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Tesla Model 3 $63,107 (after Clean Car Discount Claim)


Pretty good discount from the government now makes this car more affordable.
Pricing based on the following:
$71,732 - Standard Range Plus Model (Include Vehicle Registration fee $257, Delivery fee $1,375 and Order fee $200).
discount of $8625 (Clean Car Discount for New electric vehicles first registered between 1 July and 31 December 2021.

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  • Shows $63,562 for me

  • Any idea on the cheapest new EV you can get with the new subsidy?

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      • hybrids are cheaper again, so possibly could have a new hybrid for around $20K after subsidy.

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          Only EV and PHEV initially.

          Lower subsidy to come in 2022 for ‘Self
          Charging’ hybrids / low emission vehicles.

          • @Jaxson: ah thanks for pointing that out, so has to be able to plug in to charge where the Suzuki swift hybrid model i guessing cannot

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      I wonder if those cars just over 80,000 suddenly get a price reduction to 79,999 to be more attractive

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        Yes that will happen but i think all the new EV's between $48K and $71K will increase $8K soon as these govt subsidies always lead to mysterious price rises.

        • Might be worth spending an extra 2k and getting petrol

        • Unlikely, as Tesla is unlikely to raise prices (unless something strange happens, like the USD going up) as they still want to chase market share.

          The more a rival raises prices, the higher the likelihood that the potential customer will just walk to Tesla.

          If the price is close to a Tesla, just buy the Tesla.

          • @Avantime: Probably meaning more the local importers/sellers. It wouldn't surprise me that they raise them a grand or two to get that extra margin

            • @ImAChameleon: I've seen Nissan Leafs sell for around $12k (with a real world range of around 80km most probably). And with a rebate of around 3 grand, I have no doubtbtheir prices have magically gone up by that same amount overnight, lol.

            • @ImAChameleon: woops I read wrong, rebates for fresh imports only, and not already landed

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    If I can afford that, then I should't be here in cheapies hunting for some deals on a pizza & free whooper 😃 just me.

    • Haha same aye haha

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        pretty sure if i won lotto i still be a cheap ass

    • I'd still be here LOL

  • Wonder if you can you buy a used EV, claim the used EV subsidy, then sell the vehicle on for a similar price

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      hmmm i like that idea, better yet, i sell to you, you sell to me, i sell to you…

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      While it says used. It only applies to new imports not yet registered in NZ.

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        bugger thought i'd found the flaw in the system, back to work tommorrow i guess

        • Export it to Australia and then bring it back?

          • @Avantime: They would still see when it was first registered in NZ based on the VIN number of the vehicle.

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    My brother bought a Tesla 3 - receiving it on Tuesday. They were good enough to cancel it today and refund, hold the car and then run it July 1st so he can get the rebate.

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      sweet , not sure if this is still going but apparently existing owners have a referral code where you can earn free chargers and win cars, strangely its seems no cheapies has listed their referral code yet as their isnt an entry for one but you (or your brother) could be the first!

  • That’s the biggest $ discount I have seen on Cheapies 😂

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      I always knew i would do a recording breaking post! I'm sure Wakrak and Wowbigdeal are now scouring the web for a bigger discount as we speak!

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        Do 8625 $1 deals count? 😄. Was wondering if a Tesla deal would pop up after the announcement. Especially knowing how popular Tesla deals are on OzBargain

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        You should see the post I'm putting together now… It's a big deal.

      • I was joking… But have just posted a fairly good deal 😉👌

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          damn i knew i shouldn't have encouraged you!

  • Is there a delivery fee if you pick up the car yourself from there k Rd showroom?

    • Delivery fee still means you have to pick up from a selected delivery location unless you are more than 250kms away from one. Didnt see any option not to pay a delivery fee on the website.

    • Everyone needs to pay a delivery fee no matter where you pick it up from. The delivery fee is the shipping from China (factory) fee.

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    Comes up as $76,207 for me, because why would you get a Tesla without the Full Self-Driving Capability :P

    • i'd wait for a further deal on the self driving option!

    • Self driving is going to be subscription based, apparently. Not sure what will happen to those who already brought FSD.

      • ah interesting so buying it outright now may be cheaper in the long run (assuming they do move to sub based and they honour previous purchases).

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      Or you could buy it without FSD, get the rebate and use the rebate to mostly pay for FSD as it is just a software update?

      • Exactly. You can use your credit card to buy FSD, whereas you have to pay 2.5% on everything incl. FSD if you buy your car with a credit card.

        • Credit card to buy FSD after you buy the car = no credit card fees.

  • So the rebate only goes until end of this year? No rebate for similar cars bought after this?

    • the intention is to continue the same in 2022 (Subject to legislation being passed)

      • Or changed if they realise the uptake is too strong

        • yeah that too i guess, might be a good investment to order 20 now before they remove the subsidy. At least we might be able to bet George.

      • Expands in 2022 too, to include general low emissions vehicles beyond just pure EV and PHEV.
        Will include the likes of self charging hybrids such as some Suzuki swifts, Honda Jazz and several Toyota models like the Yaris etc.

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    I think I’m good playing around just with those $5off$50 warehouse coupons 😂

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      lets hope Wakrak can find a hack for this one too.

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        Hopefully The Warehouse starts selling Teslas. Wannabe 'Living & Go' EV.

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          keeping my eye on the clearance section and hoping

  • Can't you add on auto drive later?

    • Would you trust a 60k car to auto park in a tight spot or you would take it over? 🤔

  • What’s the best car loan you can get? Interest rates seems about 5 times more than mortgage rates.
    Did they ever went down in last year?

    • Own a house and refinance the mortgage?

  • This may inadvertently help the sales of Ford Rangers.

    Their 2WD 2L biturbo engine is under the limits so won't have anything added to price, whereas the 2WD Hilux is over so will

    The FBT savings over a car will still be there too.

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    Just be aware that EV and PHEVs are subject to RUCs, but currently exempt only until the end of this year. If nothing changes, in Jan 2022 they will be classed the sames as diesel cars and you have to pay $78/1000 km. Petrol hybrids don't pay RUC (the petrol is taxed instead).

    When you crunch the numbers from 2022 onwards, a petrol hybrid (non plug in) will still be cheaper to run than EV/PHEV, unless RUC pricing is restructured to favor EV/PHEV.

    Hopefully this will change, but it's hard to predict what will happen because there is quite a good deal of revenue lost from EVs not paying to use the roads currently.

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      That's a very good point. I suspect they'll extend the RUC exemption period though until the number of registered EVs come up a bit more.

      • Isnt there some point they have said it needs to meet like 5% of the vehicles on the road before they would do this. Which is actually quite a large number of vehicles - so you should have some leeway.

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          Yeah but why go with a diesel model with road mileage stickers etc? Seems nuts.

        • As a Leaf owner, as long as the Greens are in government I'm pretty certain that RUC won't be implemented in the near term.

          Despite the burst of enthusiasm I don't expect take up to be so high to the point where the govt starts noticing the loss of RUC revenue, simply because there isn't that much EV stock available here or overseas. There isn't that many used Leafs lying around in Japan, and new EVs are $40k+ and above, mostly focused on saloons and crossovers, not utes or SUVs.

          • @Avantime: Yep a 'self charging hybrid' is around 10% more on top of a basic ICE.

            Full electric or significant PHEV is around 80-120% more expensive, so there's a massive difference there, much more than a small subsidy is going to address.

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              @Jaxson: Agree for now, but battery prices will likely crash soon.

              The US & EU are heavily subsidising the building of battery plants, a lot of it for "national security" reasons. China isn't going to let them eat their lunch and will also subsidise their own production, meaning a major price war could soon happen. The price of solar panels crashed hard after China flooded the market, the same can happen with batteries. We can already see with the ~$5000 Wuling Mini EV the possibilities of just how low prices can go.

              • @Avantime: I wish Wuling could come here sooner, wonder the government will pay me $3000 for buying a car for free…. :-)

                • @Anarchy: Even if it's a $10,000 car, a $8625 subsidy means that the car will be less less than the price of an iPhone. However meeting that 3-star ANCAP rating will be a challenge, especially if future standards require more safety stuff like ADAS, which Europe is AFAIK already demanding.

                  • @Avantime: I don't know if i'm ready to ride in a $10K new car, i mean the cheapie in me likes the price but the other part would be waiting for the wheel to fall off.

                    • @nachos: I don't think we'll see a $10k new car here, more like $13-15k. There will be demand for RHD microcars like the Wuling in Southeast Asia, but meeting ANCAP safety standards is the real issue.

                      As for reliability an EV has far fewer moving parts, as it's basically a battery on wheels. No oil changes, no fan/timing belts, no gaskets to blow, no tranny issues, no vacuum leaks, no fuel issues etc. You hardly even need to change the brake pads because of constant regen braking.

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    Also dont forget if you buy this through a company you can claim back the 15% GST as well it seems with no impact on the subsidy - ie you claim it off you got charged, the rebate is just free cash. I heard them talking about it on the radio - and they basically said they hadnt thought about it .. which shows the quality of analysis that goes on, but anyway thats another 8k - so 16k discount in total, thats not to bad.

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      Well it's the same bunch that announced that new bike and pedestrian $700 mil bridge, so ..

    • -1

      You can only claim the full amount of the gst if you can prove vehicle is used 100% of the time for business purposes and if you are using it for personal use the percentage comes off accordingly.

      • Sure… thats the rules, but how many follow them now to the letter. Putting that aside, you can make it a company vehicle and pay the FBT or brand it somehow.

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          Quite true but if you're buying this vehicle and getting such a large subsidy you could be drawing more attention than normal to the IRD

    • +1

      Sorry, have to disagree with you there! You'll need to talk to an accountant about putting cars under company name. As one member has mention, you'll be drawing attention from IRD.

      Any vehicles registered under a company needs to pay Fringe Benefit Tax. And that can amount to as much as the value of the GST of the car, PER ANNUM.

      Not a wise move to claim GST from the car.

      I'm a business owner and had thought of this before, however, my accountant has adviced not to put it under company name due to FRINGE BENEFIT TAX

      • IIRC the only way you don't need to pay FBT is if the car is used for company purposes only. For example heavy trucks.

        • funny how Utes are exempted from FBT.

          • @bigbosssnake: It's an enforcement issue. The IRD can stop treating double-cab utes the same as cargo vans and heavy trucks tomorrow if they want to.

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    The batteries need to come down in price.. My neighbour had to fork out $3000 for a new one that last only 3 years.. There goes your rebate!

  • Sorry I am corrected it was $5000

    • That seems very cheap for a new battery. Nissan Leaf batteries are thought to be 10-20k to replace and that is second hand - Nissan quoted one woman a while back 120k! which apparently was a mistake . Then there is finding one to start with and then someone with the skills to fit it . The battery is most of the cost of the vehicle it seems, this is the real question, not will you run out of range that everyone seems concerned about .

  • Thanks OP, just bought the performance pack upgrade model.

    • Nice!

    • +2

      you won't get the rebate though, right? as the performance pack is over $80k i guess

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    Kia Ora,

    I don't see much benefit of me getting the 1500km Supercharging, as I mostly charge from home. They do expire after 6 months if not used. However, using my code will provide you with a 1500km free Supercharging.

    I am based in Christchurch, if anyone is looking into purchasing one, and would like to see what a Model 3 is like, do sing out. I am happy to find time for you =)

    On a side note, I will post up on Facebook "Tesla Model 3 NZ group" regarding your charging options - 8A, 15A, 16A and 32A. A wallet-friendly option - more like cheapies style.

    Thank you

    Mod: Edited

    • I suggest becoming an uber driver and then turning those 1500kms into $

      • +3

        just not worthwhile, given insurance increases from $1.2k to $5k pa.. Subject to COF to which I would have to check every 6 months. A new car isn't subject to a WOF check for 3 years.

        • +1

          damn, here's me thinking this car is basically going to pay for itself!

  • Slightly off topic but it's a flat rate rebate by my understanding.

    Just wanted to check if anyone can confirm would that mean if I buy say a newly imported Nissan Leaf for $10k the effective cost with rebate would be $6500?

    • +1

      As long as it hasn’t been registered in NZ yet, then I guess you’re right 🧐👍🏻

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      Yes, BUT……..If you're privately importing a Leaf you won't see battery or Leafspy stats in the Japanese car auction reports. Also battery State of Health (SOH) can drop quite a bit during transit as the car languishes in port or in a ship for days or even weeks - Leafs like to be driven often. You may see a ~5% drop in the SOH in the first month or so.

      Best to buy from an EV specialist dealer, or hop on a flight to Japan (if you can in a pandemic). There's also a NZ Leaf Owners & NZ EV Owners Facebook groups - join and ask questions before you buy.

      • +1

        At that price you're looking for a car for now, which you'll flick off or sell for scrap when it's stuffed.

        The issue with Leafs (no thermal cooling on the batteries) is a big one, and they're becoming disposable throwaway items that you get to drive green for a while in.

        That really needs to be addressed.

        • +4

          Yes, but I did my research before buying a 2013, 11-bar Leaf for $11k almost a year ago. The main battery killer is heat from hot summer days, especially with repeated fast charging (i.e. road trips). The other battery killer is over-discharge (i.e. going below 20% charge).

          I have covered parking at work and my car is garaged, so the car is kept cool over the summer. I live in central Auckland so getting to all 4 corners of the city and back isn't an issue with range, and so I operate between 20%-80%. While I do have an EV off-peak discount plan from Mercury Energy, I also live close to a free Vector fast charger and I occasionally top up there, saving even more money. And I don't pay RUC, and I expect it to continue as long as the Greens are in government.

          As such I save a ton on petrol, and I estimate the car will pay itself off in 5-6 years. It also allowed me to drive more than I normally would, visiting friends and family. With almost a year of ownership I did not lose any SOH (SOH do fluctuate 1-2% however) and I expect in 6 years the car will still be perfectly drivable, and resalable. Depending on prices my next car will probably be a Prius PHEV, or the current-gen (2018-onwards) Leaf where the increased battery size means that I'll operate between 40-60% charge, making the battery last even longer. While I agree with you that I really don't like the lack of water cooling even with the current-gen Leaf, there aren't that many choices in the 10-25k price range, and the Korean EVs had battery fire recalls making them a bit suspect. The BMW i3 is uninsurable, the fibreglass construction means that repairs are too expensive.

          I only recommend the Leaf to anyone who has done the research for their use cases, and calculations. If you're in Auckland I think Cityhop still has one for hourly/daily rental, check it out before you buy.

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