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20% off Plex Lifetime Pass (NZ$149.59) @ Plex.tv


Save 20% on a Lifetime Plex Pass, use code PLEXLIKEAPRO. https://www.plex.tv/en-au/plex-pro-week/

The code dropped the price to $127.99 from $159.99. The code will expire at 11:59PM UTC (10PM AEST) on 17th September 2021.

Credit to Noobgamer0111 at OzBargain

(Prices indicated are in AUD, since I don't have a New Zealand VPN to see the NZD prices. Let me know what the prices are in NZD)

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  • Comment over at Reddit reckons

    If you're struggling to upgrade to lifetime, just follow the link to your account and then select upgrade. It will then give you the choice of upgrading with the 20% off included.

  • +1

    I vpn to Peru and the charge came to $122 nzd

    • Without a VPN it comes to $149.59 nzd

      • 119 was my final charge

  • There are deals at time for 30% off but it's still worth upgrading for transcoding

  • Not the cheapest. I have seen cheaper. I think I bought it for $90 or something.

    • How long ago was that? I'm waiting for Nov 27th, black friday.

      • +1

        2 years back. But every year I receive an email with upgrade offer which has around 25-30% off.

        I bought it via some other country to make it cheaper, don't remember which one.

        I think it was this one

        Edit : Plex anniversary is on/near 24/11, so expect a deal around end of November.

  • Switched to syncler plus and real debrid as per the comments in the last plex deal and have been pretty happy with the set up

    • +1

      Me too. (But not recommended from here) Have to say it’s a great set up

    • Hey, I've looked at his before. Which provider did you go with? I'd like to give it a go but I'm not sure any of the frontends have an app for Apple TV.

      • I think I have express. Syncler is only on Android/Android tv I'm afraid. There might be Apple TV apps that can use real debrid like kodi.

    • Maybe we should ask for a real-debrid referral link on here. I got 50 days left.

      • Can you use someone’s referral link when you’re resubbing???

        • +1

          ooh good point. I’ll have a look.

          • @Wakrak: Send me ur link and I’ll try in 7 or so days when I renew

    • I used to use real debrid but found sonarr and radarr to be far superior (auto download new shows, set quality levels, sync directly with plex).

      Couple that with nzb360 android app and that has a much nicer interface for downloading shows, admin for your torrenter, etc.

      • What would be your arguments for and against? real-debrid, premiumize, sonarr & radarr etc. Or are they different things? I've used real-debrid for a while now but am definitely a rookie when it comes to this sort of stuff.

        I have a simple setup:
        Minix neo-U9H - Coreelec - Seren & real-debrid.
        $65-70 for RD for a year. $15 for VPN for a year (for Aussie TV).
        = yearly cost of $85.

        I'm a streamer rather than a downloader. I don't care about keeping files. & if need be I can set quality levels for real-debrid though Seren.

        I'm slowly going through this Reddit post trying to wrap my head around it all.

        • +1

          It all depends on what your primary need is like movies/shows vs live tv/sports etc. I have used kodi and few addons including paid one but I couldn't find them reliable and sometimes hard to use for normal person/kids.

          I have been using plex/sonarr/radarr/jackett/torrents/vpn since atleast 5-7years now. The whole system running on 2 different VirtualBox vm. Sharing my plex library to Family/Parents/Friends is a big plus. I don't usually keep the downloads for too long.

          +ve :
          1. Once setup, it is not much to maintain
          2. Pretty much free to use no yearly subscriptions other than lifetime plex pass(not required if you don't want transcoding & users/sharing) and VPN cost.
          3. Plex app is available on all platforms and is pretty good. Even my 5yr old knows how to see the kids movies.
          4. Plex own movies/live tv can be worth watching sometimes.
          5. Like to option to select what you want to download & at what quality.
          6. Options to have subtitles for foreign languages (sometimes I get a recommendations from someone/somewhere and try it out)

          1. Initial setup can be pain and long. Requires port forwarding and few things here and there if you want to open the system accessible from outside. (I have 2 vms(ubuntu) running so get bit messy). 1 VM hosting all services other than bittorrent for downloads. other vm behind vpn only doing torrent downloads.
          2. My torrent downloader is always behind a VPN, but sometimes it drops the connection, which would stop all downloads. Not a big deal for me, but can be for some.
          3. Requires a hardware like pc/rpi or some linux distro to run all services.

          I have never looked in to RD - Seren so don't know anything about it. But looking at the yearly cost, I feel it's expensive. Though you might be getting more content and would be worth it. Do you get live tv/Sports/Channels as well? Or is it just movies/shows?

          • @ace310: Cheers for the write up ace310.

            Real Debrid + Seren is purely for movies / tv shows. I could torrent them for free if I really wanted to (on PC), but I like the simple: search - choose quality - play. And I don't need a VPN (for this specifically) to do it. 30 seconds all up from search to play.

            I have free access to SkyGo so that's sports sorted. Otherwise I'd just connect my PC to the TV (next to each other - hdmi) and stream through browser.

            So for me then, the question comes down to: (if I set things up right) can I just connect to a different (free) service that does the same thing real-debrid does and run it through our android box? Or would I need to drastically change my setup? (i.e more storage and be connected to PC - point no.3).

            • +1

              @Wakrak: Not sure if it would be a simple change. So that means RD(streaming option) = bittorrent(download) for me.

              You would definitely need storage as it's download only. For me, I have a windows server which has multiple VMs, with 6TB storage which is good enough for the whole setup. I have home assistant running as well. You can use your android box and use either Kodi or plex to stream your downloaded content from that storage.

              For search - choose quality, Radarr/Sonarr has decent web ui and download profiles to select. So it is just matter of searching, selecting profile and done. Only downside is you need to wait for the download to finish.

              You can even run those services on a NAS if you have one. Or cheapest is to get a rpi. You can definitely use those $65-70 against a hardware. Heck you can run this on an android box as well, not sure how stable they are though.

              Lots of automation guide out there.


  • At checkout comes to $149.59NZD, (20% off of $186.99)

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