This was posted 7 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Auntie Dai Dumplings $5.50, 6-Pk Schweppes 335ml Soft Drinks $3, 1Ltr L&P Drink $1, 4-pack Quilton $2.25 & More @ Countdown


Half Price Week at Countdown.

I've updated the link to show every item that is 50% off.

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  • Is it starts from 1 march?

    • Yep, Monday.

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    I like how they advertise every half price item at least twice to make it appear there are so many half price items!

    • Where are they repeating the 1/2 price items?

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      seems false, got proof?

      • If you look at the flier on the website for the week starting 1 March, most items that are half price appear a few times in different sections. I suppose they just want to remind people of the specials by repeating them.

        • They also show 1 item at 1/2 price next to others that are not 1/2 price without much of a boarder to separate where the deal applies.
          I think this is getting very close to something the Commerce Commission might look at under the Fair Trading Act.

        • I noticed that (duplicates) in last weeks flyer too for several items. Haven't noticed it before, at least not with more than one or two. Wonder if it's new practice

    • He’s referring to the top article on the page. It has the 1/2 items on the front page, and then the same 1/2 price items throughout the article.

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    Also that its 1/2 from the max retail price, so basically for a lot of the stuff its around their usual prices

    • It's Countdown though and Countdown often have a lot of stuff at the regular price. (How many people actually buy at that price, I have no idea.)

      Not like Pak'n'save, where for a lot of non home-brand items you hardly ever see them without some nominal special

  • lol their website crashed after the newest lockdown announcement….

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    I thought these sorts of posts weren't allowed? It's just lazy if you're asking everyone else to do the work.

    Anyway, the best deals in there appear to be:

    Auntie Dai Dumplings - $5.50 (these are usually $7-$10 at both CD and PNS)
    6-pack of Schweppes 335ml cans - $3
    Edmonds Standard Flour - $1.80 (Perfect timing for the Auckland lockdown)
    4-pack Quilton toilet paper - $2.25 (another lockdown special)

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      Not that I have to explain posting a deal, but I was rushing out the door for work and saw that there are some good deals coming for the week ahead. I threw the post up thinking that it may be helpful to a few people out there.
      Even though you're having a moan about the format of the listing I'm quite sure even you will find something to buy that you otherwise wouldn't normally.

      If you're in the position to be helpful rather than critical, be helpful!!

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        It's like blindly posting that Briscoes is having a sale and telling people to go and look. And did I not post deals in that very comment you replied to? That's helpful, isn't it?

        People generally value their time.

        If you know there is a good bargain or two in a sale, catalogue or store, it's a good idea to mention one or even two bargains, in the title, and provide direct links where possible, to those items.

        If there are multiple bargains in the same sale, catalogue or store, it is still advisable to post once only. Then multiple items can be listed in the same posting; probably with what looks to be the best or most popular bargains at the top. Multiple postings for the same sale and/or catalogue may be unpublished.

        Deal posts that reference a sale, catalogue or store but don't provide enough information to find at least one bargain, may be unpublished. Deal posts that contains ambiguous or non descriptive titles such as 'up to 50% off sale' , 'big clearance' or 'sale' may be unpublished unless specific items are mentioned within the deal description OR a dedicated offer/discount such as '50% off sale' is present (preferably in the title).

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          So helpful, thanks for posting the deals that you are interested in.
          By the way Plug, it's your negative attitude that sucks and is not helpful in the slightest.

          As per your suggestion I have updated this deal post to include a product I'm interested in.

          Now, move along and enjoy your day.

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            @wowbigdeal: I'm not interested in any of those deals, I posted the ones that I recognised as being lower than what they usually hit on sale. Many of the others are fairly typical prices that you'll see at Countdown or other supermarket sales.

            Jesus, you talk about negativity yet you're the one launching into full-on defense mode and being utterly dismissive at the slightest hint of criticism.

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    $3.50 Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Cornflakes 380g
    $1 L&P 1.5L
    $2.50 Yoplait Yoghurt 6pk 125g (Total 750g)

  • I was hoping for half price olive oil.

    • The Warehouse had some cheap 1L. Keep an eye on the larger tins also. Some are cheap and they also get discounted occasionally.

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    I've updated the website link to show every item that is 50% off.