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Dolce Gusto Genio S Plus Espresso Machine (Starbucks Bundle), $99 @ Harvey Norman ($89.10 via Briscoes pricematch)


Nescafe Dolce Gusto Automatic Coffee Capsule Machine bundled with:
- x2 boxes of Starbucks capsules
- x1 Nescafe Dolce Gusto Milk Frother.

No idea if this machine is any good. One five-star review at Briscoes, 4.9 stars (from 21 reviews) at Harvey Norman.
According to Harvey Norman; "Not available in all stores but can be ordered."

- $189 @ Heathcotes
- $249.99 @ Noel Leeming (+ The Market) and Briscoes

If Briscoes is happy to fulfill their price guarantee; $99 - 10% ($9.90) = $89.10 (In-store or online).

Link to Briscoes listing
- Product code: NSB770BLK

Edit Just got back from Briscoes. No issues. Took in a print of the Harvey Norman page and they fulfilled the price guarantee.

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  • Looks ok. The cheaper ones didn’t have a water level adjustment, so you didn’t really know if you had put the right amount through or not. The better ones allow you to set the volume you want to match the capsule.

    These guys don’t have a very good recycle scheme though and you have to save up 5 or more kgs worth of empties before they’ll take it back.

  • Perfect for Xmas present. Thanks.

  • Looks great. Any one have personal reviews ?

  • Best place to get Nespresso or Starbucks capsules?

    • +1

      Looks like all three major supermarkets stock both capsules. Maybe see who's the cheapest at the start of the week. I'll probably buy a reusable pod so I can use other coffee brands as well.

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      Remember that this isn't a Nespresso machine, it will only take Dolce Gusto compatible pods, you'd need to buy an adapter which I've seen for sale for around $50usd on Amazon if you wanted to use the more cost effective Nespresso pods in the machine.

  • +2

    boys, theres a similar one for $88 on the market (11% off) Nescafe Dolce Gusto MiniMe
    and 4% cashback from shoprewards

    Ive added a few more items (both with 11% off) to use the $20 off referral coupon:

    final total: $84.13

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      Hopefully goes alright! They look pretty similar minus the larger body on the Genio S. Perhaps the MiniMe is the previous version? (goes back to 2014/5). Think the supermarkets use to sell it. Let us know how it goes. The Genio S is going good so far. Smashed back a few Americanos.

    • Thanks for linking this, went with the MiniMe version and it arrived today. Perfect one button coffee and can be left out on the bench

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    Glad to see they gave up selling the milk drinks and give you an actual milk frother now. I had one a long time back and it was ok, just hated the cappuccino and latte pods only giving you 8 drinks for the same price as the other drinks has 16, and the milk was a bit crap from a pod.

    I prefer Nespresso now I have one but the Starbucks pods make an ok cup and we routinely use then in ours whenever we find them cheap, you could do a lot worse. I presumed the coffee inside the Nespresso and dolce gusto will be the same blend.

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    Now $97.89 at the market using ELEVEN11 discount code. Free shipping if market club member. Useful if no Briscoes near by.

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    I am buying this because of the Milk Frother, does it really worth it? As we have Nespresso machine without the frother.

  • I prefer the nespresso machine to this (I have both). Nespresso also has more options for pods from other brands.
    I use it only to make a quick mocha (just add hot chocolate to the coffee). If I have time, I use my espresso machine for it.
    But usually, I just make Americano with cream using my trusty Aeropress and fresh grinds.

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