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500g MQS 15+ Manuka Honey (UMF 15+ Equivalent) $53.99 Shipped (Save 70%) Plus More @ Avatar Manuka Honey


Some really good deals for high potency manuka honey here saving up to 75% and free shipping above $50.

The MQS rating based on MGO content is pretty much equivalent to UMF rating.

Other notable deals:

2 x 250g MQS 12+ Manuka Honey for $38.95 (Save 67%)

2 x 250g MQS 18+ Manuka Honey Gold Label $89.95 (Save 75%)

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  • they use a "MQS" rating which if you look up comes to a poorly made website, which apparently is "independent" yet features only their honey brand.

    It seems they are the only one using this MQS rating. I will not be surprised if they made this term up themselves to avoid using the common standard of UMF/MGO, and you have to wonder why.

    Their honey is cheap though, but don't expect real "manuka honey"

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      "Their honey is cheap though, but don't expect real "manuka honey""
      It better be considering something like Arataki Manuka Honey 250g @ $9 is claims to be certified monofloral manuka honey.

      • nice that's a pretty decent deal… and it shows details about an actual independent verification done.

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      Reminds me of that video editing software that lists level 3 GPU acceleration which no one else uses and who knows what that actually is.

    • But the MQS system uses MGO as one of the factors, and the MGO level for this 15+ honey is 500 which equates it with the MGO for UMF 15. Plus they have Massey University Labs test the pollen within the honey to confirm it is 93.7% Manuka. MPI have very strict regulation for claiming manuka honey and strength levels, particularly for export reasons so this honey would be as strong as they say otherwise they would be in deep trouble if it was fake.

      • Mpi verifies umf and mgo that's why if you can't claim it if you don't have it. Hence they made their own claim.

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