US $4 off US$5 Minimum Spend @ AliExpress (New Social Media Users)


Coupon AliExpress year 2021 - New social Media users. US$4 off US$5 minimum spend

Valid until December 2021, found another one February coupon;)

aliex672 is the code, it is on the page of Aliexpress.

"You can use the coupon like 8 times if you want, it is not name bound, you only need to login with different social media accounts; TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Found this coupon on the website of AliExpress. You need to order above $5 and then you get a coupon for $4. I bought an electric lighter with it per example for 1$"

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Referee gets USD $24 in coupons. Referrer gets USD $5 coupon per referral.

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  • +5 votes

    Thank you for your effort, but I said it once and Ill say it again, aliexpress coupons and discounts are rubbish.


      why's that?

      • +3 votes

        You think you have all thee coupons or discounts, 99% of the time, when you at checkout they cant be used for whatever reason they find, or the store doesnt take coupons or its a minimum of $999 for $0.17 discount. I shop a lot there and belive me, you need have patience for products to arrive and understand that coupons are an absolute lie.

    • +1 vote

      yeah I have given up on aliexpress coupons; click bait 99% of the time. Never successfully made them work….but never been too upset about it either as they are usually so insignificant.


      Yup, click bait coupons. As others have said, so many conditions attached to coupons and most of the time they only work on the products with the inflated prices. I've also noticed recently that shipping costs have sky rocketed to the point where the item costs the same as from the local '$2 store' if they have it, this is possibly due to COVID.

  • +2 votes

    I ordered a few items from AliExpress last year and all didn’t arrive and ended up just getting a refund. Their package tracking is a sham and doesn’t truly reflect the location status of the package. Wish has shipping charges but at least the package arrives in NZ


      This is why I only buy little cheap things from AliExpress, I would never trust buying anything vaguely expensive in case it doesn't arrive and I don't get a refund

  • +1 vote

    Several items I purchased last year didn't arrive either so I received refunds for few items.
    On the last item I didn't receive I requested another refund and Aliexpress banned my account. They said I was abusing their Buyer Protection.
    Now I cannot even sign in or contact them asking for the refund that I am owed.


      same here! i thought it was ridiculous that they were banning accounts, it almost makes them as culpable as the seller. though i didnt think it stopped you logging in, i can still use the app to view orders, just not buy anything new.


        I found a link that says appeal the decision so clicked it and wrote what had happened to me.
        I then received an email saying they would review my case and it should take up to 4 days.
        After 4 days when I tried signing in it says I have the incorrect password. Again, no way to contact them about it


          money only moves in one direction in that business sadly… hopefully you didnt lose much.