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Free Regular Pizza with $8 Purchase at Pizza Hut


Any 5 digit code works as long as it's divisable by 3. But that's too complicated so I made a site that ganerates it for you.
Enjoy a free small pizza every time.

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  • thanks op

  • Only downside is it’s only cheese pizza. Better than nothing but I prefer the free fries or garlic bread coupon when it works.

    • For quite a while after the website redesign it let you choose from all of them. Guess that's gone now :(

      • Yes it used to let you pick. It was changed after the Level 4 lockdown, not sure If that was the same time as the redesign?

    • grab yourself a can of tomato soup and you've got yourself a good time

  • +1

    This is known for a while from the Gameplanet Forums, and is for the feedback survey you get from the receipt of a previous purchase. However some stores may not honour the codes if you don't give them the receipt with the codes in it.

    Unlike Domino's, IMO the Pizza Hut stores will find a way to cancel the order if it's too good of a deal for the customer.

    • +1

      Cancelling someones order and them finding out at the store when they go to pickup is probably the quickest way to lose a customer for life.

      • Yes I have stop order from pizzahut after they refused to honour the free pizza (same deal as this post)

    • I always order online and enter code there and pay in store. So far no problems ever.
      Maybe I'm just lucky and my local branch is full of generous people.
      At some point I managed to stack cupons (in person) and got 2for1 deluxe pizza, free garlic bread and a free regular pizza. The guy at the counter congratulated me for getting such a deal.

  • Any code divisible by 3

    Looks like the same restaurant brands coupon code generator used by KFC too :)

    • Does it work with kfc?

      • I don't think KFC sell pizza

        • News to me

      • You can use those voucher codes for free drinks and chips at KFC

        • There will be puzzled looks when you give a pizza hut receipt to the KFC staff hahaha, but am keen to try it out. I will have a valid KFC receipt in my pocket just in case I get rejected.

          • @The Hound: Just tell them you did a online survey and give them one of those codes. A 5 dollar purchase is required though (which you can trade up for 2 pieces of chicken)

            Basically you are getting a two piece quarter pack for $5

  • Not working any more?

    • Just tried and it worked. There is a chance your code was used already, just refresh the page to get a new one.

      • tried several codes and it was working on any of them

        • ok code doesn't seem to work for delivery services, use to, before their new site design.

          • @Huntakillaz: It works on the app for me but not the website

            • @yetitech: Ok so I tried all the options with delivery methods and it doesn't work.

              Looks like its for pickup only

  • it worked !

  • It works like a charm. Make sure to have at least $8 added to the cart first

  • thanks op

  • Thanks used the site today and got myself the cutest little pizza

  • Looks like this doesn't work now.

    • +1

      It still does. They still have it on the receipts. I think the formula has changed though. Keep trying different codes and one will work.

      • Thanks! I'll try a few more combinations next time. :)

      • Yeah still works, I think there is a change the code had already been used. If you try a couple of times it works mint. Used it today

  • Anyone ever get this work for delivery?

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