This was posted 3 years 1 month 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Orcon Fibre 900 Mbps with Google Wi-Fi, for $90/Month (for 12 Months)


Orcon are offering their faster fibre service (900Mbps down) for $85/month (for 1 year, fixed term). And then a Google Wi-Fi (3 pack) rental for an additional $5/month.

So all up for $90/month you are getting fast internet with good coverage WiFi to solve all your working from home problems.

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  • Think the orcon 6 months half price works out cheaper, also stuff fibre referral 6 months half price even cheaper.

  • A lot of places seem to be offering deals with Google wifi. Anyone care to share their experience with his? I've been looking at getting it since the internet in my office is a bit hit and miss.

    • I use it at home, and the mesh network works really well, but the speeds are not quite as good as Netgear Orbi.

      Using all three as a pure wireless mesh I'm averaging about 150-200mbps which isn't nearly enough to take advantage of gigabit fibre. If you can manage use it as a wired mesh though, supposedly that gets you closer to gigabit speeds but I'm not about to start running ethernet cables throughout my house to find out.

  • I am currently on 2 degree 75 dollars per month for the 900/400, they also gave me 200 dollars credit, works out a lot cheaper than orcon

    • Where is that deal I only see $75 for 100/20 speed.

      • i just called them and they offer me this

        • What did you told them?

          • @Geoffgo: I Called 2d, they said no such deal, not sure if that was just a troll.

          • @Geoffgo: i told them if i dont get a good deal then i will move to other ISP

    • Targeted offer? Standard price for that level is $110

      • i just called them and they offer me this

        • Nice one, I might give that a go once they're operating fully again. I'm looking to return to them after bailing for Stuff's 3-months free promotion.

          • @Plug: ISP wont appreciate any royalty, best is to change ISP as soon as contract due to get best possible deal

            • @Mark2018: Definitely, I've tried a bunch but have been happiest with 2d. I'm paying $90 for Stuff's 950/500 plan and even before the lockdown was only maxing out at 400 down.

              • @Plug: Apparently, 2degree use CGNAT - there is no inbound access to the modem available…


                Who will it affect?
                If you’ve got a broadband connection with a dynamic IP broadband connection (not a static IP), then you’ll be moved to CGNAT over time. Customers with a static IP will not be affected.

                Will my broadband service be affected?
                Any service or outside connection that is designed to reach you via your device’s public IP address to communicate with your modem won’t work. You may also notice an impact in the below.
                Multiplayer video games where you’re hosting a session/server
                Website hosting
                Services or devices that rely on port forwarding
                Torrents will only be able to establish outbound connections
                Internet-enabled devices that are reached by IP address (e.g. IP cameras/security cameras)
                Remote access to home network storage, backups and remote desktop service
                Services that rely on Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
                VPN servers

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                  @zajnic: I can confirm this - it is essentially the same as being on a mobile connection from that perspective.

                  You can still pay for a fixed IP though - last time I asked, it was $10 a month, but might be different now.


              • @Plug: I'm on stuff and I've actually seen an improvement since the lockdown. Before it I was getting great speeds if I speed tested using the stuff or devoli server but only 450 down connecting to any other server. Since lockdown that's gone up. I'll see out my 12 months and then see what's up for grabs. I don't need Google WiFi so not with be going on to a deal like this one.

              • @Plug: Same here I am also getting speeds upto 400 Mbps I used to get 800 plus on orcon in my area in CHCH

            • @Mark2018: Do you mind sharing when you signed up? Do you also have a pay monthly mobile plan with them?

          • @Plug: All isps should be operating as normal I think so you can change isp during lockdown.

            • @nachos: A friend Switched to Stuff fibre in Christchurch with zero hiccups last week. Modems takes a bit longer to deliver thou.

              • @Kury: I signed up to Stuff Fibre on Sunday, modem arrived on Tuesday.
                They connected me on Wednesday. Superb service!

    • Yeah, that's what I'm changing off (actually, no I'm on the lower speed) because the Wifi on their router sucks. Hence the appeal of Google WiFi. I didn't actually see any other ISPs offering mesh networks. Maybe I missed it.

      • Google WiFi is very good it Max's at 200 Mbps per node , I have 4 of them connected and run 4 chomecast 3 goolge, nest hub and ip cameras etc with no issues plus many iots

    • They had a similar deal over Christmas/ summer I signed up for which was $85 ($110-$25) per month, $200 sign up credit, and amazon prime movies "free". So guess I'm on the same as you but they finessed me and got me to pay full for a year of prime movies lol. still, I am very happy at $68 a month for gigabit and prime movies

      • thats what i got. My speed has halved lately tho, and they wont halve my bill

      • Is this with orcon? Because they didn't offer me that. I got the 6 month half price deal off broadband compare.

        • +1

          2 degrees

  • Does ufb speed really differ much between ISP providers? I thought it came down to the router? Stuff Fibre have been great to deal with.

    • Generally no, most of the time you will try to access information or download something and it will be slow due to the routing done by the provider, this is also evident in games, some providers have slightly low pings than others due to how their networks are routed. I think as most you will only see around a 10% difference, this is just my opinion though.

    • Yes and no, ISP servers and gateway s are different so it does effect the speeds and latency , DNS on your router also does effect your latency , the effect is not huge but it's there good easy example is try switching your DNS to Google you will find your latency to reduce , I found big difference in top speeds with stuff and orcon stuff gives me 400 Mbps where as orcon used to max out at 800 ISH download ,

    • no they (stuff fiber) are jerks. won't honor their referral codes.

      • What happened if you don't mind asking? Redeemed a code last week?

        • codes do not stack. you have to apply them one at a time.
          I got a few referrals and just applied them all at the same time and only 1 worked… when I complained, they told me to f off and it's my fault.

          • @huffboy: Oh that's no good. I guess that's why they have a small note with the referral emails. Have you tried to escalate it?

            • @Kury: yep. gone nowhere, still going in circles. don't want to spend more time on it. once this lockdown is lifted, I'm moving ISP.

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    Not sure if this matters but I think those Google wifi are older generation and they just have 1 ethernet port if anyone is looking for one. I would rather just buy a mesh router as these are rented. Currently using netgear orbi and Very much happy about it. I needed a couple of ethernet ports as well.

  • I'm currently with Orcon, $75 a month for their fastest plan (6mths at half price) and contract ends next month. Speeds for me have been ok, very rarely above 500Mbps down though, so will prob be looking to switch away to whoever's giving the best deal. Have been with 2degrees and Bigpipe before and their speeds seemed more consistent.

    • Orcon have one of the best networks in the country, it also comes down to how fast the sender can send you the data, very rarely above 500Mbps sounds about right as most of the time you won't use all your bandwidth due to slow senders.

    • I'm on the same plan. I called them about this as showed me speeds slower (~450mbps) than their speedtest off their website (~910 mbps)and they said it's because im using wifi instead of a wired connection?

      • If you ran both tests using the same endpoint in the same configuration, then the difference is real.


      • 450Mbps is very good over WiFi. I use a computer connected via ethernet and consistently get speeds ~820Mbps. WiFi obviously varies depending on what’s in between and how many devices are connected. Next to my downstairs AX router, I get ~600Mbps on another AX device. My upstairs AC access point gives me ~250Mbps in the next room.

    • It is $85 or $75? Im paying $85 for 100/20 before and they upgrade mine to 900/500 free for a year. Where did you get the $75 deal as everywhere I see is $85?

      • well technically the deal was 6mths at $50 (half price) and the 6 mths at the normal $100, hence $75 p/m for a year.

  • Best offer I have seen was with broadband compare a stuff fibre offer.4 months free then $90 a month for the next 8 months. Would have worked out roughly $60 if the amount was spread out on 12 months. That was an offer in November 2019.

    • Is this 950/500 or 100/20?

      • The $60 spread out price was for the 950/500 deal back then. The 100/20 deal worked out to be $53. Providers still make a bit profit at these prices as whole sale price is around $46.

  • Paying 120ish for Vodafone gigabit plan, How good is the router provided by 2degrees? Quite happy with the ultrahub provided by Vodafone

    • personally i think fritzbox is so much better

      • I agree - the FritzBox is excellent for a 'free' ISP provided box.

        • 2 degree used to give it away, but now just for free rental

          • @Mark2018: My experience (two separate clients - so not exactly a large sample) is that, at the end of the 12 month period, when I asked if we (my client) can purchase the FritzBox for $1 (in return for not moving elsewhere) 2Degrees have agreed.

            To my knowledge, 2Degrees have not invoiced either client the $1. No idea if that has been recorded at their end, but an email is good enough for me.

            I did that around Aug 2019, and again in about Nov / Dec 2019 - haven't had a chance to try it since.

            Your post leaves me now wondering if 2Degrees thought my client already owned it, and I was offering them $1 for nothing!


            • @Alan6984: Been with many, the practice seems to be they'll only want the router back if you end your contract early. And even then it's still hit or miss if they'll want it back. Doubt they'll have many uses for returned ones as they wouldn't be able to reuse it for another customer. I personally use the power and ethernet cables from them so a nice wee bonus(generally 12v 1or2a)

              • +1

                @Rowjo: Sounds likely - as you say, not worth much to 2D.

                I must have several hundred ethernet cables lying around here, and a large cardboard box with power supply wall-warts in it of all sorts that is hard to pick up due to the weight, so another one of each isn't worth much, but obviously I must like them, as the box is full!

                I occasionally sell a box of ethernet cables (25 or so - mostly 1m / 2m) for $10 when I get too many and can be bothered :-)

                I don't sell wall-warts - just in case there is anything wrong with them - don't want to take the risk (as he dodges an avalanche of electrical stuff that buries him alive).


        • Yeah they're not bad i have two FritzBox (7560 and 7490) both "free" from 2d. Gigabit wired between the two at opposite ends of the house, meshed together. Awesome wifi coverage, none of the Wifi-mesh lag.

          My two biggest complaints would be AP offloading/client roaming between the two FritzBoxes (pretty poor, even if optimised by turning wifi power down) although this is also a client problem.
          And the lack of ability to connect internet facing FritzBox to a VPN as a client using common standards.

          Otherwise not bad boxes. Way better than the Orcon Genuis Box i got (back in its box)

  • I contacted Orcon today to try and get this deal. I am an existing customer…been with them on their Fibre 900 plan for just on a year and have found them to be good.
    My initial deal was 100 x 6/50 x 6 = $900.

    The way I figure it, is if I can get this deal it would be:

    Orcon 90 x 12 = $1080
    With Google Wifi

    Compared to the following options:

    85 x 12 = $1020

    4 x 45=180 + 90 x 6 =8 720 = $900

    So, I would like to stay with them and get the Google Wifi units, but they emailed me back to say that was only for new customers.

    The said they would offer me $180 credit if I stayed with them.

    100 x 12 -180 = $1020

    I will call them tomorrow to see if I can get the Fibre 900 Mbps with Google Wi-Fi, for $90/Month deal, otherwise I guess I will look at changing providers.

    • Correction for the Stuff info (can't seem to edit my original post).
      4 x 45=180 + 8 x 90=720 - total: $900

      • +2

        Orcon offered me same deal (2 months free to stay). Stuff fibre 6 months half price was better so I moved to them. Recalculate your stuff fibre based on 6 months half price and add modem delivery. You might also want to check out 2degrees deal Mark2018 mentions and see if can get that.

      • +2

        stuff is 645+690=810 if you check the deals

        • Thanks, that looks like it could be a winner.

  • I just called them and there is no way they will do that deal for existing customers. So this deal is just for New customers.

    Orcon 90 x 12 = $1080
    With Google Wifi

  • Looks cheaper if you go through

    $100 a month but 3 months free. $900 for the year.

    • Google Wifi is then $15 instead of $5. So an extra $120 = $1020. So it's $60 cheaper for the year.

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