This was posted 1 year 7 months 12 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Trustpower - 6 Months Free Internet Plus $300 Account Credit with 12 Month Internet and Power Bundle


Not to be outdone by skinnys 6 months free trustpower are now offering the same if you bundle power and internet for the year. The base internet price seems higher than skinny but the $300 credit maybiffset that somewhat.

Might be of use to some that were after bundles on the skinny post from yesterday and they offer phone service where skinny doesn't.

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  • Should have waited haha, signed up to Skinny yesterday

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    Will also very much depend on whether their power pricing is any good at your specific location.


    • Yes I'm with trust power and with their yearly dividend it was quite a good deal, but you would of had to be in the Western Bay of plenty to qualify for their yearly trust power dividend ($450 are year) which is now unavailable due to selling their soul to another Corporation (Mercury). Original trust power customers will still receive annual payments though.

      • Yeah in WBOP as an original customer, wish I waited for this deal rather than jumping at the Skinny one. Works out better. Also don't have a communications chip in my power meter.

        • I don't think you'll get charged as long as you cancel the Skinny contract before the connection day?

          • @xsolider: Hmm interesting point, didn't think of that. I'll reach out to them and check!

        • Yep they still use horse and cart to read our meter.

  • That looks like cheaper than skinny if you are looking for bundled deal. Atleast power rates looks similar to Contact for my address.

    Edit: Sorry power rates are bit higher.

  • Posted on the skinny thread too - but $100 prezzy card if you’re not already with fibre

    • still on vdsl but this sucks lol:

      Sorry! This address is not eligible for this offer

      Fibre is available at your address, but unfortunately this address is not eligible for this offer. Learn more about the fibre installation process, or if you're ready book your free fibre installation now.

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    Note in the terms & conditions of this offer it states "If you have chosen an Ultra Fast Broadband plan you will not be able to reduce speed during the term".
    Just something to keep in mind if you were thinking of trying gigabit for the first 6 months and then hoping to drop speed/price when you need to start paying like you can with the current Skinny offer.

    • Good point! I signed up to skinny with the intent to utilize high tier and then drop when 6months is over.

  • They'll charge $94 a month for 100/20 speed after 6 months. Have they always been this expensive compared to others?

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    They will make the money back on power. I currently pay contact on a low user charge $0.22+GST PER KWH.Truspower price low user price is $0.29+GST PER KWH. I'm in Auckland.

    • do you have gas too?

      • Yes, I'm paying $0.075 with contact, trustpower is $0.1023 PER UNIT. Daily charges is about $1.15 for both. With contact you can do a flat $0.145 per unit on a open plan with no daily charge.

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    $550 exit fee. Crikey.

    • damn that's crazy high

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      I always keep away from those bundle deals.

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        I agree - I have never bundled, and it would have to be a stunning offer with good conditions for me to start.

        In general, I have found I got better deals overall, as most bundles are sold on one part being a good deal (like the broadband side of this one), but the other bundle elements are often not so good.

        A $550 exit fee certainly doesn't cut it - that is a very clear statement that TrustPower actually expect customers to want to leave. Listen to what they are telling you!


    • No canceling this one at month 7 to find a better deal then 😞

      • Somewhere their legal team is smiling

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    Full terms & conditions document

    Service (with $15 bundle discount) Months 1-6 Months 7-12 (continued)
    - with phone & naked with phone naked
    60GB wireless broadband $0 $79 $69
    120GB wireless broadband $0 $89 $79
    300GB urban wireless broadband $0 $99 $89
    300GB rural wireless broadband $0 $149 $139
    ADSL/VDSL $0 $99 $94
    100/20 speed $0 $99 $94
    Fibre/Max $0 $124 $119

    If you require a new router for your broadband, a $14.95 postage and handling charge will apply. Customers who choose wireless broadband will require a new router.

    Changing Broadband speed during the Term

    If you have chosen FibreMax, you will not be able to reduce your fibre speed during the Term. If you have chosen 100/20 speed fibre, you can upgrade your speed to FibreMax during the Term. Fibre customers cannot change their service to an ADSL/VDSL or a Wireless Broadband service.

    If you have chosen Wireless Broadband, you can not reduce your Wireless Broadband plan size during the Term. You can upgrade your Wireless Broadband plan size during the Term. Wireless Broadband customers and ADSL/VDSL customers may be able to change between Wireless Broadband and ADSL/VDSL services during the Term in some circumstances, please contact Trustpower for details. Wireless Broadband and ADSL/VDSL customers may upgrade to fibre during the Term if available.

  • Seeing all these good internet deals while our house is being built but not connected to the fibre network (or even VDSL for some reason???) is saddening

    • Haha at least you can get a $100 prezzy card

      • We're sorry!

        Your address is unfortunately outside the UFB area; however, you can still get fibre installed at a cost and connect to your local network. Or if you're not a heavy internet user, try a Chorus copper broadband connection like VDSL.

        • I have vdsl can join up to fiber finally and still don't get a prezzy card 🤷‍♂️

          feels like a chorus sham lol

          • @Huntakillaz: When I enter my address into most boardband websites they dont even offer VDSL, wireless 4G is the only option, even for the houses that have already been built on that street. Hoping that changes by the time we move in

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    Wow, finally seeing some real competition, I hope it lasts…haha

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    Trustpower's internet and power prices are consistently higher than their competitors so make sure you do some diligent calculations before signing anything.

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      I agree, they are rarely a good option for the real cheapies out there. Even when they were giving away tv's etc - if you did the numbers you were basically just paying for it over time. Usually lots of better power and internet suppliers out there if you really shop around.

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    Friends don't let friends sign up for Trustpower.

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    It's a trap!

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    Don't do it. Heard bad things about them.

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