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Buy One Get One Free 365 Day Prepay Plans (Small $160, Med $250, Large $330) @ Kogan Mobile


Offer now extended till 31st August. BOGOF on Kogan Mobile prepay 365 day plans.

SMALL (365 Days | 1.5GB Per 30 Days) - $160.
MEDIUM (365 Days | 4GB Per 30 Days) - $250.
LARGE (365 Days | 15GB Per 30 Days) - $330.

Terms and conditions:
Valid for new and existing Kogan Mobile customers. Personal use only. Offer available on Kogan Mobile Prepay SMALL, MEDIUM and LARGE LARGE 365 Day plans purchased before 11:59pm NZST 23/08/2021 unless sold out prior or extended. Not available for commercial or resale purposes. After purchasing a buy one get one free offer, customers will be sent two 365 day Kogan Mobile vouchers via email for their chosen plan. Vouchers expire at 11:59pm NZST on 30/09/2021. Activation or recharge must be made before the voucher expiry date. Only one voucher can be used per activation or recharge. Vouchers do not stack. Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers. Vouchers are not transferable for cash. The full amount of each Plan must be paid upon activation, recharge or purchase of a voucher. A Kogan Mobile SIM card must be ordered from or before a Prepaid Plan can be activated. SIM delivery takes up to 10 working days, after which you can activate your Plan.

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    Have been with Kogan since they began business here in NZ , as we were with them for 2-3 years I believe in Aus. Simple, no frills attached, consistent prepaid plans. Voda network. Both the wife and I have had no issues across different Welly suburbs over the past couple years, can recommend :)

    • Same here but I moved on to skinny unlimited data using excess of 50 + GB and more every month .

      Partner is on kogan no issues so far

  • +1

    let me get this straight: you get sent two prepay plan vouchers, but you have to use them before 30/09/21 and you cant load two on one account.

    So the second will need to go to another sim?

    • Yeah that's my interpretation. It seems that both vouchers need to be used to activate (or recharge) two separate sims, and each must be used prior to 30/09.

  • Presumably they send you 2 SIM's in the mail and not just a single one?

    Great value offer, I can see our household switching to it.

    • No, I think you have to get the sims separately.

      • the plan page says:

        Small by name but big on inclusions, the 365 Day SMALL Plan for complete freedom to surf, stream and socialise to your heart’s content.

        Free SIM card included
        1.5GB of data per 30 days
        UNLIMITED standard calls/text to New Zealand & Australia for 365 days
        All for use within New Zealand

        So by my reading you get atleast 1 SIM

        • Ah, you're right

        • I saw that too - do they give second Sims cheaply/free?

          • +1

            @joshtnz: Surely they give you two SIM cards. If it’s BOGOF, you should really expect two of whatever is included.

            • @Joshyss: SIM is not included. This is what I understand from the promo - "A Kogan Mobile SIM card must be ordered from or before a Prepaid Plan can be activated. SIM delivery takes up to 10 working days, after which you can activate your Plan."

              • @dkiwi: Taken from the page of the plan… it states that a Kogan SIM is automatically included with the purchase of this plan. You are getting two of this plan, therefore you should be receiving two. I ordered a sim separate to save myself any drama but I really think it would include two.

                Some of the smaller prepay items have a drop down box asking if you have a sim already or not. So another thing that makes me think they give you a sim.

                The unique Kogan Mobile voucher included as part of this product is non transferrable and cannot be redeemed for cash. Voucher expires at 11:59pm NZST on 30/09/2021. A Kogan Mobile SIM card is automatically included with a purchase of this plan. SIM delivery takes up to 14 working days, after which you can activate your plan. Activation or recharge must be made before the voucher expiry date. Voucher does not apply to subsequent recharges. Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other vouchers or promotional offers. For information about how to use Kogan Mobile vouchers, click here.

                EDIT: see comments below from ReidySetGo.

    • Just got in contact with them. They said you need to buy a second sim card. Only $2 well worth it

      • +1

        I received confirmation that 2 x Kogan sims have been sent so everyone should receive 2 and not have to purchase an additional one

  • +3

    when paying with ZIP the place to input a coupon code is showing, does anyone knows by any chance the active coupon?

    • Saw that (las week) when I bought some stuff from Noel Leeming. Couldn't find one though, unfortunately.

  • Last year they had much better deal, but this one is still good.

    Wish they had this deal again:
    90 Day Prepaid Voucher Code With 32GB Per Month And Unlimited Calls + Texts $1 @ Kogan Mobile

    • +1

      That was a special launch promo, I highly doubt it they will do it again. To be fair, they did repeat that offer at least twice, so it was 6 months of insane data for 2 bucks lol

      • True, but they may either repeat this offer or have similar offer during Black Friday like last year. The $1 for 90 days 32GB/month was launched in Aug and after 3 months in Nov similar offer.

      • They launched in 2019. That was a 1st Birthday Offer. This is a 2nd Birthday Offer.

        • By the time this expires we should be on their 3rd birthday :D
          hopefully they continue this every year lol

  • +4

    Just convinced the entire flat to change over. (profanity) STEAL

  • Can you stack the codes on one account?

    • +1

      They only allow one code when you activate one SIM. And both codes will expire end of Sept.

  • +1

    Damn, great deal thanks OP.

  • I'm currently with Kogan on a year plan, can I buy this deal to extend my plan for another year?

    • +1

      I got in touch with Kogan support about this very scenario. A friend is on a 365 day plan ending in January and wanted to know if a voucher from this deal could be used to extend the plan by another 365 days from the day of expiry. The response from Kogan was: "… so you can purchase this plan but you will not get any refund for your existing plan and new plan will override your existing plan". It seems odd that this offer targets existing customers (see T's&C's) when you need to forgo the remainder of your current plan to make use of it. This would only make sense if you were coming close to the end of your plan. I'm tempted to try another customer service rep, because this seems like a really odd way to implement the deal.

      • +1

        I had this issue last year with the 35% off deal, it does not stack with existing account term so if you are an existing customer unless the voucher expiry term lines up with the end of your current plan you lose out. (went through 2-3 support persons at Kogan)

        Other than that have been happy with the service/coverage/speeds etc.

      • +2

        Or just tempt previous kogan customers to join them back again.

  • +1

    If anyone has a spare code I'll happily pay $165 for it. PM me.

    • I have one, message me if you're still keen

      • Do you still have one available?

  • +1

    Has anyone else had an issue where there's only 3G and no 4G once switching to Kogan mobile?

    • Did your phone work well on another 4g network in NZ if so you have to set up settings for the mobile network settings in android to work with kogan

      • Yes, it was almost always on 4G

    • Which mobile network did you switch from (2degrees, Spark or Vodafone)?

      • I was with Vodafone before

    • They use the Voda network.

    • Yep. When my sim had no credit, it was stuck on 3G only. Once I added a plan, it showed 4G BUT the speeds were more like 3G speeds. I tried 3 phones (2 androids, 1 iPhone). Perhaps it's just my location, but haven't had the chance to try it in town to confirm (I'm in chch).

    • im with kogan and frequently see the 5g sign on my phone (auckland central) though haven't actually tested the speed

    • +1

      I had this problem and had to change the APN settings on the phone and it worked fine after Kogan support directed me to that. If you do a factory reset you'll have to do it again.…

  • ahh hope they have this entering into early 2022

    • I was thinking the same, but then I did the maths and it makes sense to take advantage of this deal now and forefit a couple of months…

  • +3

    A shame about the no data rollover… But it looks like I'm going to be with Kogan for the next 12 months. Thanks OP.

  • How's the process of changing your phone number to Kogan?. Anyone had any issues with this/experience in how long it takes?

  • Anyone looking to share the Large in Auckland?

    • I'm looking to share the large if you're keen, I'm based in Wellington but that shouldn't be much of a problem.

      • Just sent you a PM

  • +2

    Been using Kogan since June last year and can confirm they have been awesome. Duno why more people aren't with them. The prices on these plans blow away the big names…

    • I wish I never went with Kogan. I ported my number over from skinny, to kogan, except now I can't receive calls! Kogan support wont do shit because everything is okay on their end apparently.

      I can make calls and text fine, but when people try to call me it says number is disconnected.

      • Escalate the issue to a higher team, the port hasn't completed properly.

        • how do I escalate it?

          • @Afrosven: Thru chat mention you want to escalate the issue. They Should put you to a higher team. What phone are you using?

            • @Kury: Samsung a52 4g

              • @Afrosven: The phone would be fine

                • @Kury: They said the porting process has been completed 10 days ago.

                  The only thing they'll do is tell me to go to
                  General> settings>search number>change number.

                  No idea what that setting means unless they mean change the number on my Google accnt.?

                  • +1

                    @Afrosven: To put it simply something went wrong thru the transfer of the port behind the scenes.Either way they need to fix it. Use to see this all the time when I worked for spark. On either side they have a port team which they can fix it. They just been lazy about fixing the issue. One fast way, is for them to disconnect your number on there side and reconnect you. How did you go with your escalation?

                    • @Kury: That's what they said after I tried to escalate it

                    • @Kury: Vodafone numbers can call me I've just discovered but not skinny and I assume spark. I was with skinny prior to kogan

                      • @Afrosven: Oh I see, they should be able to sort it out. The kogan/vodafone, porting team needs to talk to Skinny/Spark porting team to sort it. From experience it takes a bit of time to fix the issue. The routing software is not working between the two providers.It's been 10 days it's not good enough. You can always port back to skinny last resort unfortunately.

      • Takes about 24 hrs to complete port.

        • It's been a week now.

        • +1

          FYI A port can be done in 30 minutes in a week day between 9am and 5pm.

  • Would anyone like to split the medium deal? Based in central Auckland

  • Looking to split the large deal… based in auckland. PM me, many thanks!

    • Hey, I cant PM you cause I just created an account for this deal but I have a spare code for the Large deal I'd like to part with. Perhaps you can PM me.

    • Did you end up finding someone to split with? also central auckland.

  • Did it take long for the voucher to arrive?

    • About an hour and I had mine

      • Thanks, it took about 30 mins for me

  • Having two in cart doubles the price. Just checking then-if you order just 1 they will send 2?

    • +2

      Correct, if you order 1 they send you 2 vouchers. Unsure how many sim cards they send though.

      • 2 sim cards.

        when i left a cart I got a email with "items left in your cart" showing both

  • off topic question, anybody had any experiences with Kogan/Dick Smith hardware? Like, monitors, cameras, doorbells?
    I had a few of those and they all failed on me, all ended up being returned.

    • Kogan appliances/hardware products are not recommended by many as they have poor service and you will be spending more time and effort negotiating in getting your appliance replaced. But Kogan mobile internet, voice clarity, network coverage is good as they use Vodafone network.…

      • I have the Kogan Smarterhome Kettle and it has been amazing!

    • bought an air fryer there, one metal item was "missing" they sent me another air fryer, then I found the missing item in the box of the first air fryer lol, they told me to keep the two air fryers

      • That sounds like an episode of a comedy sitcom

    • Had 2 kogan branded milk warmer/frothers and both died within 2 months (literally Burnt and melted plastic where the frother sat on the base and got its power). Generally the reviews of their own products are hit and miss, personally I have never brought their brand again.

      Replacement process was good, send photo of chopped cord and replacement arrived within a week.

  • OK so I ended giving both my codes to family so if anyone has a spare LARGE Code for sale $165? I already have a sim, just need Voucher code.

    • Yea me! Please message me as I created an account just for this but since it's new I can't message anyone. Cheers

    • I would be keen. Based in Auckland.

    • Have got the Large plan to split, can share code. Based in Blockhouse Bay.

      • I'm keen, based in Auckland

  • Anyone want to split the small/medium deal in central welly, pm me.

  • +1


    "Get $5 off your first order
    When you join our daily newsletter! Enter your email to receive your unique credit offer.
    *Min spend $100 (excluding shipping). New subscribers only. Privacy Policy"

    • +1

      Open home page in new private window and the newsletter box pops up.

      Must use the email to subscribe which will send link to email to create the account, then you will get credit.

      can use +feature: [email protected]

    • Did you get this to work? The voucher never appeared when I signed up for the newsletter….

      • +1

        Yup I did twice!

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