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Xiaomi Body Composition Scale for $39 + Shipping @ PB Tech


Been keeping an eye out on this scale. Currently, cheaper than the 1st gen that can not measure body composition (yes, these are inaccurate, I know). Aliexpress usually has this for US$55 with shipping, so pretty good deal at the moment!

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PB Tech
PB Tech

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  • Worth noting these get very mixed reviews in terms of their accuracy.

  • Was gonna buy, because scales that take aaa battery so much better than watch battery scale that always dies… however … You can't see your weight unless you are using your phone at the same time? I don't see an LCD display?

    Edit: it does have a display on it, just watched a video.

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      It has an LED display that lights up beneath the cover.

  • They also have good deals on the smart bedside lamp($69, which is about what you'll pay for it from Ali Express), and Wiha precision screwdriver set ($29, again about what you'll find it for on Ali).

    • I have the screw drivers, they are quite nice, useful if you take apart a cellphone or something small.

    • The Wiha precision screwdriver set is fantastic! I paid almost double that and cannot fauult it. Really well built and premium feeling compared to other screwdriver sets.

      For $30 it is a bargain - May pick up another one just in case I lose a bit on mine!

      • I paid NZD $22 :-P

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          Do share how…?

  • I got one of these composition scales back in 2018 for the same price. It replaced the original mi scale I had from 2016. For the price i think its worth it. Composition reading seems to be way off for me, but not for my partner however. No idea why.

  • $69 it says for me.

    • The sale ended on Monday

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