Any apps that offer signing up bonuses?

Greetings everyone. Anyone know what apps offer a freebie or a bonus upon signing up a new account (for example a new account with a new phone number?)

The only ones I know are Z and Mobil. But anything else in other realms other than petrol stations?

Got a few spare sim cards that I'd like to put to good use on my spare phone.



  • I'm also curious, so to start you off.

    Waitomo (not sure of signup but regular promos)
    Gloria Jeans
    Starbucks (birthday coffee - not sure if need an email or phone number or both)
    Burger King (?)

    • I don't think burger kings works any long as of ~ month ago or longer

      And Starbucks doesn't require a phone number. birthday just has to be same month of redeeming not day, so don't have to deal with the awkward happy birthday wish ;)

      There was also a forum post similar to this a couple months ago, I'll have a look for it later today :)

  • Z no longer offers a free car wash.