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Sony PlayStation 5 Disk Edition $819 + Shipping @ Mighty Ape


Quick quick quick!!! Good luck people!

digital out of stock again

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  • Dang I was just about to submit this lol

    • hehe

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    thanks, hopefully this is not a deal any more for most poeple

    • gotta stop them scalpers

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        Almost an hour and still in stock. Scalpers probably still have a stockpile of them from last time. The PS5 is not a rare earth mineral. Factories are still churning them out 24/7.

        • a retailer has stock probably means other shop(s) will have stock soon if not already

        • lower profit margins and low demand for the Disc Edition

          • @Huntakillaz: Yes, the margin is about $150 only.

          • @Huntakillaz: Theres some scared money guy currently selling 2 new ps5 digitals for $930 with free shipping and ping which means they are making a tiny margin..

            $930-73.50(success fees) - 18.15(ping fees) - 35 shipping nationwide = $803.35 after fees, under $50 a console.

            Meanwhile I just saw 2 PS5 Discs close for $1199 each 7min ago, ~$370 profit per sale

            • @Dunno: Nobody is going to buy those $1199 ones

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                @offroad: Sadly they do.. I have atleast 10 in my closed listings that were won via bid or buynow in the last 7 days at that price or above. Might be harder to after today but prices will climb again. I have almost every ps5/xbox listing watchlisted for the past few weeks.

                There was also a unopened Xbox Series X+game sold via buynow today for $950 which was worth $1300+. Gutted I missed that one

            • @Dunno: Digital Dropped last week so the market's flooded atm, as it gets close to end of month the price increases.

              Before last week Digital was going for $1000+ because there were so few left
              While Disc was $1100+

            • @Dunno: $370 profit is a lot.

            • @Dunno: $150 per console*

        • These are still very rare in America, my cousin dying to get one at retail price, scalpers selling it for $1200 USD

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        if there is no profit ( which i guess the profit is slim atm due to drop in demand) then scalpers will disappear until next time they see profit

        • True.

    • Shortages gonna last till next year according to Sony

      Digital will be a deal for a while, Disc tends to sell slower so won't be as much

      • Yeah, even if Sony hits their ~20M+ target for this financial year it's still likely to be shortages

  • Where the Xbox's - haven't been any for ages!

    • Microsoft has gave up the NZ market.

    • I know right, even in AUS they have slowly being coming to market week to week.

    • You can find Xbox in the retro section.

    • They just launched in India so I'd guess a lot of their recent stock went towards that. In their latest financial meeting they said that manufacturing should start outpacing demand before the end of the year so expect them to become more easy to get.

  • 5 left then sold out

  • They must of had many in stock cause mine has been ordered but not charged, was to be sent today but now delayed to tomorrow/monday

    • Mine originally said delivery Friday now saying delivery ETA Tuesday. Lucky I am not in a rush…

      • I ended up canceling and ordered from the warehouse.