too slow for the big boy prizes, felt like you’d have a good shot at it you lil speedy gremlin

  • +3

    I got the Breville toaster :D

  • Seems like that may it buds

    • Sorry you didn't get your toaster mate. I'm just happy I can get on with my life now at least lol

  • +9

    YES! guys our work has paid off.

    I didn't dare comment anything at the finishing time because it seemed like no one won anything including me.

    I just got a text 30 minutes ago and I thought it was a scam at first, then I come here to see everyone as well and it feels like that moment in a movie when all hope is lost, you're surrounded by the enemy and at the last second, your buddies come guns blazing out the dust and save you.

    The text was for the Xbox although I didn't expect that since I was pretty slow and I put in the wrong answer so I'm not sure how they managed to pick me.

    • Mate I'm absolutely stoked for you - that is awesome! Can I ask what answer you put it, and when you say slow, how slow? It's interesting to try and work out if it is the first person, or if we think it's randomly selected from the first 10 correct answers or something else.

      • +1

        I tried extensively to link a comment here, someones gonna have to teach me how to do that.

        I put in 5 even though right after I saw it was actually 6.

        slow as in first 4 minutes,

        the other ones that I expected to win I did in 2 seconds

        • Very interesting cheers. Just counted them again and there's definitely 6 haha. Awesome though that you got it and we have so many winners here.

    • Yesss billy boy!!! Double snags for the boys

      • YEAH! Couldn't have done it without your comment. The click frenzy gods must have seen that you wanted me to win if you didn't so they decided to fulfil your wish. I definitely owe you a cold one.

  • +3

    I won a surface laptop, I'm absolutely stoked. My answer to that question was 18.

    • Nice win! I'm interested to know how long it took you to answer? Trying to work out how they select the winners

      • +1

        I answered in under a minute. I had the Brands tab already open and used CTRL F and counted them up.

        • I used the same technique but was just over a minute I'd say

  • Hey is everyone's link to purchase personalised? It kind of worries me so I haven't opened it yet

    • It takes to the, important is the code..

      • yea it's alright if it's just a shortened version but it is still strange since it's not actually shorter.

        but if everyone's url are different that means they are probably tracking people when they open the link

  • Nevermind it redirects to the correct url but I'm not sure why they didn't just put that in the first place

  • +1

    Samsung Galaxy S21 👌

    • what was your answer

    • When did you get the text? Now or a while ago?

  • +2

    Didnt win anything but thanks scrimshaw for the post. Glad a couple cheapies got some goodies coming their way.

    • No probs, I'm glad you guys had fun!

  • Congratulations everyone who won.I didn't enter any and am Instantly regretting it now with so many winners here 😂😉

  • honestly, I'm surprised it turned out to be such good odds for us, it seems like they gave me a $500 prize with me using barely any effort.

  • Keen for next year

    • yea I'm going to be taking it a lot more seriously than I did this time.

      • Well done ☺️

        • thanks. Until next year

  • just placed my order, was a bit surprised there was tax that had to be included but definitely stoked about my "bargain of a lifetime"

  • Wohooo…Got my order today, didn't get any shipping info from the Click Frenzy regarding dispatch.

    • I haven't received anything yet, they have only sent me an email for my order "pending review" and no other emails.

      • Yes, even I was expecting some dispatch notification . Got a message from nzpost today that they will be delivering the parcel from Noel Leeming today.

        • Was the nzpost message to your email?

          It says on my order confirmation "You will receive a confirmation email once your item has been sent."
          but it also says it can take up to 3 weeks.
          Wonder if it's due to stock problems, Noel Leeming doesn't even sell the consoles anymore

          Congrats on your win
          You got the surface laptop which is the best prize

          • @Bill: No, I got a text from nzpost. Yes, I also got the text saying it may take upto 3 weeks to dispatch, so it was kinda surprise to receive the order this early.

            Hope you get your Xbox soon..

            • +2

              @nzhanji: Received my s21 today from jbhifi, absolutely stoked
              No indication it had shipped

  • +2

    One week to go lady’s and gentlemen, hope you legends are back for round 2

    • What does the mayhem event entail? Don't see anything about prizes, just deals.

      • +2

        There are no details yet, I will create a new 2022 thread when the info is public

        • Legend

        • Thanks that’s what we’ll need. Hopefully there’s prizes, from what I read the last event was very good, this time I can join in.

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