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30% off @ Earfun


These seem like reasonably good headphones for the price, free shipping to NZ. With 30% off makes them considerably cheaper than Amazon, and cheaper than their aliexpress equivalents.
Not sure when coupon expires.

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    The reviews look good for these, have any Cheapies tried them?

  • I was looking for these last week but either Amazon didn't have them or the price plus shipping was too much, so got the cheaper mpow mdot s, $52nz shipped. Waiting for them to arrive.

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    Hi, coupon is still valid. But the price shows here is in US Dollars.

  • Hy when I tried to get the cheapest one the code is not working for me…

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    Hi, I purchased the cheapest one 2h25m ago and the coupon was working at that time. I paid NZ $ 48.88 equivalent to US $ 35.00 after the discount with coupon.

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      I tried them all and the only ones I couldn't add were the "EarFun Free Pro -Black" - all the others, the coupon was applied successfully.

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    I had a brain fart this morning and typed into the promocode: EARFUN30

    Turns out it works!

    Paid $42USD (NZ $61) on the EarFun Free Pro -Black

    • Best fart ever! I didn't want to pay the extra for the Air Pro, but didn't like the battery life of the cheaper Free/non-pro version, so this is a great in-between. Thanks!!

    • Good find, I've updated the post.

    • Nice, I ended up going for the earfun free pros with that code, thanks.

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    Just bought some! Thanks for posting this up.

  • Anybody have their order sent yet? Mine is still saying processing.

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      • Mine has shipped, unfortunately all the tracking info is in Chinese, so I don't know where it is currently, bit it appears to be heading to New Zealand 👍

  • Thanks for choosing EarFun. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    We are sorry to notice you that Earfun Free earbuds are currently out of stock.

    We are afraid that we may need to ship your order at the end of February once they are in stock since the workers in our Chinese warehouse will take their Spring Festival holiday.

    Is that acceptable to you? If not, please let us know and we will refund you as soon as possible.

    What I got today…

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    My Earfun Free Pros arrived yesterday, so here is my initial thoughts. They seem comfortable enough, I need to try the other tips to see which is the most comfortable. I went for a run and they stayed in well. The touch controls have a slight delay to them, I'm used to a physical button which is pretty much instantaneous, Iimagine I'll get used to the delay. Sound quality seems decent enough but I need to spend more time with different content to get a better idea with this. The case seems to work well and is pretty solid. The noise cancelling seemed a bit gimmicky but when I used it on the bus it actually worked reasonably well. There is a bit of a low level noise there which I noticed but liveable. I haven't tried any recent noise cancelling from the big names in recent years but I imagine it's a lot crisper than it is here. I experienced a couple of minor drop outs when I took a walk with them, I'm not sure now if I may have turned on low latency mode which may have caused that, I'll have to check. Overall pretty impressed so far for $60NZD.

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