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40% off Selected Tyres at Hyperdrive


Hyperdrive has 40% off tyres deal running over the long weekend. Needed some new tyres and managed to save myself $111 using the code.

Also, if you sign up to their newsletter you can also get $50 off your next purchase over $200 using the code EXIT50

I believe the codes CANNOT be stacked.

Happy driving!

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    I hate the Hyperdrive radio ads (yeah, I still listen to broadcast radio). But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by their service last time I needed tyres. While Tony's Tyres certainly offered me a cheaper overall deal for new tyres (of course after presenting the HD deal to them), the HD special ended up being a much better quality tyre for not much more money. And I didn't have to fend off overzealous salespeople trying to upsell me on their highly dubious nitrogen fills (seriously?), unnecessary wheel alignments and even trying to upsell me to the next model up after already booking with them for the cheapest.

    With Hyperdrive I didn't need to call around several local outfits to find the cheapest deal, you just pay and book in with a local shop. Note that the price you see per tyre is not the final price, they add on a fitting charge or something, so be sure to take the quote through to completion to get the full cost for comparison. I haven't used their mobile fitting service, it's probably more costly.

    • uh, fitting and shipping it to your chosen fitter is all included in the price whenever i ordered through them. never paid extra.

      • What I meant is that if you're browsing tyres on their website and the tyre says $159ea, that's not the final fitted price. When you go through to the checkout there's another charge they add on top, I don't recall what it was for, but it didn't change my decision. Ironically it was the Tony's Tyres rep that pointed this out to me. Even after confirming this for myself I went with Hyperdrive.

      • Fitting is $28 extra per tyre. When I bought some in 2018 it was $20 extra per tyre.

    • I actually love it when Tony's tries to upsell the Nitrogen!

      "It gets better gas mileage! It reduces the wear of the tyre! It gives you more grip!" https://www.tonystyreservice.co.nz/services/nitrogen-tyre-in…

      I usually tell them:

      "That's great! Good thing the air of this planet is already ~80% Nitrogen!"

      I have to respect their tenacity to sell something that's already basically free to the unwary consumer; it's the purest form of upsell (and tells you what Tony's is really like).

      Hyperdrive on the other hand deletes the BS and tells you straight up the price and availability of their products.

      If you like playing games, Tony's is the way to go. If you want good service and can't be bothered with the "fun" then go with Hyper Drive.

      • I gotta say though, I haven't had to fill up my tyres as much after I succumbed and gave nitrogen a try!

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    I've used Hyperdrive 2 times now and had to pay fitting costs each time.
    Tried the mobile fitting service the last time and it was so easy. Came to my house and it was done very quickly.
    I also liked that I could see the prices of the tyres listed on the website and didn't have to call them.

    I knew Tony's Tyres have the price beat policy so tried sending them an email asking if they could better or match Hyperdrive's price but they would only offer me a lower price for a cheaper budget brand tyre instead of the Michellin tyre I wanted.
    Tried emailing another branch and it was the same result so I decided Tony's tyre is not a company for me.

    • Hyper drive mobile fitting service is great. Worked out cheaper for me than going to a garage.

  • Awesome timing, I need 4 new tyres for my CR-V so I might be able to save myself $800 (damn SUV tyres are expensive).

    Does anyone know if going from 103H to 107V will make much difference in ride quality? I know there's no safety issues with going for a faster tyre with a bigger load index, I'm just not sure if it's going to destroy the ride comfort.

  • Only 2 of the 4 tires I needed were available, and no discount. Darn.

  • Does anyone know much what price point is the best value for money with Tyres? My car currently has michillin pilots which are like $400 each. The equivalent Triangle Th201 is like $110. Am I an idiot for going cheap? Or should I go like Falken at $220?

    • I don't know too much about tyres and even though I heard the Chinese brands have improved I was told when it comes to tyres always get the best ones you can afford so I always stick with the better brands.

    • Not an expert but if you aren't looking for high end performance and grip, a mid-range option from a reputable brand like Goodyear, Bridgestone, Yokohama, Falken, Pirelli etc. is always a good bet. The cheaper Chinese tyres aren't a deathtrap but in my experience there is a noticeable decrease in grip, and the extra investment to a better brand is worth it

    • -1

      Triangle and Westlake(Goodride) appear to be reliable Chinese brands. It's like Xiaomi vs Dyson when it comes to vacuum machines. Nothing wrong to choose either.

    • +2

      You’d be stupid to go from Michelin to Triangles. Cheap Chinese tyres are absolute crap

    • The only remotely acceptable use case for those cheap Chinese tyres is if you have a low powered car that you only ever drive at 50kph or less around the city. Even then beware of rain. They simply don't have the traction required to be safe at higher speeds or in the wet.

      You can get Pirelli Dragon Sports for a very reasonable price and they will be far better than the cheap rubbish.

      Even better performance can be had with a set of RE003s (usually on a buy 3 get 1 free deal at Bridgestone), and PS4s like what I assume you have now is about as good as it gets for street tyres.

      • Cheers mate. Sound like you know your stuff. Ill take that on board.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Bought 2 Yokohma for my minivan.

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    Hyper Drive is good but this is an ongoing deal, they have 40% off basically all the time. I always match with Tony’s with success, got 4 Pirelli’s for my partners car for $550ish

    • HD charges extra for tyre fitting. When you do the price match, will they include that cost as well?

      • Yes, Tony’s takes the fitted and balanced price then price beats. Other tyre shops I’ve been to including Bridgestone charge extra for fitting and balancing, it’s pretty standard

        • Did you have to call the particular store or by email?
          I've tried emailing 2 branches through their online email form and had been unable to get the price beats both time.

          Maybe I was just unlucky having 2 shitty branches near me but when I tried to request a price beat with Michelin tyres I had found on Hyperdrive, Tony's would only offer me the price beat for their budget brand Dayton tyres instead of their Bridgestone ones.

          • @gunman: I called my local Tony’s store. They tried to convince me to get the Bridgestone equivalent of the Pirellis but I was persistent. I told my partner that the Pirellis were better and not to be talked into something else. When she went in they tried to convince her again with the Bridgestones but she was persistent and we got the Pirellis

  • This hasn't expired, it looks like they've extended it by another 5 days. I ended up buy 4x Falken Azenis FK510 SUVs, came to $1289 (plus $112 fitting). HD claim I saved $800 but the only other site I could find pricing was at nocams which sell them for $340 (plus fitting) - so really i saved myself $70 before fitting, although nocams only had 3 of them. It'll be interesting to see what HD sell them for once their sale ends.

    • +1

      Thanks!! I’ve updated the deal.

  • I've managed to get Tony's to price match Bridgestone Ecopia EP300 as a comparator against the Pirelli for $160 each inc fitting as Tonys said they didnt have any Pirellis or Michelins that I wanted… Is that reasonable deal or am I getting shafted by Tony's again

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