Click Frenzy: The Main Event Deals 9 Nov 2021

Click Frenzy lands in NZ

Click Frenzy is one of the biggest shopping events in Australia, and finally in 2021 Kiwis get to join in the shopping event. This time limited event runs for 53 hours and historically, has included partners from many big-name retailers and franchises

Be sure signup to their website here to receive their newsletter and be in the running to win some of their 99% of deals. (You can always opt out after the event is over).

What offers will we see on Click Frenzy?

Here are some details that I found on Scoop:

Fila: Up to 70% off sitewide
Lenovo: Take 10%* off sitewide, including sale items
Bose: Save up to 50% off
Dinkleboo: $12 Kids Personalised Story Books
Glassons: 20% off sitewide
Sketchers: Up to 50% off Best Selling Walking, Running & Casual Styles
BestDeal: Up to 98% off on Hot-Selling Items
Manscaped: 20% off + free shipping
Hype DC: Up to 20-60% Off Sale
The Athlete’s Foot: Up to 40% off Women's, Men's & Kids shoes
Peter Alexander: Up to 40% off selected Women’s, Men’s & Kid’s sleepwear

The event will be offering you a chance to buy some high-demand items such as Apple phones or laptops, 4K TV's, Nintendo Switches, Samsung Galaxy phones and more, at a very steep discount (99% off). These items randomly appear at certain times of the day (or night) during the 53-hour period, and stock is extremely limited so you'll need to keep your eyes peeled and your fingers ready to snap up these bargains.

Remember: You will need a Click Frenzy account to access these 99% off deals when they go live, so be sure to sign up for free beforehand so you don’t miss out.

Be sure to also bookmark their Instagram page as they sometimes use this to livestream events (which you need to watch to answer quizzes that unlock the 99% off deals)

How do the 99% off Deals work?

Visit their FAQ here to see an explanation

Confirmed 99% off Deals:


  • 8PM ~ 9PM NZDT - Nutribullet Pro 1000 Blender

  • 10PM ~ 11PM NZDT - Xbox Series S console


  • 5pm to 6pm NZDT - Luxe 2 Slice Toaster

  • 9pm to 10om NZDT - Samsung Galaxy S21 mobile


  • 1 PM to 2 PM NZDT - Garmin Sports Smart Watch

  • 4 PM to 5PM NZDT - Wonderboom 2 Bluetooth Speaker

  • 11~12PM NZDT - Microsoft Surface

See all Click Frenzy Deals on our page here

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  • +1

    I ended up entering "Kids Ride-On Car Range License-Benz Black" - hopefully that's what they wanted

  • What's the answer please? I clicked on au one and answered Spend less shoes 🙄🤦‍♀️ oh well..

    • +1

      License-Benz Black

  • License-Benz Black toy

  • I went with 'License-Benz Black' as my exact text, as they hovered on that for a while at the end there. Hit submit before the video ended, but I was sure they were going to pan to something else. Fingers crossed!

  • License-Benz Black



    i saw the truck and entered kids ride on car or something like that but at the end the live shows the name "licence benz something and im just hoping they arnt looking specifically for that

    • +1

      there was only 100 something on the live so it seems there is actually not that much competition. I got on the steam with my phone and it was more than 10 seconds ahead.

  • That would be actually kinda stink of them not to accept ride-on car or toy as a correct answer because the question asks what is the product, the name of the product is "kids ride-on car", licenced Benz black is just the specification of the car.

    • +1

      Part of my job involves reviewing exam questions for clarity and all of these so far have been terribly framed and far too ambiguous, though it's hard to say if a computer system will look for the first 100% exactly correct text inputted or if a human will scan all answers in the order they arrived, and find the first 'close-enough'. Guess we'll never know…

      • yeah they have always been really poor questions for years on the AUS platform, no idea why

      • I'm pretty sure they will look at the answers in order since there are only 8 of each prize if i remember corrrectly

        • just saw in the faq it is a manual process due to bots etc

  • +1

    It's the garmin watch 1-2pm and wonder boom speaker 4-5

    • Interesting, the scoop media release above referenced a Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 for $10, but the event ends tonight so doesn't seem like this is happening. Although there might still be time after 5pm…

      • +2

        Surely another 2 opportunities tonight. Absolute addicted, already wasted 3 hours of my life devoted to this demon of a game

  • The question was How many cars or boats can you see on the Click Frenzy New Zealand homepage?

    What did you guys do because there was 1 post with 4 toy cars. did you include all 4 or 1 or none?

    • Did you count the kayak?

      • lol cant remember but I answered 13 including 4 toy cars. What was your answer?

        I went back and I still couldn't find a kayak lol

        • I did 13 too. Seems there was also a boat on the battleships game, not sure how picky they will be.
          The kayak is near bottom of the page

          • @Timonthynz: oh true.. just noticed it because it was not in water lol

            So yeah probably not. unsure how did I come to 13 then

          • @Timonthynz: I got 14. Included the battleship on the boardgame box, could be overthinking it though.

        • I went with 10, because there were double ups I didn't count. I'm probably wrong

        • Wasn't playing but I count 15 including duplicates and the battleship board game

          • @Rubenite: Why werent you playing champ. Feel like your on the money with that guess

  • We are underway you absolute legends. Surely a cheeky speaker snag here, absolute fizzing

  • laybuy i did pretty fast

    • +1

      Not as fast as me Billy boy, deffo snagged the last one off you xx

      • +1

        haha, we'll see about that

        • Bit of cheeky rivalry

          • +1

            @Timonthynz: Buddy If I don't win I want old mate bill to, seems like a top bloke

            • @Sandyscheeks: hopefully, with everyone here all doing this collectively there will be at least someone who will win a prize.

  • +1

    Hey everyone.
    Does anyone know if there are anymore, or whether that was the last of it. Wanna grab a coldie and relax but can't with this hanging over me

    • Been wondering the same thing squirt, the anxiety of waiting for another emails getting to me! So much so that the urge to suck down some darts has come back and I've been clean 5 years now :{

    • The scoop media release mentioned some items we haven't seen yet - Surface Laptop and Garmin watch, but it is getting pretty late so who knows. I checked on the Aussie event over at Oz Bargain and they're expecting their next email at 9.30pm NZ time.

      • Could be 8.30pm NZ time, can't do timezones

  • +1

    Garmin watch was earlier

    • My bad, just the laptop missing then. Couldn't follow it earlier from work. You should have that beer, it'll definitely sharpen your reactions for the next one ;)

      • Not looking good. Might have lead us on a bit here the cheeky bastards

        • +1

          Indeed, the whole clickfrenzy event ends at midnight so it looks like that's all folks. Hope we have some winners among us!

          • @Rubenite: They've been teasing us all week, so wouldn't be surprised if they unloaded a last minute surprise.

            • @Sandyscheeks: sorry champ. Looks like its a no go, might have to have a sank
              Absolutely loving no ayden too

  • +2

    Looks like this microsoft laptop…
    ( ••)
    …isn't going to…
    ( •

    • Absolute comedian in our mitts. Only thing keeping me going is you sir

  • Samsung buds were just put up ???

    • Was it 9 logos?

      • Did you get any warning?

      • I did 8… I had to go to Linden leaves to see if the flower in their logo was red or orange.

        • sometimes the screen makes some stuff appear pink vs red. not one for the colourblind among us :P

  • Missed out due to impromptu nosebleed ಥ_ಥ

    Looks maybe worth it to watch the website till 12 I guess?

  • Absoluely cheeky snags

  • Surface is LIVE!!!

  • SURFACE 18?

    • Only got 17 :( Think I missed the Harbour Cruise oops

  • Answer is 17, don't put 14 like I did

  • I got 17 too

  • Absolutely rough

  • Does this feel slightly like Squid Game to anyone else? Making us play small games to try win/save money?

    • lol, imagine they kill everyone who got it wrong… now that's scary

  • +2

    I'm still seeing 18? I'm too tired for this

    • Thats right I think

  • +1

    Can't believe I stuffed that up so badly. As the timer still has 20 mins this must surely be the last thing. Thanks all it's been fun!

  • +1

    We shall reconvene if anyone receives a text informing them of their win. Surely a few of us managed to grab a cheeky something

    • Was someone saying there was 10 of each prize or just 10 prizes in total?

      • +1

        Not sure. Have to wait and see but this suspense is an absolute tease
        Only time Ive been this scared is when my ex-wife took the kids from me

  • According to the T&Cs, text messages should be sent out no later than 11.59pm tonight. I think someone on OzBargain might have received one this morning. Good luck everyone! And remember to check your spam folder (most messaging apps now have one).

    • +3

      Fingers crossed a few of us begin to get these messages. I'd be absolutely stoked for a new toaster, shame its not a 4 slice but guess I don't need it since my wife took the kids

  • Are they posting the winner anywhere?

  • Anyone won something?

  • is now live. If you get a text, this is where it will send you with your discount code to get the item you 'won' for its discount price. Can't be long now!

    • This is it lads. lets see what we've managed to snag

  • Not looking good :D

    • Don't think any NZ texts have gone out yet. Keep the faith!

  • Can we have an update 30 mins prior to 11:59 if anyone got a text msg?

  • Off to bed. Double checked the terms and it's up to 11:59pm AEDT for the texts to go out which still gives a couple more hours. But hard to imagine why they didn't do the NZ texts after the Oz ones earlier. Maybe they did and we just don't have any winners here?

  • +1

    This all seems like an absolute shit scam given no one on cheapies appears to of won.

    • I still don't think the NZ texts have gone out - if you compare to, some of the items on the aussie store are showing as 'sold out' - which I'm guessing means those deals have all been claimed by the winners. But nothing is sold out on Trying my best not to think about it and get on with my day haha, kind of hard when everyone is playing Halo Infinite and I felt like I was pretty quick on answering the xbox question. Given that they didn't even advertise the buds and surface laptop in any of the emails I'm sure we'll get at least one winner on here for something. It'll happen when it happens. Either that, or the cake is a lie…

      • That's interesting re the sold out items. Guess they could be slow of the mark, considering it is NZs first time

      • looks like they have gone radio silent on their socials too.

        • +1

          They still haven't announced the social media winner for the iPad either - they announced aussies couple days ago

          • @Timonthynz: I am imagining they didn't reach their impressions target with such low turnout that they packed up and did a runner.

            • @subculturenz: I'm still hopeful - they've taken the time to set up the click frenzy nz store for claiming the deals. It uses Shopify which I know a little about. They've loaded the items (you can add 9999 of something to cart), they'll need to generate the discount codes in there before sending them out. Checkout is currently adding tax, which might be a kink they need to work through. Anyway like I said, trying not to think about it 😅. Yesterday's aussie texts started rolling in from around 4.30pm NZ time onwards, perhaps we can expect a similar time frame today.

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