This was posted 10 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$940 Car Service for $99 (Excludes Parts Charges) @ Tony's Tyre Service


What does the voucher include?

1 x Express Plus Service
1 x Express Service
2 x Free Tyre Rotations
2 x Free Suspension Inspections
1 x Free Brake Fluid Flush
1 x Free Radiator Coolant Flush
1 x Free Labour Front Or Rear Disc Pad Replacement
2 x Free Brake Inspection & Adjustment
2 x Free Diagnostic Scans
2 x Free Puncture Repairs
1 x Free Head lamp Polish
1 x Free Wheel Alignment

All of the services mentioned in the voucher actually cost $886.00 but today as a promotion we are giving it away for only $99.00!

All the services mentioned on the voucher can be used for any make and model of car, including small trucks less than three tonnes. The services can be redeemed for up to 12 months from the date the voucher is first used.

So, make use of this golden opportunity to keep your car maintenance up to date, only paying for materials used.

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  • 1x espress service
    1x express plus
    Means two services????

  • +1

    Cheaper to get your car done at South Auckland

  • Also says at the bottom have to pay for materials means for servicing have to buy own fuel:filter. Then how come the total value becomes $938.98???
    1 Express service $159
    1 Express plus $179
    Includes oil/filter change in the price.
    Bit confusing????
    Can anyone enlighten me please?
    Have never heard of this site.

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      Have used this before with Tony's.
      Never did the services as it's cheaper for me to do myself as I buy oil etc on sale.
      I used wheel alignment (they didn't adjust anything as the wheel alignment wasn't out)
      Headlight clean
      Brake flush / inspection / adjustment
      Tyre rotation

      I doubt I got much value out of it, also used before previously for a mechanics that had free wof etc which was better value

      • Did you do an oil change with the Express Service voucher? Did you have to pay for anything extra?

        • No, I just do my own servicing at home, its quite easy depending on your car.
          For them to do the service they would charge oil and filter.

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    Seem very expensive for cost without materials if your paying almost $1k

    • you are paying $99 for the option to use upto $940 of services from them

      • +1

        yes but I'm talking about their so called normal price.

    • Briscoes white sticker pricing

  • Free Labour but not parts etc. Sorry this won’t meet most
    Cheapies definition of a deal when written as vague as this.

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    Any idea if you'd still have to pay for parts as part of the service? For example the oil and filter that would be normally included in the service, would that be extra?

    • Yes, u pay for oil, filter, air filter if needed

  • Are the parts charges are also rather inflated?

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      Yeah I was totally scammed by this kind of offer some 15 years ago, albeit by a different company. Free service and labour yes, but the oil alone (parts) costs me 200 bucks on the invoice haha. Anyways, life experiences eh?

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    lol what BS. who would pay almost a grand for their express service- which doesn't even include an oil change!

    99 is more reasonable, but i would bet they'll pick up all sorts of things wrong with your car that you'll end up paying $800+ anyway.

    • Yup that's my feeling as well

  • +1

    Golden opportunity, yeah right…LOL

  • +2

    Worth it…if you can bring your own materials in for them to use.

    Which of course you can't.

    Why pay $15 per litre of oil when you can pay $60?

    • +1

      Then again it doesn't say that you can't anywhere up to the formation of the contract, so you'd have a good argument if they tried to deny you doing so.

      If I buy my oil from the shop down the road, I'm still paying for the material used.

      If they try to send you the terms after you've paid for it and gotten the voucher, then you can tell them to get (profanity) as that's introducing new terms after the contract is formed.

    • Bring your own tools and do it yourself in their premises at this rate

      • Why? They're not charging you for the labour or tools beyond the amount you've already paid, and the offer doesn't indicate that you must buy the consumables via them.

        If you must buy the consumables via them, then it's a bad deal.

        If you pay $99 for 2 services (plus the rest), and $300 for oil and $90 for filters. Then you're not saving money (in fact you're worse off than if you had just paid for two services).

        If you pay $60 for oil and $20 for filters, on the other hand, then are you saving money.

        This is a website for saving money.

  • havent gotten any mechanical services done at tonys other than getting a new set of tyres and wheel alignment but all 3 times were priced much lower than you'd expect at other places
    not too sure about their express plus service though..

  • +2

    This is a very similar promotion to Pitstop Glenfield. There will be extra charges on top of the promotion. First time Ive been scammed as a milennial

  • +1

    It's a bit of a scam, leaves out the cost of oil, Brake fluid, coolant, brake pads which all could have varying degrees of mark up not to mention a potentially dubious mechanical diagnosis.

    • +7

      We have googled your car model and it does indeed have tyres and brakes, so they’ll all need to be replaced.

    • Brake fluid was included in their last promo

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    I have mates from the office who were scammed by these guys in Albany, big no-no.

  • Does anyone know a decent place to get cars serviced in Auckland? Im central. I have a 2017 Ford and have usually got it done with a friend that worked for ford and she just did the full sha-bang for like $100 but she no longer works for them…

    Thanks in advance

    • Ford have an online esimtator based on make/model that would be a good comparison (obviously its full RRP)
      We used to get ours done at South Auckland Motors and it was generally $180-$300 depending on parts etc.

  • It's not a deal at all for cheapies!!

  • +1

    I'm glad some of the comments are showing both sides of the story.

    I'm not sure who the target market is, as obviously a discount of nearly 90% has to ring some alarm bells…

    • Well it's as if you had an electrician provide 4 hours free.
      Light switches $10 each
      Outdoor security light $70
      Wire.. etc
      Labor $400

      Then saying 75% off due to the labor being the expensive part… but its cheaper to give my mate a box to do it!

      • +1

        Heh gasfitters will hit you with both.

        We replaced our gas hob in the kitchen, since consumers are not legally allowed to mess with anything CNG we did all the work prepping it, and getting it ready to minimise the paid time.

        Gasfitter comes in, unscrews the old one from the line, screws the line into the new one and leaves a $400 bill. Apparently the three brass fittings, which are literally $3 each at Bunnings, were $32 each and the labour was $300.

        15 minutes total.

        Any heating/cooling I buy in the future will be induction, wood or refrigerant.

        • +1

          Yup, got quoted $500 labor to install a dishwasher…
          Fortunately when I had gas installed it was under the nova capped price. They have since raised the cap quite a bit.

          Then there is always the plumber arriving and having to go back to base to get the right parts. Charge for his time driving, and of course the apprentice that follows him everywhere.
          2 hour job turns into a 3 hour job

  • +2

    stay away from these types of "deals"

    they used to have guys roaming car parks "selling" these or similar ones.

  • +2

    Used a similar offer 10+ years ago where the sales people would call into your business or door knock at home - never again. Luckily I said not to replace things like wiper blades, spark plugs, and I brought my own filters. I would've done the same with the engine oil but they said no as the 5 litres should be enough - should've checked at the time but my car uses 7 litres. You'll get screwed over on additional parts, but in particular - fluids such as coolant, engine oil, power steering, brake, window wiper mix etc. The service checklist is basic enough to do yourself at least once a month (Youtube is very helpful too!).

  • +1

    I got scammed by Pit Stop Albany with a similar deal. Never again.

  • What a shame. Was actually excited about the deal. Thanks guys for sharing your experience.

  • I took my Nisan pathfinder into my local dealer for a service last year for a cabin filter, oil change and filter, Brake flush, and general maintenance inspection all under warranty, $360. When I returned home I checked, the oil hadn't been changed, the brake fluid had not been flushed, the cabin filter had just been rammed in sideways. I contacted the manager and he said it was a rogue worker and they did the service again. Unfortunately covid struck and I did not take this any further.

    • At least they rectified the problem. I have a few unresolved issues with some companies which were conveniently "blamed on covid" .

      • Yes I will give them that, but they were caught red-handed and had no option. I just wonder how many other people checked. I put a complaint into Nisan New Zealand but Covid arrived and everything shut down. This was a big reputable Nissan dealership and for me just as dubious as some backyard garage now. When I brought this car new it came with a five year dealership warranty so I had to have it serviced there but now I do my own for $100.

  • Not a sea at a.. Excludes parts.. So the ace will charge high enough to cover labour. Bridgestone said 180 additional for service.

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