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Confectionery from $0.49c Delivered @ 1day


Thanks to screeb for the heads up, but with the new 1day $5 code and the free freight you can get some cheap treats.

Add one of these:

$2.50: Fabulicious Green Apple Sherbet Fizz 200g / Heards Fruit Refresher 110g / Fabulicious Raspberry Twister 200g / Griffin's Shrewsbury Smiles Apricot 195g / RJ's Licorice Small Sorts 180g


$2.99: M&M Pretzel Pouch 130g


= $0.49 shipped

Checkout this link for all deals


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    You're welcome! Thanks for the $5 code!

  • cheapied

  • +3

    Great deal. The m&m is sold out but 3 bags of lollies delivered for 2.50 is gonna make my scales saying one at a time please.

    • its only when its begging you to kill it then you know you have gone too far

  • Thanks, placed a handful of orders.

  • +1

    Thanks I have ordered 2 pack of M&M Pretzel Pouch 130g and paid 0.98 free shipping… thanks

    • +10

      The true cheapie would have got 2 packs of m&m and 2 packs of lollies for 98c

      B for effort :)

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    Not sure what happened but those which out of stock will come back in stock occasionally and you can place order with that

  • +1

    Even though the M&Ms were listed as out of stock on the website, I was still able to add it to cart and buy it.

  • Dang nabit i wanted the M&M's peanut bucket :drool:

    • yeah that would of been good!

  • The smallsorts last time were awesome value, you don't see them in supermarkets under $2 typically.

  • They all have a very soon best before date, I know technically they are just the best before, not the expiry dates..But still..

    • Must not waste the food :)

    • They'll be binned if it doesnt go to consumers anyways
      not like business care about waste and saving the planet as much.

    • +1

      While the M&Ms are very soon (20th of this month), it definitely isn't all of the stuff. The RJ's and Fabulicious packs are early (Feb/Mar) 2022, for instance.

  • nice..waited for M&Ms to come back in stock and made 2 orders

  • Thanks, got 2 mm pretzels before out of stock

  • 10x

  • +1

    I just used the voucher…17 times for 17 stuff I did not need. But that made me feel great!! Thank you, nachos

  • +4

    Amazing how many people say thanks but haven't upvoted the deal. Grabbed one of each $2.50 lollies plus bag of M&M's, then half a dozen with the M&M's and Shrewsbury biscuits. Diet postponed until late November.

    • thanks HmmYepNah, a thanks, a vote, both are best!

      • I see most of them have voted now, I'm expecting half of your prize for having the most voted deal this month……….. ;)

        • +1

          Sorry going to need all of it for future dental repairs, thanks though!

          • +1

            @nachos: What! Outrage! How do I change my vote?

    • There are tons of lurkers without accounts

      • I'm talking about the people posting here saying thanks but with no green + beside their name, that means they haven't voted doesn't it?

        • +3

          Oh wow, I've been using this site for years and never even noticed that

          • @Plug: lol

          • @Plug: Lol same here just know this!

    • learn something new every day ;p

  • Oh no

    • +1

      Oh yep, there goes the weight loss program

  • If the M&M's are showing out of stock keep checking back they've been going out of stock then coming back into stock every 10-15 minutes all night. Just did another 4 orders lol

    • Just remember the best before date for the M&M are 21/07 this month. I bought 4 and was thinking who can I give them away lol

      • They'll be fine for ages. Sugar and salt don't go bad

        • And being encased in the hard candy the chocolate won't get that yucky looking white bloom on the surface that lots of old chocolate gets. They say it doesn't affect the taste but I swear chocolate with that white coating tastes different.

      • just eat it all.. a pack a day

      • Yeah, I might care if it was 4 or 5 months past the BB date, but these dates have leeway so stores can keep selling them right up to that date without the quality being compromised. It's not like a switch is turned on on the 21st making them suddenly taste funky.

    • hope you get them, a few weeks back i got a bulk on chocolate and it said in stock after being out of stock and they emailed me to say they had no stock so refunded me

  • The Whittaker's Minimix is also a good deal at $4, as it never seems to go on sale.

    • Christ nachos stop adding the extra rings round my torso. I've lost count of the amount of stuff I've ordered. The postman will have a fit, and then I will after eating it all.

      This is the GOTY, VIP deal of the year well done.

      • Thanks fatboyj, I'm sure wakrak or wowbigdeal will post a jenny Craig meal delivery or gym offer soon to balance things out!

        • +1

          Free - Lose weight gained by 1-day confectionery @ Waewae Express

      • Nah, couriers get paid per package delivered, so they must love Warehouse/1-day

  • +1

    show's over folks

  • they've sent me multiple emails asking me to send bank transaction proof to prevent identity theft. how do you guys manage to create multiple accounts and get away with it?

    • What, no multiple accounts needed?

      • you telling me that you guys place just one order and create just one account? 1 coupon per account

        • One account multiple orders.

          • @Peter Wyngarde: They've sent please can you supply a screenshot of the 1-day purchase transaction showing in your banking statement via email in order for us to continue on dispatching your order out to you.

            • @upbeat: How many accounts/orders did you create/place. I'm assuming you placed one order per account.

              • @Peter Wyngarde: four accounts. it didn't let me place more than one order using that coupon BIRTHDAY

                • @upbeat: Wires are getting crossed here. Is this the deal you did multiple times (https://www.cheapies.nz/node/28430)?

                  • @Peter Wyngarde: They have emailed me asking for screenshots for orders using both this coupon and other orders using coupon birthday

                    • @upbeat: @nachos thoughts?

                      • @upbeat: Well it sounds like they caught you using multiple accounts. The one account thing is a bit silly, i mean you could always sign family members up and get the same result. Guess they are within their right to refuse your orders. It might we wise to simply request refund than fight it. I've dealt with their customer service before and you can really waste your time going back and forth.

                        • @nachos: That's exactly what happens in this household. Single use codes used once by multiple household members.

                      • @upbeat: I agree with nachos your best strategy is tactical retreat. Let them cancel your orders and non-primary accounts. No great loss at $14/box. Did you place orders at $9/box as well?

        • I used the same account a good few times all orders processed, well paid for and confirmation email to say so.

          If they cancel a few that could be a blessing to save my waistline and teeth.

  • Thanks for this!

  • Has anyone received theirs yet?

    • Nope :( Just got email reminder about x day delivery

    • Some of mine have shipped and arrived(heards butterscotch/green apple sherbet) but no updates for other stuff

    • Received M&Ms today

    • Fabulicious Green Apple Sherbet Fizz 200g

    • +1

      Received all 7 orders, they combined some of the separate orders into one box.

      • Ordered three items in one order but only received one item today.

        • It's slightly annoying when they don't update tracking details and courier without signature required. My parcels were left outside before 7 am on separate days.

    • Finish Classic Lemon - 110 Tabs

    • I didn't get any shipment notification from 1-day but my orders all arrived today. They came in a single box, which impressed me, as I was fully expecting them to ship a dozen seperate parcels.

  • Anyone else still waiting for their orders?

    • +1

      I received a box which consolidated several orders and two courier bags on Monday. There's still outstanding items from orders which I expect to arrive this week.

    • Yes, I'm still waiting on half of each of my orders.

      I made two orders of 1x M&Ms + 1x Small Sorts; the M&Ms arrived this morning - in separate bags - but still haven't received the Small Sorts (or any notification of them shipping).

    • Got the bulk of mine in a combined box on Monday, all received.

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