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2 Degrees $55 Month Prepay Plan Sim Starter Kit $28, $30 Plan $16, $19 Plan $10 @ Noel Leeming


2 Degrees Prepay Plans $55 Now $28, $30 Now $16, $19 Now $10 at Noel Leeming

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  • As an add on to this post $10 Monthly prepay plan available for $5.42 with CSC GROUP discount

    CSC GROUP price also gives an additional 65c off the $55 plan making it $27.35


    • Can you become a member of CSC without being a business?

      • No they only allow businesses to sign up. You could ask your boss to sign the company up as it's free to join.

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        You can set your account to it without even being a CSC member :) There's lots of options to choose from, none require proof. Cheapies a while back found CSC group to be one of the best.

        And for PBtech if you look around cheapies you can set your account to Auckland council for futher discounts - Although I think a better option was found but I never updated it

        • How do you add it to your account? I have been looking around for a place to set it but can't see anything/anywhere. Any tips/pointers/hints?

          • @AleBeerenhoff: You mean adding CSC membership to your account? If so click here

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              @Wakrak: Ah okay, I was being muppet and thinking this could be applied at the 2Degrees account page to effect the discount on an ongoing basis…lol….monday fails!! Thanks for pointing that out though @Wakrak :)

              • @AleBeerenhoff: Should include New SIM packs, First month only details to the deal posting.

    • Came up as $25.79 for me (Cscbg Main). $10 plan $5.11.

      • I've got mine set to Cscbg Premium might have to swap over :)

    • Nice! My friend actually owns a business, how does this CSC typically work? Is it like a discount card.

      • Hey, you go into your profile settings and setting a membership name, type, and organisation name. You don't need any proof of anything.

        For example this is mine:…

        Although CSCBG Main is meant to be a little better but varies product to product :)

      • Csc or Christian Supply Chain is a trade card that works sort of like Cashback. They have cards and an app. We get trade pricing at quite a few stores linked to them and they also get a percentage and any profit is donated to charity. I use it the most at Bunnings but there is no easy way to see the discount that I have found. It could only be a little or none but anything is worth it.

    • it's still showing today at $10, after adding CSC group to my Noel account…I wonder if the price has gone up ?

  • Is this just for the first month?

  • +1

    So I'm guessing this is just for 1 month , and following will be charged at normal prices..

    • Yep, it's just a way to get more people through the door

    • It's probably only good if you have a dual sim phone.

  • Man I didnt realise 2 degrees was so expensive!

    Kogan 12gb at $35 a month is so much cheaper. And even more so if you buy the 12 month plan, $27.5 a month

    • The big networks have all settled into something of a stalemate in terms of pricing, with the only real differences coming from additional perks

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        I still feel like sparks data stack is seriously under appreciated. I know their 3.5Gb rollover cap isn't great but for $19 I'm now getting 4.5gb refreshed every month, plus my rollover and whatever I get on data back while that's still a thing. At first their plan seems average but every month my data pool is growing and having had it since it launched its now surpassing the $40 plans for data. If you plan to stick on a carrier for a long time is definitely worth considering.

        • Doesn't Skinny do the same thing with no rollover cap and for $3 a month less?

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            @Jizah: I don't think they do the data stack. It's an entirely separate pool of data to my bundled 1.25Gb that started at 0 and each month gets an additional 100Mb added to it. So month 1 I got 100Mb, month 2 was 200Mb and currently I'm on 3100Mb and growing until it caps at 10Gb so the plan is 1.25Gb+3.1Gb+any rollover data. As I said if you are in it for the long haul it eventually becomes a good package but you have to pay those extra dollars for the what is an inferior plan at first.

    • Can you. Share your experience with Logan nz and . Does they split the date for each month.? The unused data carryover to next month? Planning to move out from 2 degrees to Logan 365 days plan….

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        kogan doesnt carry over data from month to month.

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        For 365 Days Plan: comes with 18GB (SMALL 365 DAYS plan) 48GB (MEDIUM 365 DAYS Plan) or 180GB (LARGE 365 DAYS Plan) Total Data, in each case split into 30 day blocks as per prepay plan table from days 1 – 360. From days 361 – 365, 1.5GB (SMALL 365 DAYS Plan), 4GB (MEDIUM 365 DAYS Plan) or 15GB (LARGE 365 DAYS Plan) will be added to the account. 1GB = 1024MB. If Data Per 30 Days amount is exhausted before 30 days has elapsed, access to data will cease until the beginning of the next 30 day block (if any), or the customer renews or purchases a data pack. T&Cs apply.

        Looks like it's split into 30 day blocks rather than a lump sum.

        • 👍

  • These are sims so you get a new phone number

  • So can these not be added to a current 2degrees number/plan?

    • Correct, they're just new SIMs with bundled packs.

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