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Regaine Men's Extra Strength Foam Hair Regrowth Treatment 4x 60g $169.99 ($94.99 with $75 Visa Card Cashback) @ ChemistWarehouse


Recieve a $75 Visa card (probably like a prezzy card as the Cash back) it says.


Cashback: https://www.regaine.co.nz/cashback
T&C's: https://www.regaine.co.nz/cashback/terms-and-conditions
Stores: Check the drop down list in the cash back form, for other stores reccomend you check with customer support

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    Worth checking if the cashback works with the value pack as well. https://www.chemistwarehouse.co.nz/buy/68714/Regaine-Men-s-E...

  • Several years ago, my cheapo self cringed with the price of Regaine when I was looking into these products, and explored alternatives. I ended up picking up Foligain instead and was pleasantly surprised when it seemed to help.

    Looks like Foligain is still much cheaper than Regaine, even after the cashback.

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      Even cheaper to go bald. RIP Hair.

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        Not everyone can pull off the bald look like Jeff Bezos.

        You can import the Kirkland Signature (Costco) Minoxidil from the US via Ebay. No problems with customs.

        • Yeah this get Kirklands, I've been doing it for years. Rogaine is a ridiculous price here.

    • Isn't there one that you can get prescribed by doctors thats cheap as well?
      Basically requires that Minoxidil ingredient or something.

      Thats what I remember some youtube vid telling me few years ago when I was researching for a friend.

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        Friend 😉

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          lol actually true,

          I'm on the fortunate side, though probably end up with white hair like my grandfather.

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            @Huntakillaz: I'm pretty lucky in that regard too.
            I know a guy in his 30s who has had hair implants. In my opinion he didn't need them, but that's the route he felt he needed to take. I support his decision.

            I found this seller doing a 6 month supply of the Kirkland Signature (Costco) Minoxidil for a total of (approximately) $70 delivered including gst:


          • @Huntakillaz: True 😁

      • afaik minoxidil isn't subsidised by Pharmac?

        GP can prescribe but you pay full price

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    Does anyone use eBay for buying minoxidil and rogaine, I think it's cheaper over there!

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      Yes, no problems. Get the Kirkland Signature (Costco) one.

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      yes, its worth it, i get mine shipped from a pharmacy in Florida.
      also, you cant use youshop as they do not allow flammable items on the plane.

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    George Costanza: "These are not scraps. These are the historic remains of a once great society of hair." I'm with George.

  • Is the cashback valid for Visa Debit cards?

    • No they mean you get a Visa Card (probably like a prezzy card as the Cash back)

      so can use any way to pay for it.

  • Razors are much cheaper :P

    • That's because it's vastly overpriced. Once Costco arrives in NZ I hope they open a pharmacy, so they can bring the Kirkland Minoxidil here.

      Here's a 6 months' supply for $85:

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        I doubt if the government will allow it. CW has already made our local pharmacys' lives pretty hard.

        • Yeah it's a much tougher gig now, and who knows we may soon see online prescriptions delivered to your door.

  • Anyone with personal experience? Every youtube video seems sponsored so doesn't give me a good view of it lol. On one hand I've considered trying something but on the other I'm not too bothered by thinning front to be honest.

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      From my limited research: minoxidil can grant some people decent results at the start, but it seems like the results are not long term. You're only really slowing down the inevitable.

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        It's the only treatment that works, but it takes a few months of constant usage to start seeing the effects, and you have to use it forever. If yours are too far gone then only a hair transplant will save you.

        I agree however that you're really slowing down the inevitable, but that depends on genetics. For some people the few extra years of good hair is worth the price of admission.

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          It's not the only treatment that works - there's also finasteride, which is more effective at treating hair loss. However, it can cause some side effects related to sexual function.

          I agree with your other points though.

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      I tried it recently and a couple of days later experienced the worst headache of my life that lasted about 24 hours (I stopped using it immediately). Do a bit of Googling and you'll find a LOT of similar complaints. Many people say they get used to it or the headaches go away, but there are a lot of reports of ongoing headaches for months or years. Tbh I don't think it's worth it.

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    I'm goingto try a hair system later in the next year or two when mine gets bad. Still contemplating.
    The stuff available now is amazing.

    What do you guys think.

  • none of this stuff works well, i was on regaine and propecia for years and it only slowed down the loss slightly and never regrew anything eventually i stopped using both and all my hair started to fall out but just gotta deal with it since its not worth the trouble and especially cost

    • this is what happens to most, i gave some to my friend with no hair issue and he started growing new hair on his chest.

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    also had really bad side effects that still last even to this day after stopping to take the propecia they continued, dont do it unless you wanna lose your sex drive

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