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Essence Hand Sanitiser 500ml $5.98, Soft Care Hand Sanitiser Spray 500ml $4.99 @ Bunnings


Perhaps one of the best value hand sanitiser in the country for a more well known brand?

500ml bottle of Essence Gel Hand Sanitiser for $5.98 while many pharmacy sells it for $10.00 plus and Countdown sells the same sanitiser except its a 250ml bottle for $5.00

There's also a cheaper at Bunnings which is a 500ml liquid spray option for $4.99. According to Soft Care company fact sheet, this is spray contains 71.5% ethanol.

Edit (thanks for chchnz):
Potential 15% price beat opportunity @ Mitre 10 outside Auckland down to $5.08 a bottle

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    Mitre 10 also stock this so you could go there for the 15% price beat.


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    Just noticed this on the Mitre10 website at the bottom of the Price Guarantee so no price beat during Level 3

    Our Price Guarantee

    For clarity, our Price Guarantee can be accessed in-store only and does not apply to online orders during Alert Level 3.

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    We purchased this brand from Countdown and it's ingredients are: Alcohol 62%, Aqua/Water, Glycerin, Carbomer, Parfum/Fragrance, Propylene Glycol, Glyceryl Polymethacrylate, Triethanolamine, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Tocopheryl/Acetate. Now I don't know much about anything, but this brand seems to leave a sticky residue on the hands compared to others I've tried.

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      Yeah it's really not nice to use. Also, having less than 70% alcohol makes it less effective against viruses.

      • Then the $4.99 option from Bunnings is probably better as it contains 71.5% alcohol vs the $5.98 gel option with 62% alcohol

    • Yea I didnt like that brand. I usually by the dettol ones before but they became hard to find in stores now so I tried a different one from mitre10 and its been great.

    • I think majority of the gel based hand sanitiser leaves some sort of residues behind. The only few brands with gel based that don't leave residues I know of are Dettol, Glitz (sold out) and Palmolive. Otherwise, best alternative is probably liquid based hand sanitiser like the $4.99 one from Bunnings

  • How to buy? Can't order online….shops only allowed click and collect…..

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      Yeah a bit weird, the $5.98 Essence one is not available online for click and collect, but the $4.99 one is available.

    • If you live outside Auckland should be able to visit a physical store AFAIK

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