[Unobtainable] Free Bunnings PowerPass Card @ Asset Lab

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AssetLab Ltd are on the highest discount tier offered by Bunnings (except for Fletcher type companies). 

Nil sign up costs, discount variable depending on item but found up to 15 to 20 percent off nails screws and 5% off timber.

Mod: Rep has stated that this offer was only open to the NZ Property Forum Facebook group and will not be honoured for anyone else. Moved to forums.

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  • What's the catch?

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    I don't think Assetlab intended for this to be publically shared, you are supposed to be a member of the Property investors facebook group.

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      Has 35,000 members so it's not exactly a secret, just join it

      • Thanks, will do.

  • Does anyone know how the discounts work at bunnings ?

    It seems to vary so much between items.. just curious if they have vendor specific pricing or if its just normal and then this discount which is applied to farmlands/powerpass etc.

    tl;dr is it worth getting if I already use a Farmlands card.

    • Have a farmlands card also. Priced up some laminate flooring. Discount difference was $100 between the farmlands and powerpass card.

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        Was it cheaper to use the Farmlands card? Or the PowerPass card?

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    Hi Everyone,
    Unfortunately any applications made through this website will not be able to be processed. Permission was not granted from either of the companies involved.

  • Got an email today, my account has been created and the card is on it's way.

    • I also got it aswell :p

      • Anyone got the card yet? My temporary account letter is about to expire and I still don't have the card.

        • My card arrived in the mail a few weeks ago

        • got the email a few weeks ago still no card yet

        • Got my card couple weeks ago and have used it once .

          • @pdevonporf: I just received PowerPass card. I wonder if I need to register the card iva https://www.bunnings.co.nz/trade/powerpass
            Or can I just show the card and get a discount? Thanks.

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              @alder: No, you just need to show at checkout; they scan it and you get some discount, depending on the margins.

              • @Senior Mouse: I went the other day and showed my card and the cashier asked me for a job number. I didn't have one so no discount

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                  @saxasianguy: Oh really? I just say it's cash sale and they discount it…

                • @saxasianguy: You can provide anything for the code - it’s just a reference for the sale. It’s still a cash account so you have to pay there and then.

                  The discount tier has been taken down a few notches since this ‘hack’ was posted on cheapies and a few forums however :(

                  • @shapenz: oh no… I have joined and waiting for my card to arrive…for my new kitchen… so sad to hear Bunnings has lower the discount rate… Bunnings really need to honor the discount as per their original agreement… ! do you know if the discount rate has been reduced significantly ? is it still worth to use Bunnings Power pass card ?

                    • @budget: Hi OhOhCoco,

                      If you have an agreement (contract) then I'd expect they will honour it.

                      When you placed the order, and it was accepted by Bunnings, then you had an agreement (contract) - I would be very surprised if Bunnings tried to go back on that, including whatever discount(s) you agreed at that time.

                      As long as you have done whatever you agreed to in the contract, at whatever time you said you would do it (if anything so far), then they will be bound by it.

                      The only exception might be anything you (and they) explicitly agreed to as part of the contract that might allow you or them to vary things.


                      • @Alan6984: Hi Alan,
                        no I don't have an agreement… so sad… I only have email ., it doesn't give me any indication that the discount will be high… or low…are we meant to be receive anything in writing to receive the certain discount ?

                        • @budget: When you commit to something (i.e. have an agreement like you mentioned above) then the discount (if any) should be locked in. Until you make a commitment, then neither you nor Bunnings has any obligation to the other.

                          If you don't have an agreement then you don't have any obligation to go ahead with Bunnings, so you can still shop around for a better deal if you like.

                          Hope that helps,


                          • @Alan6984: sorry Alan… I was saying Bunnings should have act to honor the discount as per their original offer agreed with asset lab.

                            • @budget: Okay - I have no knowledge of what agreement Bunnings actually had with Asset Lab, and whether it allowed for Bunnings and / or Asset Lab to vary things, so I cannot comment on that.


            • @alder: yes

  • It appears as of today the assetlab account has been closed so these cards no longer work.

    • I just checked my app, you're right! .. wonder what happened

      • People from Cheapies who weren’t eligible for them perhaps….?

    • so what's going to happen for those who hold asset lab bunnings power pass card ? do you know

    • "shapenz" can I please ask you do you apply through the asset lab group online ? or through the cheapies site ?

      • I was a member via Asset Lab before the card form was made public. From what I understand there had a lot of extra sign ups after that - the Bunnings store manager told me there were something like 10k cards issued to the account. Probably a win for the account manager who original setup the account but may have gained the attention of some higher ups.

  • Quite a few people waiting for clarification from AssetLab

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    Works again.

    Comment from Facebook:

    Hi Team,
    Really sorry about the inconvenience here. It turns out somebody tried to pay for a purchase with an expired Credit Card and that automatically locks the whole account down.
    It has been sorted this morning and is all working again.
    We'll put up a post with further info soon. Thanks for everyone's patience yesterday on this.
    Cheers. Phil

    • The other post said stolen credit card

      • Expired wouldn't cause an issue - it would just be rejected at the point of processing, and the payer would be asked for another payment option.

        A stolen card that had not yet been cancelled via the network would be another matter altogether :-(


  • Card worked for me yesterday but then came up as account terminated when I went to use it today.

    • Same for me. Won't let me re-register the card in the app either despite it working completely yesterday.

      • Looks like it happened yesterday afternoon based on comments on the Property Investors Chat Group NZ FB page.

    • It happens every now and then. Bunnings have a system to block any account that is trying to use a stollen credit card.
      Since the AssetLab account is used by so many people, its enevitible that some idiot will use stollen cards and ruin it for all.
      Usually fixed within 1 business day from past occurances - long weekend so probably won't be fixed until tomorrow

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        Must be a special breed of idiot that tries to get a discount on a credit card that they stole!

        • I've never thought about it like that, but its bloody hilarious for sure!

        • Might not be the thief, but the actual (legitimate) cardholder, who forgot they cancelled the card, and tried to use it at Bunnings.

          However, can't rule out that you are right, in which case, yes!

  • sorry can someone please let me know if there is anyway I can get this AssetLab discount (do I need to join the NZ property facebook group?) because the csc membership discount aint enough for me!

    • Yes, Join the NZ property facebook group

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          • @Wakrak: Have joined the Asset Lab FB group. Now filling in the form on Bunnings for PowerPass. Do I use 'Asset Lab' as the Trading Name?

            • @xsolider: You can sign up under your own name. The assetlab card sounds unreliable these days. You just need to put your ird number as your gst number

              • @dave8501: Same discount rates if apply for my own one?

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                  @xsolider: sounds like it, from my understanding assets labs had a better discount until bunnings realised they were putting allot of people under it

                  • @dave8501: What do I enter as company number?

                    • @kiwiicheapies: can enter anything random, they dont check

                      • @dave8501: thanks. just applied. what areas of the store do not give a discount? or does everything have a discount?

                        • @kiwiicheapies: i personally find its nuts and bolts and wood that have the better discounts. Retail type of products eg powertools and that sort of thing have close to nothing

                          you'll be able to setup the powerpass app so you can pricecheck everything before getting to the checkout :)

                      • @dave8501: In this case do you think we can apply Mitre10 trade account without a company number?

                        • @Geoffgo: You can definitely apply for an M10 Trade Account without a company number - many tradies operate in their own name as a sole trader, although probably against the advice of their accountants / lawyers (assuming they have gotten such advice).

                          Whether you would meet the criteria for them to approve such an account, and on what terms, I have no idea.

    • Assetlab discount is probably worse lol

      • csc really only does between 2%-5% at bunnings

  • I've got a Powerpass card affiliated through Property Apprentice, which looks to be a similar outfit to Assetlab. I wonder if they are on the same tier discount

  • I've just received the PowerPass card. The app asks me to verify the account owner's email? I presume that's asset lab's one? https://files.cheapies.nz/upload/7026/3937/image_20221102152…

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      I had the same problem.
      Call Bunnings, tell them that youve received your powerpass and want to activate it.
      They will confirm your details, then send you a pin code. Restart the app, enter pin code, and youre away (no need to enter the owner email then)

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        Awesome, it worked now!

      • thanks will try this

      • I was told by Bunnings that I can't create an online account for the Powerpass portal. Can only use my card in-store only. Is that the case?

        • Downloaded the app and logged into powerpass to check pricing, but I just use it in store when I am there. Ive never tried online purchases using it.

          • @Elvino: Ok thanks. Looks like no online purchase then.

          • @Elvino: @Elvino did the PowerPass app work for you? Mine keeps getting stuck on the verify email page saying the details don’t match

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              @Is2u: See my earlier post. Call Bunnings (number on card) and tell them you want to activate.
              They’ll send you a PIN code via text.
              Restart the app, and you’ll enter the PIN code - the email auth will disappear

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