iPhone 13 Pro Special/Bundle

Hi there,

With the new announced iPhone 13. I am wondering if anyone remembers if any companies sell it with something extra as incentive on previous new iPhone release?

I know companies do it frequently with Samsung phones but I don’t remember if they do it for Apple? If there is anything it prob will be something minimal. Tried googling but doesn’t come up with anything useful.

Wanting to get one but dont want to miss any bundle sale if there is any.

Thank you in advance.

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    The bundles are setup by the Maker. In this case that'll be Apple. The margins on Apple products is so thin that retailers can't afford to give stuff away.

  • I've only seen retailers bundle up freebies with Samsung, Huawei and other Android phones to boost sales, the demand for iPhones are so strong that's never been needed i guess.

    • Its definitely not demand - its non-existent margins. The demand is not there to enable retailers to push up the price enough from what they have to pay Apple.

      We gave up on Apple stuff some time ago - just not worth it. If volumes were big, then it might work, but 10% market share just doesn't cut it, plus users tend to skew towards being more clueless so you end up having to hold their hands more which further erodes the value.


      • the big guys can cross subsidize, periodically noel leeming may have one product category that's a bit negative, but subsidized by another category.

        I guess you really need scale to make anything out of it.

        Id imagine by the time you pay the CC fee you'd be making little, if nothing

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          You're probably right - we were never going to have the scale of TWG / NL (I am guessing they are doing their deals across the whole of TWG).

          We've always (for many years at least) asked customers to cover the credit card fees across the board to make it fair, otherwise we would have to load that into the price of everything, which penalises all customers who aren't paying by credit card.


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            @Alan6984: You sound like the kind of business that I like to support, Is there anyway you could share a link without breaching forum rules?

            • @CheapThingsAreNice: We only really sell wholesale now (except for a few customers that have been with us for many years most of whom used to be in business and have retained their 'business' accounts), so no point, and I wouldn't do that here anyway :-)

              Thank you for asking though - I appreciate it.


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