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Free HPE Veeam T-Shirt Delivered (Company Email Required) @ Veeam


Stepping across the ditch to post this deal.

Here's the front of the shirt
Here's the back

How to claim

  • Go to Deal
  • Enter your details
  • Check e-mail and follow the link to create a Veeam account
  • You should receive a Veeam confirmation e-mail
  • Check e-mail and click on personalised link
  • Complete order

When will I get my free T-shirt?

The shirts will be shipped within three to six weeks. We are constantly working to ship the T-shirt as fast as possible. Recipients should receive order updates with tracking information once it ships.
Any shipping delays due to COVID-19, inventory back-orders or unforeseen border restrictions are still possible.
What if my size is not available anymore?

We only offer sizes S – 2XL. New sizes won’t be available later.
If a size is listed as out-of-stock, we suggest that recipients select another size.
Due to the high level of demand, we cannot guarantee that a certain size will be available at the time of ordering.
We are constantly monitoring our inventory, but supplies are limited.

Credit to Wakrak for the description.

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  • Can you post the link separately? They redirect back to the cheapies.

  • +8

    Still waiting on my shirts from the last two offers T_T

    • Same!

    • +1

      Same here. I got the toy car though

      • +2

        Me too. Got the toy car but never got the shirts. BTW, the toy car stopped working in a week…

        • I got 1 Tshirt and 1 car - the second T shirt didnt come through yet

    • same!!!

    • +1

      are they ever gonna send it??

  • I received the toy race car from them a few weeks ago, haven't opened it yet. Left it in the drawer in case the kids come to the office with me one day lol

    • It didn't work properly for me. Only goes front, hardly turns and that's all. Reverse is totally broken from get go. Maybe I got the faulty one. Kind of useless crap.

      • Oh…. that is disappointing :( haha

        • Well it's free so can't complain, but I mean still it's a waste as they paid for it.

      • Yes, also received one, also didn't work properly. Pulled the thing apart, loosely put it back together and it worked for a bit before stopping working again. Like it had some bad connections inside or something. Cheap.

    • Damn. Got lucky. Mine was surprisingly good! Best remote controlled car I've had.

  • Anyone able to complete the order for the tshirt? I received a confirmation email, created an account, got another email saying registration complete, but nothing to order the tshirt

  • +7

    I’ve never received any of these despite using a work email and postal address. Why do we bother?

  • Recieved the first 2 of these, didn't receive the next 2, possibly they're onto it now & are blacklisting/cross checking before sending them out

  • Does anyone know how to get a fake business email. I used my school email last time and I haven't got anything yet I'm still waiting on the t-shirt and I'm wondering if it's because I used my school email.

    • +1

      They wouldn't be able to tell if you're student or staff unless you said student in the area fields

  • +4

    What is so special about this shirt? I have seen this type of giveaway on several occasions. Is it just to have another shirt for free or is the company really good?

    • +3

      Just a free shirt for doing nothing shrug

  • +1

    Seems to be the general consensus that not many (if any) received the last two T-shirts.
    I tried both my uni and work email..

  • +1

    Never received anything. One of my orders got cancelled as well saying that my work email isn't a valid work email. Not bothering this time and if there's a way to delete me from their list (not just unsubscribe), I would.

  • So far have recived 4 shirts, 1 car and 2 goody bags. But I used my work email and actually attended their last viratul expo

  • Have received 2 shirts and the car. (Still waiting on the rest). Attended some of the online conferences (even thou the overseas timings were a bit of a mismatch).

    Not really a giveaway if you don't attend.

  • I've got 1 from 1 before. Just placed an order for this one, long sleeved is good. It's interesting that they only accept email addresses in the format [email protected], not [email protected] which is our default.

    • I don't get your example with the email?

      • +1

        I think he meant was as below. I saw the required email had this strange criteria while filling up the form. And maybe due to that my [email protected] email didn't work.

        [email protected] is valid
        [email protected] is not valid.

        • oh wierd. Mine is [email protected] and worked fine

        • yip, that, not sure how it came out so weird in my comment, thanks.
          I had to fill in my email address again later when actually ordering the tshirt but I didn't test the required format then.

  • -1

    My shirt just arrived from the previous deal (end of May)!

  • -1

    Yep mine just arrived too from the Inspire event

  • Got an email today for the last deal(from May) with a tracking number..

    • I was wondering why I got a tracking number from PBT…been ordering too many things during lockdown forgot which items were coming

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