Torpedo 7 Discount Code

Found this code some time ago and have resisted sharing until now.

Code HNZQ420 gives you 20-60% (from what I've tested) off Torpedo 7 branded items.

Club priced items count but items on sale do not. Tents and jackets come down to a decent price. In researching price history, 1day seems to have good discounts on Torpedo7 items as well. At least with Torpedo 7 club you get free shipping.

Randomly scrolling through ' nz staff discount codes' on Google and came across Hospitality NZ member deals.

I have a $20 off Mr. Vintage code as well that is supposed to be 20% off. Someone stuffed up. It's for Healthcare workers though and you're supposed to show ID if they ask for it, but my receipt or emails have no mention of the code I used or a request for ID. Felt kind of stink once I found out it was for Healthcare workers, but too late now.


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