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Sengled 2 LED Lights with Wi-Fi Hub $20, Sengled Smart LED B22 Light Plus Wi-Fi Kit $20 @ Bunnings (C+C Only)


Thanks to richms on Geekzone for this find. Limited stock. The B22(E27) Starter Kit is currently $100 @ Catch AU

According to richms, most if not all of the Sengled range at Bunnings is on clearance.

Sengled Element Classic Smart LED B22 Light Plus Wi-Fi Kit $20

Sengled Element Classic Smart LED Light With Wi-Fi Hub - 2 Globes $20

If you're lucky, might be able to find the following near you:

Sengled Smart Element Plus B22 Wi-Fi Kit And Hub $20

Sengled Smart E27 LED Light Element Plus Wi-Fi Kit $20

All x4 items listed above are compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Control your lights through your smart device.

Sengled Home Automation 2 Way Link $20 which uses:

Sengled Home Automation Pulse LED Globe And Bluetooth Speaker White B22 Starter Kit $30
Sengled White Home Automation Pulse LED E27 Globe And Bluetooth Speaker Starter Kit $30

These last three are controlled through Sengled Pulse App.

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    As someone with limited site who has tried them all I can honestly say from my own experience the only one with the hub that even gets close as hue but the price tag is a bitch. Most of the ones that come with their own unique hub have issues connecting to Google Home or Apple home, if you want an alternative which is much cheaper than Hue I recommend the Kogan brand from Dick Smith, it cost me roughly $50 for four colour + whight smart bulbs including delivery, No home hub required they Simply connected directly to your home internet router And use the Smarter Home app which is easily connected to Google home and controlled with voice on android devices, you can connect them to Apple aswell however I have not figured out How to control them with my Apple tablet Yet Without using the Google App. The best thing about Smarter Home is not okay can you set up routines for certain times of the day but you can also check if you forgot to turn your lights off when you’re out And turn them off and turn them off simply by going into the app, The smart plugs are brilliant in the same brand as well and connect in the same way for your older devices that are not smart capable if you’re interested you can find the bulbs here https://www.dicksmith.co.nz/dn/buy/kogan-smarterhome-10w-rgb…

    • Have you had any experience with smart bulbs from aliexpress?

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        I use xiaomi "yeelight" smart bulbs and light fittings throughout my place, and they integrate well with Google Home/Alexa. Although the other xiaomi devices I have use a hub, I don't think the bulbs do - similar to FrrP3 the previous lights I used which had a hub weren't all that great.

        What I have done with the various yeelights is pair them with one of their bluetooth dimmer switches per room which I've put next to the standard light fittings (the stick-on ones like this: https://www.gearbest.com/other-car-gadgets/pp_30038637722314… rather than the in-wall ones). They are quite large and robust and are tap on/off, turn dial for brightness adjustment/double-tap to switch to a dim nighttime mode. You can connect one switch to multiple lights or multiple switches to one light if you want - I've found it quite handy in a few places to have a second dimmer switch for the lights in addition to the one near the door.

        That way people just get used to using those to turn them on and off, as turning smart lights off with a wall switch pretty much stops them being "smart". As they connect directly to one or more lights via bluetooth, they will always work even if you are having app/internet issues.

        As well as xiaomi bulbs in bedside lamps I use their ceiling lights (eg https://www.gearbest.com/smart-ceiling-lights/pp_00944704657…) which are expensive but work well and can adjust between warm and cold whites.

        • I find the Yeelight & Xiaomi bulbs to be worse than the Grid bulbs sold at Bunnings. They're rather glitchy with WiFi (Router is RT-AC66U) and more than a few times I've found themselves disconnected from the internet and invisible on the Mi Home app. The Mi Home app is also a bit of a mess compared to the simple Grid app. While both those lamps offer more features I found that simplicity and reliability matters more to me. I operate them using schedules and voice commands via Google Assistant.

          I don't recommend getting a not-very-popular closed smart light hub, like the Sengled. If I were to go for a hub & bulbs I would go for a Zigbee hub like the Samsung Smartthings hub, or cheaper alternatives like the Xiaomi/Aqara. WiFi bulbs seem to be the trend however.

      • I've tried most smart lights. If money is no issue, I'd say go with the hue. They have better light output and function better app-wise, less/no disconnects etc.

        However, I only wanted one system in my house and who has $1k to blow on lightbulbs to fit it out. That's not what cheapies is about!

        My go to has been the xiaomi yeelights. I tried a couple first time and they worked great, so I picked up about 20 RGB ones for some ridiculously low price ($13nzd each iirc). I've had them running for a few years, no failures so far, the odd disconnect however. They are Wifi based, which tend to be cheaper than other options (zigbee,bluetooth etc)

        I do not use the yeelight app or the mi home app to control them however, only the once in a while firmware update, so I cannot comment on how they work with the app. They work fantastically with home bridge, home assistant, and so can be setup with siri/google assistant, as well as automation with whatever and however you like . If you go this route, configuration and setup can take some time to get it right though, so if that's not something you want to do they might not be for you, although I see they have a new version that integrates directly with both HomeKit and Google.

  • Seeing as normal 10w LED bulbs are about $4, a SMART bulb for $5 is a great deal!

  • I ordered a few lights from multiple stores and they have all called me saying they can't complete my order and it will be refunded (out of stock).

    • Yeah I had the same issue

  • I went into the mount store today and brought the last speaker system ones. Also the one with the hub, they had quite a few of those. They are kept behind the tool counter. The bulbs are down in the bulb area.

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    Thank you Op, have just done my house. 2 sengled pulse speaker lights one in each of the kids room which I will have connected to my alarm 😂 they are pretty good sounding considering they are lights. Also got the sengled WiFi booster light. I can now use my phone without the net losing signal. Lounge, kitchen, toilet, hall and garage are set up to the sengled element. I left some switches with normal lights just incase these end up being crap. Main annoying thing so far is 3 different apps.

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