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$100 off English Head Unit Software Conversions for Nissan Leaf @ Drive EV


Drive EV is offering $100 off their head unit language conversions for Nissan Leaf's for the duration of L4 lockdown. Add the promo code COVIDSUCKS at checkout.

If you have a spare 16 GB (or larger) SD card available you can do the whole thing yourself at home/online. Instructions/videos are provided by Drive EV or you can call/email them for help. I managed it pretty easily on my Leaf, but the DIY method could be a little difficult if you're not particularly computer-savvy.

Prices after discount start from $245 for DIY Carwings conversion.

See the Drive EV Facebook page for more details https://www.facebook.com/driveevnz/posts/4852594118101168

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  • Does the SD work on multiple cars since you need to download the software, I would be happy to buy if from you for a cheaper price.

    • Good point

    • +4

      This week's Cheapie award goes to… Miso!

    • I'd be keen! I have the following model vehicle AZE0-2 - Nissan Connect and can buy it - what model do you have?

    • You need to provide Drive EV with a .dat file from your leaf and they reply with a key for the software (I assume individual to each). Also fair for the developers to get their royalties for developing the software, $245 isn't a bad price IMO.

    • if it's like other cars you might need the SD permanently in it to work. not sure if you can copy it tho

  • For anyone who have this installed for AZE-0 (Carwings), do you lose the 80% charge option?

    • +1

      Still retained 80% option on my carwings conversion

  • i did via leafhacker around $25 works fine on 2014 leaf 24kw

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