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Free Pint of Ben and Jerrys Non-Dairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream from Ben & Jerry's Stores



Thank you for being such an a-moo-zing fan of ours! We’d love to give you a FREE fresh packed pint of our doughlicious Non-Dairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough* flavour which you can pick up from your closest Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shop.

All you need to dough to redeem is show this email to any scooper in any of our participating Scoop Shops.

Hurry, this offer is only valid until the 17th of June 2021.
** If Non-Dairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is unavailable, a selected alternative flavour will be offered instead.

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  • Is this just for Australia?

    • Good question. I just assumed it would as they had sent the email to me and they only have my email from the Easter egg hunt. Will have to message them to find out.

    • I was wondering the same, their emails are very confusing.

      I Got the email. Too sh
      o Should be OK.

    • Seems like the find a store button at the bottom found my local shop so I reckon it covers NZ too.

      • Hello how to get this email

  • +2

    Might just wait till they are out of stock get a non vegan one

  • +1

    How to get this email please?

    • +1

      Just click on the link on the deal. It's the online version of the email. You shouldn't have any problem showing them the email as it says down the bottom you can share it anyway.

      • thanks

  • +7

    Holy shit confirmed to work in Ponsonby.

  • +2

    Worked in Wellington. No verification or anything, forwarded to a friend as well. Will be going back over the weekend for more! Also, they didn't care about the fact it said the non dairy Choc chip, they allowed me to choose any flavour. Such good service!

    • I guess that depends on where you go.

  • I used this at Commercial Bay last night. What’s to stop us using this every day? Twice a day? At different stores? Too good to be true!

    • +1

      Your own conscience haha. And if you go often enough with the same employees, they may recognise you? I know they got used to seeing me during the virtual collection competition they had going on, I was in there every day!

  • Ben&Jerry tastes good!

  • +1

    I actually got the email and used it at the Christchurch CBD / Riverside Market store - They just confirmed it was correct and had the pint's already out back

    • Thank you - went and got mine today with no issues.

  • -1

    This link is not working anymore….

    • Still working for me

  • Is it really a pint? That's a big tub isn't it?

    • A US pint is 474ml. That's the b&J tub size they sell in supermarkets

  • Was unsuccessful at Commercial Bay this evening, citing that they have almost run out of the "Non-Dairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream" and want to save it for customers who are vegan so that they have options available. They were also aware of the terms and conditions

    ** If Non-Dairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is unavailable, a selected alternative flavour will be offered instead.
    but then said they are in short supply and are awaiting new deliveries.

    Feels like false advertising but I was not going to go Karen-mode on a freebie.

    • second line got caught in the quote, my bad.

      they said they are in short supply and are awaiting new deliveries so cannot allow the redemption of this promotion today

    • Can confirm you are right. Girl asked me to come back on Tuesday tho

    • +1

      Oh that's a bugger. When I went to the Wellington store, the employee offered straight out if I wanted the choice of any flavour. I guess Wellingtonians are just friendlier :D :D

      • cuba street one lets you choose, commercial bay are like nope… glad i had a trip to wellie now ha!

  • +1

    Worked all good at The Base, Hamilton. A lot of ice cream for free!

  • Ben & Jerry's Sylvia Park have a sign up saying they're out of the ice cream.
    When my friend went yesterday afternoon there were nearly 40 people there in line.

    • That should be good if you're after another flavour as it says you can have another flavour if they run out.

      • They were giving away all flavours yesterday and it looks like they're now out of all flavours.
        Mate said there were 3 staff members who were scooping and another one who came out from the storage freezer with a trolley full of ice cream.
        He was there for nearly 20 minutes waiting in line and even when he was leaving heaps of people were turning up with their phones.

        • Haha that's awesome. I can't say I've seen that kind of mayhem at the Wellington store but I've always gone in the evenings when it's not busy. A victim of their own campaign? Since the emails can be forwarded and there's no scanning or verification required, it can snowball quickly, which seems odd what has happened to their store.

    • +1

      Tried to redeem this morning just after they opened and I was turned away - they said they had no dairy free available, so I mentioned the email saying another flavour could be picked… she then said she couldn’t do that either as they’d lost too much money during the campaign so they had to stop. She then turned her back on me and walked away, so the conversation ended!

      • LOL where was that? Don't they get reimbursed by head office for the freebies? I want to question this fine lady and smile politely as I pick the flavour of choice.

        I suppose they can refuse service, but an offer is an offer.

        • Sorry, should have mentioned that! It was in Sylvia Park

          • @nzerkiwi: Must be that Hoyts lady. Can't fully blame her as she was instructed by her boss(es).

  • I was told by the manager of Ben & Jerry's Sylvia Park that they didn't recognize this promotion and would not honour it. It's not the first time I've had issues with Sylvia Park B&J so you probably better to try another branch like Ponsonby where the service is much better . I just reported this branch to the Ben & Jerry's head office .

    • On a completely different note, Greenlane Mcdonald's is the only branch I've encountered that would not honour the ASB Tertiary free small fries and have also reported to Mcdonald's head office

    • For this promo, the email with the free pint was shared, which is why some stores are hammered. Not everyone received the promo email, so I have no qualms if I was turned away. I however was peeved off when I was turned away from that Easter Hunt promo, some 3 weeks before the vatoms expiry date.

  • Worked at Ponsonby. The girl was super happy to give them away (me + the 5 other customers who came in with the same voucher). Great staff :)

  • The employee who served me at Wellington yesterday, I can only assume is a manager, said he didn't care how many people came in with the emails as he gets them reimbursed by head office. He didn't even care about viewing the email haha. He said it was nice to see so many familiar faces from the Easter promo, myself included haha. So nice!

  • went to commerical bay, denied because i did not have the original email from ben and jerrys. they did not accept the linked email that this clicked into, nor did they accept a forwarded email from a friend who actually got the email

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