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Redmi Dual SIM Smartphone Note 9T 5G $378.99, Mi Fitness Tracker Smart Band 5 $49 + More from Mi Store


I have used the Redmi mobile for two years. I consider it has the best value for the lowest price. It is hard for me to move back to Iphone or Samsung for this low price. They have the cheapest 5G phone on the market for under $400 with good specs. It is worth to give it a go. Maybe you can try the Mi band first. You can't go wrong for a fitness tracker for $49.

Redmi Dual SIM Smartphone Note 9T 5G $378.99 https://www.mi-store.co.nz/product/MZB07YPEU/Redmi-Dual-SIM-...
Mi Fitness Tracker Smart Band 5 $48.99 https://www.mi-store.co.nz/product/BHR4215GL/Mi-Fitness-Trac...
Mi Vacuum Cleaner Smart Robot 1C $398.99 https://www.mi-store.co.nz/product/SKV4093GL/Mi-Vacuum-Clean...

and more.

Only for this long weekend.

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  • Anyone actually used a smart vacuum robot?

    • does this one work with alexa? also if my house has stairs, does that mean i need to get 2?

      • I just carry mine up the stairs and push go. When it finishes it returns to the starting point and I take it back to the dock downstairs.

    • My cousin uses it a lot and he told me it was the best vacuum he has ever bought especially he has got pets in his house.

    • Yes. Love it and wouldn't be without it now. I recently reinstalled the app as got a new phone last year and can't get it to work with Google home but still love it. Read the reviews on pbtech I am not the only one.

      • Does it vacuum well on carpet?

        • Yes for me. Might have issues with longer carpet or rugs.

    • Reckon its worth going for the 1c or spending more on the Roboroc s6 maxv (although not much of a discount on that at the moment)

    • I do. It works great and I can just say to my Google Nest Mini to start vaccuum cleaner and it will run it.

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    I have a robot vacuum and it is the best thing I've ever purchased. If it broke, i would drive to the shop and buy one straight away. it saves so much time. I have an older Xiaomi one and it's linked to my google home so i can say "OK Google, turn on the vacuum"

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    Can get some of these items slightly cheaper elsewhere, but warranty would be better with Mi-Store I reckon.

    Mi Vacuum Cleaner Smart Robot 1C $347.99 delivered Dick Smith
    Mi Band 5 $42 @ Aliexpress

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      Yes, that is right. Recently I bought some clothes from Aliexpress and some arrived in 3 months due to the overloading of Port of Auckland. Others are still on the way after 3 months of waiting. Always need to bear in mind there will be a delay if you are buying from overseas when the border is still closed.

      • +1

        Expensive ones usually shows up very fast.

      • Disk Smith (From aussie) products ordered in March and April this year turned up fine which is good news.

    • Gotta remember tax on top at aliex (yay…)

      (Pl disregard if this includes tax haha)

  • I love my robot vacuum! I use it pretty much everyday and it cleans so well

  • How well it works with long hair and does it get stuck or is it easy to clean later? How noisy it is if I set it to run in the night time?

    • +1

      I have a slightly different model but it works well with long hair, you will have to take out the spinning thing and cut the hairs off every now and then (but we had to do that with our old vac too). It has a silent mode, which is at a reasonable volume, but personally I just run it when I am not at home.

    • I wouldn't personally use it for cleaning my hair, I think you'd be ok with short hair. Ours sometimes gets stuck on the frilly bits of a rug. Has a quiet mode but wouldn't want to be sleeping near it tbh.

  • That Mi Band 5 is $54 in the end. Add $5 for shipping (no option for pickup) and $7 GST.

    • You can get in-store (Auckland) or from pbtech if nearby.

  • Yep, will get PBTech from where I am (ChCh) to price match.

  • hoping NL could stock up XM products

    • So far PBTech is the only authorized Xiamoi seller, I would imagine they would like to keep it that way since the brand can easily beat other mainstream brand prices

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  • How does C1 compare to the more expensive Roborock vacuums? Hard to find real user reviews

    • +1

      I got the Roborock s5 max just pre-covid. For my purchase I reviewed Vacuum wars channel on YT. At that time it was one of the most popular and it has lived to its expectations so far. No issues. Also our fellows over at OZB have quiet a few conversations around robot vacuums.

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    Xiaomi Mi 1C Robot Vacuum Cleaner $319 @DS??? And it appears to be their regular price. https://www.dicksmith.co.nz/dn/buy/xiaomi-mi-1c-robot-vacuum...

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    I've got Roborock S6 Pure, it sucks up so much stuff, I can't believe for such a small vacuum the battery actually lasts that long. It works great under beds, table, sofa etc.

    But if you have kids, you will need to tidy up the floor before vacuuming, but it applies to normal vacuum.

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    Vacuum is now $398.99 at PB Tech

    • Any free shipping codes?

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    All devices are now part of the pbtech long weekend deals same as Mi store.

  • Guys how does it compare to Poco x3

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