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4 Jars of Assorted Peanut Butter (375 gr x1, 275 gr x 3) and ACME knife $29 Delivered @ Fix and fogg


From her home cooking and baking, giving the warmest hugs and always being there with a soothing cuppa and good advice - here's to Mum! Treat your Mum (or the Mum figure in your life) to some nut butter goodness this Mother's Day.

Get FOUR jars of F&F nut butter and an ACME x Fix & Fogg knife in this limited bundle deal for only $29 with FREE delivery!

Included in this epic bundle deal:

  • Our newly re-released Almond Butter with Cashew and Maple 275g
  • Our classic Super Crunchy peanut butter 375g
  • Our new Granola Butter 275g
  • Our deliciously smooth Chocolate Hazelnut Butter 275g

This bundle is only available for the next 48 HOURS (until 12pm Thursday 6 May) so make sure to get in on the action ASAP!

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2021.

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  • +4

    I really like this four pack but $29 is a bit steep

    • +1

      I agree. We paid $11.50 (including delivery) for a 750g jar of smooth back in March. That's a great deal, and I'm happy to wait for a similar offering.

      • +6

        If you like just peanut butter you can go to bin inn and get it pure (and almonds) they have a machine and you choose your type of texture, its $1 per 100g. Very good value, its the only type i buy now.

        • Thanks, good to know.

        • Are they roasted?

      • +1

        mate those 750g jars can be had at Pak n Save for $9 - $10

        • Thanks, that’s also good to know. Can’t say I’ve ever shopped at Pak n Save, but it might be worth a look.

  • +3

    discount code FIXANDFOGG and get 15% off for first order
    discount code THANKYOU for returning customers

  • +2

    Woah, the price went crazy since the last time.

  • +3

    It was x4 jars for $20 including delivery:


    • That deal was for 3 jars?

      • +2

        Sorry, this one. x4 jars for $21:

        • +4

          This deal has 2 peanut free jars though, and they always cost more.
          Those (approximate) jars would be $31.56 from Pak n save.
          Plus you get a knife and free delivery. Not the best deal, but not bad either.

  • +2

    It's not a bad deal considering that the Almond Butter with Cashew and Maple and the Chocolate Hazelnut Butter are the more expensive jars of peanut butter in their range. Plus you get a bonus knife

  • +1

    Using the discount code it came to $24.65 so pretty good deal with the knife included. Great for a gift for my wife on mothers day as she loves peanut butter but only buys the cheap stuff.

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