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Free $100 Paknsave Voucher Per Car for Covid Jab


For those who are in Hamilton, K’aute Pasifika Trust is giving our $100 Paknsave vouchers per car for getting vaccinated with them. Have confirmed via Facebook chat that they have limited stock today on first come first serve basis.

"K’aute Pasifika Trust’s “pop-up” vaccination centre in Richmond St has been giving the occupants of each vehicle the Pak’N Save vouchers as part of an instantaneous “thank-you” to people for protecting themselves, their families and the community from the lethal threat of the virus."

"The vaccination station is in operation from 9am to 1pm each weekday this week."

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    So it's like businesses are rewarding people who haven't taken the time to get vaccinated. Should be the other way round where you get rewarded for getting your vaccination.

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      Our reward is getting out of lockdown quicker

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        The Govt should give a big stimulus payment ($500+) for everyone who got the jab, as well as free transport to and from the vaccine site, and guaranteed paid time off. Plus an Italian-style green pass & vaccine mandate. I call it a "big carrot, big stick" approach, and the bribe should soothe some of the "outrage" of mandatory vaccination.

        Auckland is at 90%, but there are many folks out in the country who aren't in a rush. This is delaying the reopening (and costing more money) because these areas have low ICU coverage and like the Dakotas in the US, Covid spreads fast because everyone shops in the same few stores.

        • $200 to everyone after their second vaccination.

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      Its a community group not Paknsave running it

    • Agree

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    It is sad really that people need to be incentivised to get the vaccination. Reducing your chances of getting sick and getting the country open should be enough.

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      Yep. Just look at the person who has Covid down in Christchurch. Bit of a bugger.

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    It's almost a perverse outcome - people potentially won't get vaccinated now unless they're getting rewarded with something, or just wait until the rewards get better

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      Totally agree, next time round it's going to be a shit show until free stuff starts getting handed out..
      Arrive for vaccine, " sorry we are out of vouchers ", " ok cya then, let me know when you get more in "

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      Would have thought Vaxathon day would be the peak of offers in most places.

      • what was on offer? wasnt aware

        • Heaps of stuff, all different at each vaccination place. Food, vouchers etc

        • A cooked chicken at 1 place or a $10 supermarket voucher at another were 2 I read about.

    • +1

      Conversely, people seeking a reward might jump on this with a view that another opportunity may not present itself in the future.

      • Hopefully!

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    I'm double jabbed and all for this. Like Chewlewis said above our reward is getting out of lockdown asap. Especially as a small business owner.

    I'm originally from Ireland a country which is very similar to NZ in so many ways one of which is population size.

    The deaths in Ireland are in the 1000s north and south, if we had a similar exposure it would have been the same here, not to mention the 1000s crippled with long Covid.

    My risk is limited given I'm in my late 30s with no known underlying health issues however there is not a chance I wasn't going to get Vaccinated when the opportunity first arose.
    Why anyone would take a risk with there life / health by not getting vaccinated is beyond me.

    If private enterprise are willing to ensentivise people with deals like this, great it ultimately saves the tax payer in the long run.


    • +3

      I agree with you mostly, however it is still mostly tax payer's money that is pouring into these incentives:

      "Social services team leader Anggie Tuifua​, who is overseeing the initiative, said the scheme began as a way to encourage Pacific youth to get themselves vaccinated. A partnership with the Ministry of Social Development had boosted the available fund to $70,000 and the incentive had been opened up to everyone, regardless of ethnicity."

      • +1

        Still better than splurging tax-payers money on America's cup.

      • +7

        cheaper than hospital bills. Which is also taxpayer funded

    • Should have been however there is not a chance wasn't going to NOT get vaccinated when the opportunity first arose :)

      • +3

        Arrrgh! Too many negatives in that sentence - Brain overload 🤯

    • -7

      "Why anyone would take a risk with there life / health by not getting vaccinated is beyond me."

      Id just like to ask you to look at this statement, many have died or had health issues as a direct result of the jab. This isnt community chit chatter, this is from offical government bodies, documentation is publicly accessible. So your statement works both ways, effectively canceling out the statement.

      I often see people thinking a vaccination makes you bullet proof from covid.

      Its a 64% success rate, meaning many of the users who feel immune are infact not.

      Vaccination does not stop it from spreading, it lowers the damage it could potentially do when you do get covid. Damage mitigation at the rate of 64% probability.

      I dont see why people care about non vaccinated people; They WILL get sick just like a vaccinated person. They might have minor symptoms but run the risk of being hospitalized critically…just like a vaccinated person only has 64% chance of not hitting severe circumstances.

      Natural immunity build is also another viable option, just not the whole nation at the same time, as it would over whelm our limitations in medical capacity.
      So if those who are pro vax go for it and those anti vaxers do as they please, we wont be overwhelmed medically and i think at the same time everyones human rights could be upheld.

      Sitting on the middle of a fence having a laugh.
      Can't help but picture hunger games, two societies split, both feel they are in the win positions.


      • +5

        Based on 64% vaccine effectiveness (I think the actual number might be slightly higher) and 70% effectiveness in reducing hospitization, you can apply these proportions to a population of 100,000 people with a 5% chance of being infected (pre vaccination).

        100,000 people unvaccinated

        x 5% chance of being exposed and then infected = 5,000 infected.
        10% chance hospitalized = 500 people in hospital.

        100,000 people vaccinated

        x 5% chance of being exposed and then infected boosted by vaccine effectiveness of 64% = 1,800 infected
        3% chance of hospitalization if vaccinated and infected [10% x (1-0.7)] = 9 people in hospital.

        Huge difference.

        • +1

          And your calculation only shows one iteration, imaging another iteration of your calculation, it will bring NZ health system to what is happening in India.

        • +1

          some people don't understand that vax mandates are there to protect the system, not the people.

  • +11

    At this rate, if I am the last person of the 90% vaccination rate, I will be getting a free house!

    • I think you will want to be vaccinated before they let covid loose in the country 🤔

      • +2

        they already are

        • You mean they already are getting free house or covid is loose in the country? lol

          • @miso: on the loose. if it was a free house, they wouldn't need vaccine mandates.lol

      • +1

        I'll take my chances. Don't need to let told by the propaganda police that it's going to 'hunt me down' when more than 80% of people don't even know they had it.

        • +2

          If you're taking your chances, why wouldn't you massively improve your odds for free haha.

          • +3

            @hiimpengu: Good point hiimpengu. The smart choice is to get vaccinated… This isn’t a big conspiracy or a new world order. This is a pandemic. Don’t read too much into things, roll up your sleeves and just do it. If not for yourself, then for everyone else around you…

        • Good luck with that plan. Around 85% of currently infected people in this country are UN vaccinated.

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    So how about some HONEST reasons from unvaccinated people on why after 71 days of Lockdown you still haven't had your Covid jabs. It's free , will help save your life and your family and friends and will give you more freedom once we hit 90% . Is it all about the freebies you're holding out for or just that you like risking the lives of others ?

    • +3

      I think majority of those unvaxxed just have no trust in the government. This isn't just a covid thing for them, its something engrained prior to covid, where they feel the government is trying to control the population. You will not be able to have a rational discussion with them because for them, you aren't debating just a covid vaccine, but their entire belief system. You could give them all the evidence in the world, and they'll think its propaganda. I unfortunately have extended family that fit in this category and they just simply will not see any other perspective. Its truly saddening.
      The only way you could get them to get the vaccine is by pretending that the government doesn't want them to get the vaccine, for it would then be in line with their beliefs

      • -1

        Exactly, imagine being in a corrupt country and the govt wants you to get the jab.Seeing how Pfizer is making billions from this pandemic, it feels so unethical right now to put profits before people.

        • -1

          Add to this the video of the PM grinning and gleefully admitting she's creating two classes of citizen.

        • +7

          Which country you are talking about? Certainly not NZ. NZ is not a heaven but far from a corrupt country. The democratically elected govt may not be getting everything correct but they are doing much better than a lot of other govts out there.

      • +4

        Still waiting for the unvaxxed to start their own research labs and pharmaceutical companies. So they can bring their "trusted" medicines to the people.

        But so far haven't heard much happening on that end

        • +1


    • +8

      I am not against the vaccine but I was waiting as long as possible as I wanted more time to see longer term effects of the vaccine but have just gone in for my second dose and got my voucher this morning since it was available.

      • +1

        Great to hear you got the Vaccine.
        Just out of curiosity what was it that made you to decide to get the Vaccine?

        • +4

          The "longer term" timer just expired ?

        • +3

          Hamilton was becoming a place of interest with cases around and then realising that the government was changing the strategy to vacination levels and not case levels to lower us out of level 3 lockdown.

    • as always follow the money

  • +4

    Thanks OP, for the post.
    Honestly, I think this post has become a thread for too much political discussion not really relevant for Cheapies theme. It will be wise the mods close comments on this thread.

  • +4

    PS5 or bust.

  • +6

    For a second I thought this was a Reddit thread…

    • Haha, yep, it has a reddit vibe to it now…

    • OzBargain has a subreddit😄


      It's like the Cheapies Facebook Page. Reposts.

    • Haha Exactly what I was thinking. Are you my long lost twin brother?

  • +3

    The bonuses for the unvaxed are a bit of an annoyance for those who have already 'done the right thing'. As often happens in this country you seem to get more if you do less !

    • +1

      $100 grocery voucher not really worth it given the risk to your health if you catch 'rona unvaccinated

      • +3

        Going by the news, one can buy 3 or 4 Broccoli heads for $100 from our supermarkets :D

  • I wonder what the reward threshold is where we will see people fabricating false identities to get re-vaccinated in order to claim the reward…

    • They should be the other end of antivaxxers. Can we call them overvaxxers?
      PS: This thread has diminished the line between Cheapies an Reddit.

    • Or they each take a turn to drive up alone to get vaccinated and collect their $100 paknslave voucher. Oh you already thought of that one……

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