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Flybuys Pressies: Earn between 50 to 1000 Points Daily @ Flybuys


Click on the link, enter your details and see if you have won a prize.
Both my sister and I received 50 flybuys points - will everyone??

Post more links below if you find them , this QR code was in New World in the cleaning aisle.


Start date:
The Promotion runs from 1 September 2021 to 11.59pm on 30 September 2021 (Promotional Period).

In-store and online. Each Prize will be available to be won on a particular day of the Promotion Period (Daily Prize Allocation). If a Prize is not won on the day of the Promotion Period to which it is allocated, the Prize will be included in the next day’s Daily Prize Allocation.


Not all Prezzies will reveal a Prize. Subject to paragraph 15, the Prezzies that reveal a Prize will be selected at random by computer algorithm.
Each Member may win a maximum of one Prize per Participating Partner on each day of the Promotion Period.

Promotional Period and Participating Partners

  1. The Promotion runs from 12.01am on 1 September 2021 to 11.59pm on 30 September 2021 (Promotional Period).
  2. The Flybuys partners who are participating in the Promotion (each a Participating Partner) are; New World, Z Energy, Caltex, Noel Leeming, Liquorland, Henry’s, iSubscribe, State, BNZ, Torpedo7, Harrisons, Colmar Brunton, Petcover, Clearly, Elgas, Europcar, helloworld Travel.

The Prizes

  1. There is a total of 28,350 individual prizes of either 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 500 or 1,000 Flybuys each (each a Prize).
  2. The number of Prizes of each amount of Flybuys is:
Prize Total Prizes
50 28,110
100 90
150 90
200 60
250 60
500 30
1000 30

making up a total prize pool for the Promotion of 1,500,000 Flybuys.

  1. Each Prize will be available to be won on a particular day of the Promotion Period (Daily Prize Allocation). If a Prize is not won on the day of the Promotion Period to which it is allocated, the Prize will be included in the next day’s Daily Prize Allocation.
  2. Prizes are not exchangeable, non-transferrable, and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  3. Prizes are subject to the Flybuys Membership and Reward Currency Terms and Conditions, available at www.flybuys.co.nz.

How Prizes can be won

  1. Members can win Prizes by:
    1. clicking on Prezzies hidden on the Flybuys website and websites of selected Participating Partners; and
    2. scanning the QR code on posters or points of sale (Prezzies) hidden in-store at selected partners throughout New Zealand (depending on Covid-19 alert level(s) around the country;to see if they reveal a Prize.
  2. Not all Prezzies will reveal a Prize. Subject to paragraph 15, the Prezzies that reveal a Prize will be selected at random by computer algorithm.
  3. Prizes are only available to be won on each day of the Promotion Period while the Daily Prize Allocation for that day lasts.
  4. Clues to the location of Prezzies will be available at flybuysprezzies.co.nz and will be updated periodically throughout the Promotion Period.
  5. Loyalty NZ shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure that each Prize is credited to the winner’s Flybuys account within 10 business days of the winner revealing the Prize.
  6. Prizes will automatically convert from Flybuys into the Reward Currency selected for each Flybuys account at the time of processing.

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        • +1

          Congrats James - The 1,000 points is worth something like $180 I reckon!


    • +1

      Wow. Good effort.
      Maybe I need to open my presents later in the morning!

    • Awesome! Any ideas on what you will spend the points on?

      • maybe get a new phone

      • +1

        save up and get a discounted ps5 digital when it back in thier store

        atm resale value is 100-150% lol

    • Wow, congrats! What time of the day did you enter and win this?

    • Woohoo!

  • +1

    Well done james

  • +1

    I haven't won a single point since day 1 :(

  • So far only Day 1 and 2 points have shown up on my account. Is this the same for everyone else?

    • It took several days for my day 1 points to show up.

  • After six days of trying at various times of day and getting nothing, I finally got 50 points on the Eurocar one. Don't know if it's a strategy or actually works but the last two days, I've tried opening a couple of prezzies at different times of day. Today it worked :)

    • +2

      That's great people are winning.

      I am still counting days only with nothing on 3 cards… woohoo. Tried everything.

      Maybe, I just have to say "Bye Bye Flybuys, Fly Away Don't come another day… Lol

      • +2

        Damn man, 6 days, 3 cards, 17 rewards each thats some horrible luck. I wish I could send you some FlyBuys lol

        • 6 days 3 cards and the first reward today lol. What times you entering during the day

          • +1

            @Dunno: I have tried all sorts of time. Nothing after 5 pm yet. Tomorrow it's gonna be after 5 haha.

            Normally, I am not that lucky. But this is next level lol.

        • Wow you've got some luck!

          • +1

            @cutcutcut: Oh no no I meant 17 chances each. Dont know how to edit, wish i was that lucky

  • Nothing again today on either card. My win rate is getting worse, and it didn't start that high haha.

  • Does everyone have there cards at one address linked?

  • Won twice today, first day I've had anything & also first day I changed to post 5pm entering instead of first thing in the morning.

  • Yesterday they didn't use up the allocated points. Today they used yesterday leftovers, today's allocation, and half of tomorrow's allocation!!

    So far on average there are 7,000 plays per vendor per day, or about 119,000 plays each day.

    There are 28,350 prizes in total, or 945 prizes each day.

    So each click has a 0.79% of winning. Each card has a 13.5% chance of winning each day if all 17 links are clicked. So if you have 1 card and have average "luck" you should expect to win about once every 8 days. If you have 4 cards you should expect 1 win every other day. A card that plays all 17 clicks each day should expect to win about 4 times over the month.

    • My own card has one 4 days so far (50 points per day) since the 1st of the month
      The new cards I signed up for the kids in the weekend haven’t won a bean yet

    • Looks like this math doesn't apply to me. Still no luck on 3 cards after 7 days.

      • They used up the daily allocation by around lunch time, so if you played late today your chances were actually zero.

        I think they should state on the website something like "Today's points have been fully allocated. No more flybuys to be won today. Try again tomorrow."

        • I did in the morning between 8-9am.

    • Hi SunShineNZ,

      Where do you see the allocated points?



      • Total 1.5m points, or 50k/day.
        8 days so far, so 400k used.

        The first 4 days they used 50k each exactly. Sunday only went though 25k, then suddenly on Monday somebody forgot to turn off the tap so around 100k was used. As a result on Tuesday only around 25k was used.

        • Thanks!

    • Hi, how do you know if the daily allocation has been met?

  • +2

    I wasn't winning anything since the beginning, and I played everyday. But yesterday I turned off UblockOrigin (an adblocker) for flybuys and the sites the pressies are in, and it worked! I won once yesterday and twice today. Hope that helps someone!

    • Interesting. I have both UblockOrigin and AdGuard running (chrome). I don't go through the individual pages though. I have all of Huntakillaz links saved in a bookmark folder. Won 2x 50 this morning on partners card.

    • I don’t believe it makes a difference whether an adblocker is on.
      I also run uBlockOrigin on Chrome and had a 150 point win this morning.

      • I'm running on Firefox. Maybe that's the difference?

      • yea running on a browser without any plug ins and still didn't win

    • I use AdBlock on Firefox, and have all the links bookmarked. I win 0-3 x 50pts daily. I do all my entries in a row, haven't tried doing batches at different times of the day.

      Anyone notice sometimes there are double slashes (//) at the top or bottom of the entry/no-win pages? The debugger in me would think this is indicative of some logic condition bring met… Too many entries from same IP in a period or something maybe.

      • Yes - I've noticed that too.

        Its quite annoying, as it moves the 'enter' button that you need to click down, which means I have to take my hands off the keyboard and move the mouse.

        Probably should write a script to do each FlyBuys card number each day :-)


      • I noticed that too and noticed all my losing entries had // on them. However i just won 50 points and on both the entry screen and the winning screen it had the //. So it may not really be any sort of indication after all?

  • +1

    Still no luck here would love to know people's tricks and tips

    • i always do mine between 9-9.30am and always get 1x 50 points on 1 card

      • I only seem to win using my phone to open the links, not the laptop

        • Funny that, ever since I switched to opening the links in my phone the rewards have gone dry. Was averaging 2-3 rewards per day on my laptop lol

  • Just received an email from Flybuys saying they will release new clues throughout September 👀

    • Or maybe its because I might have accidentally clicked the checkbox

      • Yeah think it's just a general email reminding people that there are 17 opportunities to win. Could be wrong though. I clicked the two 'more clues' links they included and I had already played em.

  • Managed to get 1x50 points on day 1, 2x50 points yesterday and 1x50 points today. My wife has just managed 1x50 points on the first day and nothing since.

  • No points today. I tried a lot earlier (3am - don't ask!) than usual. Will try later in the day tomorrow

  • +5

    Finally, got first points (2x50). Got it between 9-9.15

    • +1

      Finally! 😆

  • Just received an email stating "we’ve just released new clues to help you find them", are there more clues or are Huntakillaz links all that there is? I have been trying to find the "extra clues" but I couldn't find any.

  • +1

    None again today on either card, I think the third or fourth day in a row, I've lost count. I have had better luck in the mornings so far.

  • +1

    Feels good to win 50 after playing for past 9 days!

  • 2 wins today, 5 cards in household. Total wins 5, total entries ~700.

    • I just won twice this morning too. That's 4x 50 point wins using 4 cards, so it sounds like my win rate is similar to yours.

  • Just won 4x 50 points between my husband and I. That brings us to 8x 50 wins total for the month. Pretty stoked with it so far.
    The tricky part is timing it so we don't end up with more fuel discounts than the cost per litre… And also trying to use enough gas in lockdown to actually be able to fill up our tank ahah.

    • +1

      I’m still trying to get through the Waitomo fuel $$! Lockdown has saved me heaps fuel wise.

      • Likewise! We have our next 3 tanks of gas sorted between our Waitomo credit, flybuys wins and a little sharetank we got a few months ago at a good price. I don't think we will be paying for any gas in the next few months. Life is good.

  • +3

    11 days, no win (just one card though).

  • Got a 50 point win yesterday on one card and 2x 50 points on the other card today. Woohoo!

  • I just stuffed up….I got all excited cause I won 100points then on inspecting the auto filled Email section realised …..I put the wrong email

    • +1

      Not sure, but if the card number is correct, you might still get the points - cross fingers!


      • Yeah your right, i dont bother changing the email for different cards and i still get the points.

  • How long does it take to show up in your account?

    Also, I have Caltex rewards selected (showing 27c discount) but at the bottom it shows I have 82 flybuy points to spend. How do I convert that to fuel discount? I assumed all the points are converted to fuel discount?

    • It takes a few business days to show up.
      On your account page below the huge points balance table should be a link ‘change your reward currency’.

      • Mine usually show by the end of the following business day, but since late last week I haven't received any, despite multiple wins. I've been keeping a win log just in case, might have to start screenshotting also

  • So I will still get it if the emails different?

    • Email shouldn't matter, as it's the card number that ties an entry to your account

  • What's funny is it's the second time this has happened and I've only won 2 times both I stuffed my email up

  • Managed to get about 6x50 pts so far with 3 cards but none have appeared on the account.

    • +1

      I got mine tuesday morning past 2 weeks

  • Got 2 x 50 points BNZ and Harrisons. Woot. Best get a lotto ticket today.

    I've sped up my link clicking considerably this week. When you pull up that awesome award worthy list in its own right by Huntakillaz, click on a link then press ctrl-shift-tab to get back to the list.
    Rinse and repeat to have many tabs lined up.
    Then ctrl-tab each tab clicking on each see if you won message.
    Then go through at breakneck speed through all the tabs and woot every 50 points you find.

    • Or just bookmark the lot, and open all at once - then cycle through and see if you won on any.

      • This is why I can't play chess with you, always one step ahead.

        • +1

          Yeah likewise, I open all tabs in bookmark folder, keep cursor on the 'see if you've won' button, click and then close tab with ctrl+w.

          If anyone has any other tricks and tips that'll speed up the process, I'm all eyes.

          • +1

            @Wakrak: Its probably quicker (albeit but more 'hassle') to click on the link to see if you won, cycle to the next tab, do the same, then when you get to the end, close all the tabs.

            That way you are 'busy' (clicking) while your browser / their server is catching up with your clicks.

            Even quicker if we wrote the script we should have done on day one, but ….. too lazy :-)


            • @Alan6984: Using mouse gestures from those browser add ons will speed things up even more

  • won another 50points that makes 1100 so far

    • +3

      That's a good haul.
      It helps having a 1000 point win to kick things off!

      • +1

        Won a few fifties consistently in the first week, then nothing zippo in 2nd week. They could have imposed a winning cap on each card I'm guessing.

        • I don't think there's a cap, I'm using a bunch of cards some days I win some days I don't

    • if you got more stored up defintely make use of the 25% off atm

  • +1

    I'm currently sitting at 0.00 wins in total.

    • +1


      Just wondering, is that actually -0.004 rounded to the nearest hundredth?

    • +2

      Could be worse 0.000

      • 0.0000 is the new 9.9999

        • I'm happy to announce I've won a total of 150 points (x3 50 points). Not too bad.

          • @wowbigdeal: You've had a better second half to borrow sporting vernacular.

            I should've reallly said a better 0.5 before anyone else points (no pun intended) the error in my comment.

  • is 749750 today's limit?

    Haven't seen it move

    • I would guess you’re probably right.
      After 15 days @ 50,000 pts per day =750,000 approx left from the 1,500,000 starting point.

  • Can't wait to hear about what people have brought at the end of this ☺️

    • Mine get converted into New World Dollars 🥦😋

  • +1

    Can u change that at any point and how do u use it

  • Far out wow well done you deserve it

    • +1

      Just a good to spend Fly Buys points on things you actually want (food-wise), rather than having to buy something from the FB store.

  • How many accounts have you got linked

    • Originally only 1, but then someone on here said that the NW club card can be entered separately in this Prezzie deal, and then I added my partners card to the account.

      Long story short, 3.

  • Thats pretty decent then wow.i open up all 17via my phone it takes forever and my boss hates me doing it 🤣

    • haha desktop is definitely the way to go. Takes me 5 minutes to do all three.

    • Are you opening in Safari on iPhone?