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KiwiWallet - Now Includes Countdown (1.5% Cash Back on Countdown Online Spend)


You can now get 1.5% cash back on your online spend at Countdown:


Starts today, and looks to be no downside that I can see if you are already purchasing online at Countdown.

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  • I was literally just posting this! Pipped!

  • Thank you, I shop regularly now online…it's a bonus

  • Is there a way to use the Kiwi Wallet click through and then complete the shopping using the countdown app? Or will you have to complete the shop through the countdown website?

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      Perhaps I could do my shop using the app, close the app before payment, and then use the Kiwi Wallet click through and load my saved cart and complete purchase through the website.

      • I do this with Ali Express, so don't see why it wouldn't work here

      • 100% what i do with aliexpress!

      • -1

        I see no reason why that wouldn't work, but I guess there is only one way to be sure ….

        If you do (or anyone else does) try it, please can you post back here to confirm if it works.



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      We can confirm the cashback is eligible for desktop and mobile website. We have submitted the query about the cashback eligibility for iOS and Android apps, waiting for Countdown response, one got it will keep you guys posted.

      • Got confirmation, unfortunately Cashback is not available through the Countdown iOS/Android apps yet.

  • Dammit I just purchased something from countdown before i came to cheapies Q_Q ;(

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      It's $1.50 per $100 spend, so you're not missing out much for one shop. The real savings are accumulated through time.

      • Good point :D Appreciate the cheer up

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        Still a better rate than CD's own loyalty program

        • +1

          You can, I believe, stack the two, but I agree - it seems odd for them to offer this through KiwiWallet.

          I guess if you pay with a 'points' credit card, you can stack three altogether.