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Free Tshirt or Tote Bag via Familyindustriesevents @ Amazon


Thanks to dealbot on OzBargain for finding this. Seems to be first in first serve.

As part of the promotion for 'Amazon virtual-con' and the Amazon show 'The Boys', you can create a tshirt or tote bag for free and get it sent to you.

Link to Amazon page describing deal. Look for The Boys Supes Swag

"Just because we had to do things a little differently this year, doesn't mean you have to miss out on your favorite part of comic-con — FREE SWAG! Choose your item and create your own custom design inspired by The Boys. We'll send you your item free of charge once the event ends. One item per customer, while supplies last".

Despite many OzBargainers having issues with access to the website, I managed to choose a tshirt, design it and enter my details.
A bit of patience is required. Hopefully a blue & white tshirt arrives at my front door in the near future.

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  • Order a Tote bag, fingers crossed :)

  • Thanks, got a shirt, definitely took a few tries

  • Site seems to be down

  • https://imgur.com/qlLzArg

    Takes me to this link, where do i go to redeem?

    • +1

      If 'go to deal' link isn't working, then on the page you're on, find 'interactive' and navigate to 'The Boys Supes Swag'.

  • Uh Oh Maximum ammount of shirts reached :(

    • Yeah, seems to be IP and device limited, so only one each. Mobile site worked much better than desktop

  • Tried to choose an XL t-shirt.
    Although, Iv managed to enter my details but when it says "confirm your design", I click on "next" and a loading circle appears but then nothing happens. I can click it a second and third time which prompts the loading circle but that's it.

    Maybe it's not meant to be, goodluck to others

  • Managed to secure one for myself. Go to deal button worked for me.

  • says "event has ended"

  • This deal is closed

  • gutted missed it!

  • Got a mail just now that my order got shipped

    • Ooooohhhhh hopefully I get one soon

      • Keep checking your mail, you might get the tracking soon

  • Just got an email for mine as well, although I'm not sure it's the one I ordered as it was so long ago!

  • Miner's on the way now 👌

  • Got my T-shirt today, whoo hoo

    • Oh sweet. How is it? Mine shouldn't be too far away then.

      • Not too bad, sizing is correct. Material is 100% polyester

  • Sooo.. I got my t-shirt… does anybody feel like they're getting choked out by the high neck…?

    Honestly, from a free t-shirt, I would've expected better.

  • mine was "delivered" by my courier (was few feet from the door, they lied)

    so now i have to chase up courier post for compensation and if i get any itll probably be zero as its a free shirt

    Thanks courier post, i love getting less than half the things i order

    • That sucks. Some of them definitely half-ass it at times. I get a parcel delivered in the morning with a knock on the door, but then they put a card in the mailbox for my partners parcel without checking if someone is home. From the same company.

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