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Alienware Gaming PC Bundle i7 11700KF, RTX™ 3080 10GB, RAM 16GB 3200MHz, 512GB SSD, 2TB HDD, 1000W PSU, Wi-Fi $3,645.53 @ Dell


[EDIT] The promo code KONG7 is longer providing a discount on the PC, only on the monitor.

Make sure to use the coupon code. Some NZ cashback sites give 1.8 to 2% cashback. Some CC might provide additional cashback too.

Bundle also includes the

Alienware 27 Monitor - AW2720HF FreeSync monitor
Alienware 510M Gaming Mouse - AW510M
Alienware 510H 7.1 Gaming Headset AW510H - Lunar Light
Alienware 510K Low-Profile RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (US English) AW510K - Lunar Light

Seems to be only $18 more than the 10700KF bundle for the newer Alienware R12 with 11th Gen 11700KF

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    Ships in 29 - 37 business days.. So 6-8 weeks to get one.

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    Good deal, buy it.

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    wow the monitor they chucked on is good. 27" 240Hz IPS panel but its only 1080p
    I would buy it if I was able to tear it apart and chuck it into my own case later on down the line to keep upgrading it.. or had the money :(

    My current PC is starting to bottleneck, GTX 1070 but i'm still on DDR3 1600Mhz RAM and a i5 4690k, CPU at 100% usage most of the time and GPU barely working sometimes

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    You can pay another $554 to upgrade the monitor to AW2721D which is QHD 2560 x 1440….. Is it worth it? Or try to sell the current one… and use the money to buy a different brand?

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      It's worth it for that price as QHD 240hz monitors usually are around $1000+. AW2721D has good reviews and one of the top 240hz monitors AFAIK so it's not a bad deal. If you think you could sell the free monitor for a good price then you could get the gigabyte FI27Q-X which is a good 240hz QHD monitor as well and probably a little bit better than AW2721D. I just bought the AW2721D before this deal and mainly decided to do so because it's around $200 cheaper than the FI27Q-X with the coupons and their sale. If you are in no rush, you probably could get FI27Q-X for the same price in a few months.

  • Got it this morning, R12 instead of R11, I hope this is the best offer, I already had to cancel two orders =z

    • Tried cancelling the R11 for this.
      They said would do it over the phone, but the order is still "confirmed" via order tracking system.
      Did you get a notification to confirm your cancellation?

      • no, nothing yet, but trough the chat the attendant said the order is cancelled
        but no refund yet

        • Yeah I didn't get a written record. But the sales assistant said 4-5 days for the refund.

  • +3

    Pulled the trigger on this one and asked to cancel the R11 order. Haven't got a confirmation yet with the cancellation but hopefully within the day. If they won't be able to, I'll just cancel the my order on this deal.

    • +1

      pretty sure they will be able to cancel

      • Yep, fingers crossed.

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    Pulled the trigger, thanks OP. I didn't actually need a new PC, my 1660Ti laptop still rocks :)
    If I get sick of it I'll give to my nephew or resell.

    • What games do you play? My 1070 laptop struggles with warzone nowadays. It was getting a good 70-100 fps last year with around medium to high settings but now after all the updates, it can barely crack 50 fps at low.

    • +1

      Also have a lappy with the 1660Ti.

      Was lagging a bit on LoL, but that was a driver issue, it's an amazingly powerful card for 90-95% of gamers.

  • +2

    Anyone else notice Dell Addresses forces either "Akl(NI), Chr(SI), Rotorua, Wellington or Nelson"? I had to choose Gisborne 4010, Akl…lol.

    • +1

      Yep, Christchurch for the entire South Island…

      I emailed their customer to update the shipping address.

  • Worth the upgrade to i9?

    • +1

      The retail price difference between i9 11900F and i9 11900KF from an i7 11700KF is $64 and $234 respectively (PBTech used for pricing). Considering Dell is charging $328.90 for the upgrade to i9 11900F, I personally did not go for the upgrade. Cheers.

      • Thanks I did the same. Bit worrying that it says "delivery by may 13" for the monitor and "delivery 16 July" for the tower….

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    I didn't need a new computer but the cheapie in me bought this awesome deal. Thanks OP!

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    How upgradeable is this in terms of hard drives etc?

  • +4

    A new PC and PS5 in the same week…No more ChoiceCheapies for the rest of the month.
    Thanks OP for posting this!

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    Bought it with a AW2721D, hoping I'll have no ragrets.

    • +1

      I went the same route. I'll finally be free of Apple for all my devices.

  • In true Cheapies fashion, I would like to buy this and nullify my cost as much as possible. I don't need such a fancy speccd computer but I'm thinking.

    Buy this - Sell 3080 for 2.5k - left with fast usable computer for 1k?

    Does this have decent onboard graphics ?

    • i7 11700KF means there should be no integrated graphics, so no you couldn't use this pc without a gpu

      • Is there any other option for graphic output ? Max I would use this for is Adobe lightroom and web browsing

        • You'd have to get a second hand GPU then. Can't recommend any as prices are all over the shop for any type of GPU.

    • You can use the pc with this deal https://www.cheapies.nz/node/27402

      • Yeah seen that deal but the 3070 worth much less in comparison and monitor + peripheral are extra $$$

        • well, if you want a brand new GPU, get a GT 710 maybe, noted that the performance on this card is real bad, or try to find something 2nd hand on trademe…
          https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/marketplace/computers/components... maybe something like this, but dont expect you can play games like valorant, csgo etc. But you can certainly play League of Legends with high quality settings.

  • +1

    Anyone here buying this just for the gpu and selling off the rest?

    • I'm thinking of it, are you interested to buy the rest?

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    Was going to post as separate deal but now can't be stuffed. Can use KONG7 or LOVEKEANU to get the below prices.

    Dell 32 Monitor - S3221QS (VA Curved 4K) - $484.90

    Dell 27 Monitor - S2721DS (IPS, QHD, adjustable screen) - $289.59

    Dell 27 Monitor - S2721Q (IPS, 4K) - $376.94 (matches lowest Cheapies price)

  • +1

    Estimated to Arrive By
    Jul 5, 2021:rip:

    • just a day before my birthday!
      someone order it for me :)))))

  • +3

    Anyone noticed the funky overinflated discounts on the monitors? I worked out you pay close to rrp (minus Kong discount) if you swap monitors. Was going to upsize to AW3821DW but not really a bargain..

    • yeah makes no sense, the same monitor is available outside the bundle with a lower price

  • +3

    So I bit the bullet and bought this deal. However, turns out their customer service line isn't open in the weekends. sigh Hopefully I'll be able to cancel the R11 on Monday. Anyway, I'm now guessing they're gonna be getting a lot more R11's back in stock. I wonder if they'll discount those even further than what we originally purchased them for?

    A bargain in the making potentially…

    • wow, this will be an endless loop…
      more discount on r12 - cancel r11 order - more discount on r11- cancel r12 order - more discount on r12…

      • +1

        Hahaha. Classic. PC should arrive for Christmas.

  • Anyone bought these before?

    seems like a steal for the gpu considering rest for the system would cost around 2.2-2.7k
    Can you take out the gpu and slot it into another pc?

    • Mobo & possibly PSU will be Dell proprietary components, all the rest should be good to swap including GPU/CPU/AIO. From what I've seen on YT the 3080 is a 2 fan design. If I had another GPU handy I wouldn't hesitate to pull & sell the rtx3080.

      • I was thinking of swapping the gpu for a 7790 and selling the system,

        since i just need a good gpu.

  • +5

    i almost brought this but after reading this https://www.reddit.com/r/Alienware/comments/n4rqgl/warning_t... i held off, aurora r12 has a huge issue at moment where the ram is bottle necking the entire system to the point its lower than an R10, alienware are looking into it but haven't responded if they will fix it or not

    • +1

      6-8wks delivery time so plenty of time to wait for a BIOS update. I'm more concerned about the 3080 thermal issues, sounds like re-pasting is required.

      • yeah the overheating issues seemed to be fairly common too, saying the machine gets too hot due to the casing

    • +1

      Recent update on this issue:

      If people were wondering if they should cancel their order based on the RAM bottlenecking

      Whether or not the fix will actual work to satisfactory levels remains to be seen.

  • Is anyone else finding that KONG7 no longer provides a discount on the PC, only on the monitor? For me, the price comes down to $3854.13 - hoping they haven't cottoned on to what a good deal that code has been.

    • +1

      I talked to Dell live chat and they said that KONG7 is not a code they offer, and that the price of $3854.13 is the correct price, and that the cheaper price was an error. Keen to hear if anyone else has a different experience!

      • +1

        Looks to be the case. KONG7 no longer provides the same discount on the PC for me too. I will mark the post as expired.

      • +1

        Yup tried, finance team says no apparently

        frick they couldn't wait till their promotion ended aye just had to change the price :'(

      • +1

        Looks like this will end loop on the cancellation/reordering.

        • I'd say so! I can't get lovekeanu to work either unfortunately.

          • +1

            @joshtnz: Phew luckily I bought my LED a few days before you lot Cheapie'd the codes, lol

            • @The Hound: I spent too much time thinking, not enough buying!

  • Dell's Outstanding Auth on my Visa expired & yet my order status says "Confirmed". I used KONG7 so I wonder if they'll try & re-charge for the original price.

  • Someone has a direct link to Dell Order support chat?. I keep getting re-directed to Order status page, even google results are confusing.

    • NM. I rung & cancelled. Still strange how Dell released the funds on my Visa but still maintained the "About to enter production" status. Maybe once production starts they'd try & pressure me into paying the non KONG7 price…lol.

      • Huh! I thought they might, Dell re-charged my card even though order status is now Cancelled…lol

  • +1

    Current price on FB Market for some Alienware stuff (Lowest Avg)

    Item Price
    Alienware 27" QHD Gaming Monitor 240Hz | 650
    Alienware 510K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard | 250
    Alienware 610M Gaming Mouse | 100
    Alienware 510H Gaming Headset | 150
    • Report back in 8 weeks.

    • 650 for a QHD 240hz? That's a bargain. It must be FHD.

      • Yeah its meant to be FHD, forgot to edit it but can't now

        QHD going fro $1000 on FB though

        Did a rough calculation of the components using approx cheapest prices and an msrp 3080

  • how long takes to get the $100 coupon?

    • +1

      needs to be invoiced status first then up to 20 days from there.

  • Any manage to get a website screenshot in the weekend (with date/time) when it was @$3,645.53

    The dell rep told me they can use that to show proof that its changed (since it should only change Fridays normally)
    and try get an exception

    pm me if you do

    • I didn't (and I didn't order either) - but maybe another cheapie who did order could share an anonymised receipt/proof of purchase at the lower price?

    • +1

      PM sent

      • Could you pm me too? Thanks!

  • I rung and cancelled my order today.
    I'm super keen to upgrade my old PC but most of the online stuff regarding the R12 isn't the greatest reading.

    • as in the ram issue?

      • ram, heat, noise…it seems the list gets bigger by the day. I think I'll stick to making my own. It's still a great deal in this current climate.

        • Ahh yeah, I'm swiping the gpu/wifi getting rid of the rest, though might need to get thermal pads for the gpu

  • Anyone who ordered around 14 May or after gone into production yet?

    • Mine was around 7th may…. still not in production yet..

    • May 6th for me and still not in production.

    • 6/5 still not in production

      • What is the expected shipping date? Usually, it can go to production just a day before shipping.

        • Estimated Ship Date: Jun 19, 2021

          Estimated to Arrive By: Jul 5, 2021

          Looks like an order from one of the guys from Ozbargain got cancelled =(

          • @deadfish: Can you post a link?

              • @deadfish: Seems to be the R11. I've looked at the R12 post's comments and some of them have been moved to a later date for shipping but some have also either already received it or entered production a week ago. They're also saying that the order processing doesn't seem to follow the sequence of the order date so someone who ordered later might actually get their order processed before the ones who ordered earlier.

                Hopefully we get lucky and don't get the shorter end of the stick.

          • @deadfish: Did you get your order shipped? I've got the same estimated shipping date and have not received any updates yet. If this gets pushed over for another month or 2 I am cancelling my order and will just wait for the prices to go back to normal and build a custom one.

  • Ordered May 6, ETA Jul 5 still not in production. Dell emailed me today asking for feedback on how I am enjoying my Aurora R12 :D

    Side note: looks like you can't select 3080 on any models anymore

  • My R11 bundle arrived last week. I see others have too given the handful of AW2720HF monitors on trademe

    What's everyone using the $100 Dell Advantage coupon on? I grabbed a S2421H monitor for $210 (just above minimum $200 for coupon) to either sell or replace one of my side coding monitors.

  • have anyone tried to return/refund the monitor?

    • Have you already received the mointer and not the pc?

      • haven't received anything yet, I was just thinking out loud, but after the last email from dell with this insane timeframe I'm going to cancel this shit

        • Yep. I think I might also make a call to the commerce commision as well. I don't care about any personal gain and will not get any through them but dell shouldn't be selling the pc 5 weeks after my order if they can't ship mine on time. I fully think they where building pc s and went oh we are out of 3080's better take it offline.

  • Thank you for your recent order with Dell. We are working to ship your order as quickly as possible. The delivery date for your order to arrive has been updated to nov. 18, 2021.


    • Yep big fail getting the r12. My main reason was after I posted the r11 deal someone pointed out a better code which gave an extra 60 off. Thought r12 60 bucks less one extra week why not. I feel dell going to burn a bit on this one. Going to be many unhappy customers. You would think they can track their stock levels and have a better idea.

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