This was posted 1 year 2 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free HPE Veeam T-Shirt Delivered (Company Email Required) @ Veeam


Another free Veeam shirt.
Free shirt from the previous Veeam deal just arrived last week (& wearing it now funnily enough).

Link seems to be playing up at the moment. Had to complete on Edge or incognito mode.

Here's the front of the shirt
Here's the back

How to claim

  • Go to Deal
  • Enter your details
  • Check e-mail and click on personalised link
  • Complete order

When will I get my free T-shirt?

The shirts will be shipped within three to six weeks. We are constantly working to ship the T-shirt as fast as possible. Recipients should receive order updates with tracking information once it ships.
Any shipping delays due to COVID-19, inventory back-orders or unforeseen border restrictions are still possible.
What if my size is not available anymore?

We only offer sizes S – 2XL. New sizes won’t be available later.
If a size is listed as out-of-stock, we suggest that recipients select another size.
Due to the high level of demand, we cannot guarantee that a certain size will be available at the time of ordering.
We are constantly monitoring our inventory, but supplies are limited.

Thanks dealbot

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  • Same here! Got my T-shirt last week and wearing it now (have been wearing it for 2 consecutive days to work).

  • Thanks, also wearing a Veeam shirt now! They're surprisingly comfy.

    • LOL I too am wearing mine

      • Is this coincidence or do you guys only own a few shirts total lol!

        • Super coincidental ! Happened to be WFH so wearing comfy clothes and this is one of the comfiest surprisingly..

  • +2

    Registered twice previously, never received anything. Is there a way to track and trace?

    • This is the first time that I received an Order Confirmation email. Wondering if that's why my previous T-shirt (Feb and April) never arrived. Did you guys receive the Order Confirmation in the past?

      • +1

        only for the second one, I got a confirmation for the first one but seems to have disappeared, never got my shirt.
        This is the first one where I actually want the shirt

  • +3

    Got email 15 minutes later.

    Here's the front of the shirt.
    Here's the back

  • Got mine last week. Going to go down a size this time, is USA sizing…

    Hope the colour is a bit better this time too

  • Nice this will be my 3rd Veeam shirt lol

  • Are you guys using the same email address more than once, and have still gotten two (or more) t-shirts?



    • If this one arrives, it'll be my second shirt using the same work email. Order has been placed, now waiting for shipment.

    • Yes this will be my 3rd shirt

    • this will be my fourth with the same address

  • Any way of doing it without a work email address?

    • +1

      Someone from the previous posts mentioned that you can use an email alias.

      • +2

        Found it!

        Credit to - @chaoscreator

        “ You don't need a work email or UNI email.

        You can use something like Bulc.Club and create "aliases" for your real email. Emails sent to the "alias" email will be forwarded to your real email address.

        For example, I used this:

        [email protected]

        and it forwarded the registration link to my real email address. I completed the form in the personalized link without any problems.

        The benefit of using this method is that you can very easily create aliases on the fly and not give out your real details. You don't have to create the aliases beforehand. You can also easily identify whether your email has been leaked. If you use [email protected] purely for Cheapies and one day you get a random email sent to this alias from a dodgy email address, then you know that your alias email has been leaked to someone or some company. You can of course, very easily block emails from a specific sender, or block their entire domain. It's very powerful and flexible. A lot of these "Freebies" require you to use something other than Gmail and using Bulc.Club works fine. You essentially have the ability to signup to something multiple times using different aliases, but really only need to login to just a single back-end email account.”

        • +2

          I've ordered the last two deal shirts using Bulc club and never received them, even though I did receive the confirmation email :( .

          Anyone's got the same problem? They've blocked email forwarding maybe?

          • +1

            @G4mbito: Hello! I'm the one who wrote the tip for using Bulc Club. If you received the confirmation email, then it means the forwarding from Bulc Club to your real email is working. You can go into your Bulc Club account and check if there's anything blocked.

  • +1

    Got my free t-shirt from the 2nd time they did this, the ugly teal colour, never got the first one.
    Hopefully I get this one since it looks pretty nice to wear outside!

    • Yeah with the dragon in the back, and long sleeve too!

    • +1

      That horrendous teal one I got is Strictly for Indoor Use Only

      • +3

        Just wore it to the mailbox and I swear I heard someone laughing at me. Could have been the wind. Looking like a human Perry the Platypus.

      • You would think for a shirt thats trying to advertise their service they would pick a more pleasing colour so people actually wear it

        • +2

          It's free, so people will wear it regardless. And the colour is eye-catching, so it's doing the job very well.

  • Yeah link wont work as they have blocked bargain sites from referrer

    "" != a && (b = document.referrer.split("/")[2].replace("www.", "")),
    "" == c ? -1 !== ["", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""].indexOf(b) && (document.cookie = "bargain_site=" + a + "; path=/;",
    window.location.href = a) : window.location.href = c

    • hmm, how would they know if I directly paste the link into my browser

      • They don't.

        • it still wont work unless I paste it into an incognito window

          • @Vena: Odd, it worked for me just copy and pasting.

          • @Vena: Wouldn't work for me either so I just opened a different browser.

  • Just registered and activated account.
    The details that i needed to fill in does not include any address details.
    how do they know where to send the Free T-shirt?
    Or is there a email or page where you can request for the Free T-Shirt?

    • They'll send an email to you with a personalised link. That link will take you to a page where you enter your address, shirt size et cetera.

      • Got the Email, Thanks :)

        • How long did it take after you had activated the account?

  • Putting company name is mandatory when entering the address, but I would rather not send it to work.
    Am I likely going to have an issue putting company + home address?

    • +2

      No. That's what I do/did. Work name and email + home address.

    • +1

      In the address bit it says company name is mandatory but it isn't

  • Anyone won one of the prizes on other campaigns?

  • +1

    Got the tshirt last time. Let hope this one is better. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Cheers OP. Surprisingly worked with my Uni email.

    • +2

      Probably no easy way to automatically determine whether you’re a student or an important ICT staff decision maker. Winning!

  • i take it that its finished now as i cant see anything for a t shirt

    • Yep think you're right.

      • Nope, to fast, email for t-shirt has come in and i have ordered.

        • Did you register while it was showing the scooter n whatnot? Deciding whether to reactivate deal or leave as is.

          • +1

            @Wakrak: I did.
            I did not notice the scooter and registered thinking it was free T shirt. Was dissappointed after seing the scooter after registering.
            But i did eventually recieve the Tshirt email after 15 mins although it is no longer advertised.

          • +1

            @Wakrak: yes, the scooter was there when i registered.

  • Can I get more than one? Using the same work email?

    • +1

      No. They'll email you saying that they've cancelled all but the original order.

  • I'm guessing gmail address don't work on this?

    • I've only used my work email for these, so not certain.

      I guess you could try, but it seems unlikely to work.


      • gmail worked on the race car, but isn't working here :/

  • Anyone else get a random goodybag from VeeamOn?

    Was sent express DHL from the UK.

    • Luigi's no.1 fan pack.

      • +1

        🤣 Honestly pretty odd stuff. Suppose can chase the dog around with the finger.
        The stuff cant be worth more than $5, but the postage would have been insane. Sent from the UK on Monday, delivered in Auckland today

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