Briscoes Free Shiping Code?

Found a small item on Briscoes site, because it's an online only item it can can only be shipped.

Hoping someone might have a free shipping code? Thanks :)

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  • Last one posted on here was 2 years ago. They don't seem to have them often.

  • even click and collect cost $3 at Briscoe, really bad business practice…

  • My local has a kiosk that you can order off the website and get free delivery.
    The code they have only seems to work in store, have tried it at home but no luck. I'm assuming it's IP locked or something.
    But if your heading past a store it could be a easy way to order for delivery

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      Would you be able to share which local store works on free delivery ? thanks

      • My local is Mt Roskill.
        have used it a few times, mainly when needing more or a particular piece of dinnerware that was out of stock.
        Would have assumed other stores would have the kiosk too?

        • Thank you, not in Wairau, great to know new free delivery, look for kiosk .. thank you

          • @ohohcoco: should add. The kiosk is literally just a random computer at the end of the counters

  • I tried something a while back that did work. Briscoes and Rebel owned by same company and I figured maybe same back end. Managed to use a Rebel free shipping code at Briscoes (may have been the opposite way around-memory and all that)

    • there is no free shipping code for both Briscoes and Rebel I can find online, is there a way you can tell me how to get free shipping code for either Briscoe or Rebel ? thank you

      • There happened to be a code for one of the stores at the time and I managed to use it with the other. I've tried with different combinations of The Warehouse, T7 etc but no other success.

  • I went to buy a frying pan yesterday and the store was out of stock. There was sign behind the counter that said if there is no stock in store they could order it in for me so I asked the staff member to order the product for me but I was told to order online for click and collect.
    Maybe they want me to pay $3 for click and collect

    • same thing has happened to me on the Wairau Store, and I replied you can just say clearly that you wanted me to pay $3, it's really bad business practice, force customers to pay when customer already arrived the store…why have stores when Briscoes wants me to pay online…

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      They told me this also. It is against their policy.
      Head office actioned the order with free delivery over the phone and "educated" the staff.
      Occasionally you get directed to a "kiosk" at the end of the counter to DIY order it with the store delivery code.

      Don't let them fool you into the paid click and collect.