I have a significant discount code for a retailer I don't use, how do we 'cash them out'

I have a half price coupon for a particular electronics company (brand not store, won't reveal who because the way I received it is pretty swanky) but really don't want anything from the site.

Is there a way to cash out the coupon without just buying + flipping? Kinda a like a black market for single use discount codes?

The brand in particular is a good mix of upper market and entry level, but people do pay for the higher end goods because they are actually super high quality

Also the code is half price.


  • Could you try and sell it to someone?

  • Facebook marketplace? Geekzone?

  • Offer to sell it.


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    Give us some more info and we can make you an offer. Or better still tell us how you got it in the first place.

    • I work for a big name retailer, I did the sales event training and won a half price code. That's about it.

      • I'm after a new tv if that helps

        • I am also in Christchurch.

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    Currently there aren't any rules about selling coupon codes here, so you could post it in the classified section https://www.cheapies.nz/classified

    Might be hard to sell it though, since how will the seller and buyer verify the coupon is actually valid before the payment is made? There's no escrow so the buyer or seller could scam the other person, unless you physically meet and purchase the item together? How are you intending to sell the coupon without revealing what it is, and what it's valid for?

    Probably easier to buy a high end sought-after item and flip it. Check Trademe for the brand and see what's selling.

    • Yeah, to be honest id only be comfortable doing it in person; Im trustworthy enough in my opinion (haha) but nobody knows that

  • Maybe it helps by disclosing what kind of products they sell first.

  • Are there exclusions? like apple products and ps5s?

  • This is turning into a game of 20 questions

    • Q1) Is that a game involving cards?

      Q2) If so, is it a normal deck of cards, or if not, is it a ball game.

      Q3) ….

    • Yeah, you're not wrong. I wasn't intending to use the thread to sell it… I received the code through my work, it's not an enterprise pricing scheme or anything like that, but i'd be in a lot of shit if they were to see what i was up to here, hence the vagueness.

      I was looking for something like cdkeys or g2a but for nz single use coupon codes, wasn't sure if it existed and wanted to I guess swap or even sell it more …discretely elsewhere

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        You might be best to use it to buy and on-sell (if you can do that anonymously) or as gifts for Xmas or something.

        • I think that's the best way to do it.

      • If you are interested in selling it email me [email protected]

      • I'm possibly interested too. Flick me a message and we'll see what we can arrange. Thanks

    1. Buy something from the retailer that's normally in high demand and on sale
    2. Sell on trademe or fb marketplace for just under retail price
    • Generally, if you re-sell on TradeMe, you'll get back about 2/3 of the full retail price if the item is brand new, boxed etc.

      Obviously that will vary and there will be specific examples that are outliers, but if you need a rough-reckoning, that's generally about right.

      My theory on why the market builds in that kind of discount:

      1) Trust issues - you usually don't really know the other person, so counter-party risk is higher than for an established retailer

      2) You'd have to count on no CGA cover if something goes wrong

      Exceptions will account for the outliers I guess.


      • no CGA

        Provided the seller provides an invoice you should be alright

        • Very big maybe on that!

          For example, we might sell you something, say, an unopened brand new boxed piece of kit, and we would provide you with a GST invoice, but I guarantee (!) you that the CGA would not apply.


  • I have something kinda related,
    Has anyone sold airpoints dollars before? I have nearly 2k and don't want to buy anything else from the airpoints store (or mitre 10)
    I saw on ozbargain that people have gotten their qantas accounts blocked from selling their points so am a little worried

    • I haven't tried it, nor would I bother myself (I spend them!) but I seem to recall AirNZ (or maybe it was Qantas as you mention) cancelling people's accounts for trying this in the past.

      I suspect, but you'd have to check, that there is a clause in the contract between you and AirNZ that you have agreed to abide by, that prohibits this.


    • You could buy Mitre10 vouchers and sell them on TradeMe or here. If I was about to buy $500 worth of stuff I'd happily buy that in vouchers for up to 80% face value.

      • Yea that's probably what I'll end up doing. They are good for buying stuff that you can price beat there.

        • Also, potentially, M10 vouchers might be a viable gift option or one or more people you know at Christmas.


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