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Karcher WV1 Plus Window Vacuum - $75 @ Mitre 10


Great price for a Karcher window Vac at Mitre 10. Normal price is $95.

I've heard very good reviews from my work colleagues so I thought I'd give it a go. Sounds like it's great for getting condensation off the windows at this time of year.

Bunnings also has an offering with a similar model at $74 (unsure of the exact difference but it's the classic model) https://www.bunnings.co.nz/karcher-wv-classic-window-vac_p01…

My local Mitre 10 store only had one left in the sale bin when I went in so it looks like they are moving fast!

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    They are excellent. Had mine for a couple of years now and have no regrets buying it.

    If there is a negative, it's the capacity. Make sure you check for the water level mark rather than just looking at the container, as it doesn't take much for the water to overfill and start choking the damn motor.

  • 2 left at Mitre 10 Glenfield after I just grabbed one. Have heard lots of good about these, will be good to try over winter. My crappy one from Bed Bath and Beyond has given up the ghost finally.

  • Good for the car windscreen in the morning? Wanted one of these last winter.

    • Just use the wiper? Or did u mean to use it on the inside?

      • For demisting the windscreen on the inside first thing in the morning? AC can take ages…

        • Not sure on that. But on the website, 'people also bought' listed windscreen cleaner concentrate if that helps.

        • +1

          Air con on, hot air, fresh air vent open, full fan up to screen.

          Your breathing and turning the inside heat in will fog it straight back up until the window itself heats up.

          • @Jaxson: That takes a while to warm up.

            I keep a bottle of glass cleaner and a small squeegee in the car. That'll reach the corners and leave it pristine. The mistake most people make is using the same dirty rag over and over to just smooth out the grease, whereas a squeegee and a solvent will let you shift it to the sides of the windscreen and it's much faster.

        • At worst it's an expensive squeegee, so it will clear it.

    • Not that great. A bit awkward to get in there and also curved glass is a pain. Have to go up and down.

  • Thanks picked up one

  • Great deal. Got mine for similar pricing from Amazon uk a few years back.

  • There are a couple of variants and they increase in price. Might be worth looking at the next model up to ensure you get a larger capacity. Good units, very tempted myself.

    • +1

      Water tank capacity about the same between models. 100ml.
      Main difference is battery capacity and the new silicon blades

  • Didnt get one, I don't see much condensation but windows are often dirty especially the outside/balcony. Are these a satisfying ways to clean those?

    • If you click on the link you will be able to read the answer to your question.

    • +1

      Very satisfying!

  • -2

    You'll get a better job done with a squeegee and a bottle of window cleaner. Cost a lot less too. Clean things the way professional cleaners do rather than being sucked into a gimmick.

    • +3

      Depends on your purpose. We use this as a way of removing that moisture from inside the house, so it's about collecting it and dumping it outside/rather than cleaning the windows.

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