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$10 off $10.01 Spend at The Warehouse via giveit


The Warehouse is dumping giveit coins and rewards so they are giving out $10 vouchers to selected giveit accounts. Check your account to see if you're one of those. Remember to use any coins you have accumulated by 30 September too.

*$10 thank you voucher is available for selected giveit members only. The $10 thank you voucher can be redeemed in The Warehouse app or in selected stores only with a minimum spend of $10.01. The voucher is valid until 30 September 2021. giveit is available through The Warehouse app and in the following stores: WGT: Lower Hutt, Lyall Bay, Paraparaumu, Petone, Porirua, Upper Hutt, Wellington Central. CAN: Ashburton, Barrington, Belfast, Eastgate, Hornby, Northlands, Rangiora, Riccarton, Rolleston, South City, Timaru. OTA: Alexandra, Balclutha, Mosgiel, Oamaru, Queenstown, South Dunedin. STL : Gore, Invercargill. Voucher cannot be redeemed in any other The Warehouse stores and purchases made in any other The Warehouse store will not earn benefits and no donation will be made in respect of such purchases. Exclusive offers details and expiry can be found within your app.

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  • Someone had this prediction…

  • Cheers OP!

    • It's in the email, assuming 'weekly offers' is next weeks:
      "To thank you for being part of the giveit journey so far, we’re loading an exclusive $10 voucher* to your giveit account, in addition to any coins you currently have. You’ll see the voucher with your weekly offers. Simply add it to your giveit wallet and use it before it expires on 30 September."

      • Yeah I'd presumed it would arrive next week but it appeared in my account about ten minutes ago. All sorted!

  • Thanks! Free $10. I had to flick through the coupons on the app, it wasn't shown directly to me when I opened the app.

  • How's this work, you just log into the app? Not sure where/how "giveit" fits in to it

    Edit: nevermind, have to set "preferred stores" in your account settings, then click banner at the top of the homepage

  • Didn't get nothing on the app

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    I have coins but can't see "claim your reward" anywhere

    • What are coins? I've bought heaps of stuff in the past but haven't heard of coins.

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    Is there a work around to get this as I don't have coins

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      I don’t have any coins and still got the $10 voucher.. I actually haven’t bought anything from the app since I signed up (or should I say, changed my location) for giveit. I did get the email though.

      • Did you get the email or did it show somewhere on the app. I’ve made a purchase since I signed up but can’t see where you check your coins so I don’t know if I have any

        • I got the email and when I go to the app, I swipe across the different offers and in amongst them is the “here’s $10 to say thanks” and if you keep swiping across you’ll see “my coins” and it’ll show if you’ve accumulated any coins. It’s all right at the top of the app, just under the search bar.

  • I didn't get this offer but I believe it's because I had the emails turned off.
    You can't see it in the app but if you:

    • Log on to https://www.thewarehouse.co.nz/ and sign into your account.
    • Click on 'Account' and then edit communication preferences.
    • Down the bottom you will see a checkbox for 'Give-it membership communications'

    I had the option for 'I would like to receive exclusive giveit offers and promotional emails' turned off.

    This may well be the case for others who didn't get the offer

    EDIT: I updated the comms preferences as above to accept the giveit offers and I now have the $10 giveit coins in my account.

    • Really? I just enabled it now and will see what happens.

    • Did it take effect immediately or did you need to wait for the email to come through first?

      • Not immediately. Probably half an hour or so between when I enabled the Giveit preferences and when I logged the app back in.
        Didn't actually get the email but the $10 has appeared.

        Have just done the same with my wife's account so will see if she gets it too.

        EDIT: Now appeared on my wifes account too.

    • I already have this enabled, and a preferred store set to one in the post. Nothing here. I have coins I think - they are the purple hearts? I have 20. I don't see any $10 offer or any "Claim your reward" thing, not in the list of offers or anything. Am I missing something?

  • What about a written give it link?

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    It's good that you can stack. This combines with $5 off $50 and free delivery, so you can stock up on staples like canned food, coffee, or cereal for quite low prices.

  • It let me stack the $10 offer and the $5 giveit new member reward for a great discount. Thanks OP

  • Hi guys

    Please change your preferred store to one of the stores mentioned in the post and then restart the app. It will show you the voucher after you click the coins icon, and click the ‘claim your reward’ button.

  • Where are the coins meant to be on the app? All I've ever had on the app homescreen since joining up with Giveit are 3 purple icons - ticket, heart and wallet - with the available weekly Giveit codes directly beneath them. I've clicked through them all I've made multiple purchases through the app and never seen a coin.

    • You should have 4 icons - coins, offers, heart (cause), wallet.
      Not sure why the coins would be missing if you have been making purchases?

      • I also have 3 icons. Have bought quite a bit using give it from app. Never saw coins icon.

        Is it specific to some locations listed above and not for all?

        • Same here, three icons. My preferred store is listed in the post.

        • I have just checked a third account that I only created yesterday.
          This one only has 3 icons - just like yours yet all other preferences are the same.

          Giveit is still in beta trial. Hence the reason it is only in selected regions.

          In the FAQ in the app (under your account) there is a section about 'Why does my giveit programe look different..'Here they indicate they are trialing different versions of the app.
          You will also notice that in the FAQ there is no reference to Giveit coins (if you only have 3 icons) but there are references in my other accounts that have the four icons including the coins.

          Maybe try opening a new account to see what happens.

      • It does say in the Giveit FAQ that they're trialing a couple of different features so your app might look different to your friends. I'm guessing I'm in group B and everyone who has access to coins is in group A.

        • This is probably it. Might be luck of the draw!

        • There are different types of giveit membership, each offering different benefits. We will, at our discretion, allocate you a particular type of membership. Some parts of the general terms and conditions set out below will not apply to your membership. For example, one type of membership will not earn ‘coins’ on purchases (a ‘type A’ membership) and to the extent that any of the general terms and conditions apply to coins or rewards obtained through exchanging coins, that term will not apply to members who have ‘type A’ membership. We will not be liable for any loss (including loss of opportunity) that may be caused by the type of membership that you are allocated.

    • I've also never seen the coins symbol.

  • +1

    I've never had coins either

  • Does anyone know how I can re-use a free shipping code in conjunction with the $10 off? I have already used the free ship code once.

    • One use only per account… Click and collect is free to use

      • Yeah :( unfortunately Auckland based!!

        • Fingers crossed you'll move to Level 3 and Click & Collect is allowed.

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      You still have a couple of weeks to use the $10 and at the frequency the free shipping codes get posted you are more than likely going to find a fellow Cheapie with a code before it expires.

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      Tried some other free shipping code?

      • Yup, have used both of them! Haha

  • +1

    no coins.

  • bugger

  • None for me either

  • Thanks OP, I got a $10 tin of Milo, and 4 bags of "Nice" chips for $2 delivered.

    Notes: You have to click on the $10 voucher and go thru "Explore" to get the $10 gift.
    I found the free shipping disappeared for amounts over $10. So enter the FD code for, say, the tin of Milo first, then add something else to get over the $10.01

  • I selected Riccarton store in ChCh, and used this FD code: FDREF26473
    Or with ref to my post above, it could be that the FD becomes invalid with more than one item, so submit code after entering first item, then add whatever else

  • +2

    I have 1 account, but after checking the 6 accounts in my extended family, I found that only 3 accounts have coins. The accounts were created 5+ years ago, and joined giveit about a year ago.

    Two "coins" accounts got the $10 offer even though email comms was off (and didn't receive the email), while ticking yes to receiving giveit emails as @bigcheese suggested above for the "no coins" accounts didn't result in any $10 vouchers.

    I think they must have randomised accounts into "coins" and "no coins", and found that coins or no coins didn't affect shopping habbits and that the only thing that mattered was the weekly discounts, which must be why they stated in their email "Customers told us we should keep things simple, and to keep things easy for you to get great deals and offers. We've listened, and so one change you’ll see is an end to collecting coins for rewards. All coins and rewards will expire on 30 September."

    I also found that for the free shipping codes to work, balance to pay after the discounts and vouchers need to be at least $2.

    • I got a $15 item for $1.25 after the $10 voucher, givit discount and free shipping code :)

  • re-reading the email it seems only the coins for rewards part of the program is being expired .. and app specific discounts will continue to be made available ?

    • My read of it is there will be no offers after September until the relaunch scheduled for late October. I think they'll probably continue offers in some form when they relaunch but it's possible it won't be quiet the same.

  • For those who have claimed giveit coin for voucher, is there any minimum spend?
    Like voucher value +1c? e.g. $2.01 spend for $2 voucher.

    Just contemplating whether to spend few more to earn more coins to get $3 voucher or just go for $2 voucher lol

    • +1

      Just checked my account, which has $3 giveit reward: definitely need to order at least $3.01 for reward to apply.

      • Thanks for confirming :)

  • Just used my $10 credit in store with my cashed up coins… Oddly though it would not allow me to redeem the $5 off $50 code in my wallet when purchase was over $90…

    • Can't combine offers instore , only online

  • No giveit offers (so far) today. Wonder if that's it until October.

    • The email says "From the end of September, giveit will be taking a break to put the finishing touches on the rest of the changes before re-launching in late October. We can’t wait to tell you more, so we’ll keep you in the loop and let you know when it’s back up and running." So that must be it for now.