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No Commission US Market Share Trading @ Stake


Given the recent turmoil in the markets, now is the time to invest in some great value companies such as Microsoft and Disney.

The Australian Sharetrading platform, Stake, has just launched and offers COMMISSION FREE trading in the US stock market.

Truly a game changer in New Zealands limited brokerage market. If you already use Sharesies or Hatch then this will be perfect for you.

Code: NZFounderdfxR Disclaimer, this is not a referral code, this is just the code you need to sign up.

Put in the referral code after to get yourself and someone else a free stock.

Also if you fund your account within 24 hours of sign up, you can choose another free stock from Nike, GoPro and Dropbox.

Referral Links

Referral: random (34)

Referrer and referee get free stock.

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    Not clicked the link yet as don't want to be bomabarded with cookie bombs.

    How do these guys make money?

    • +3

      money transfer fees

      • Yes, they seem to be pretty poor rates and no other way to fund the account aside from POLI and paying a premium to trade soon or later in the week…

        • For $1000 it is $3.05 to get an express transfer. That is nothing.
          With hatch it is $8 every single trade. Make a mistake trading. Sell stock and bang $16 USD down the drain.

          POLi sucks though…

          • +2

            @Monk: Banks have warned people not to use Poli as you effectively are giving your username and password to someone you don't even know.

            If you have used Poli, the bank may not be responsible for any fraudulent activity on your account.

            • +1

              @jedmeister: Their warnings used to be like that, but they loosened them significantly.

              This is a response from BNZ for example;

              We do keep a watchful eye on them, as you point out they are operating on the fringes of our T&Cs and the code of banking practice. We also accept that they are services that are actively used so they are providing both our merchant and personal customers with a useful service.
              Over and above this, we have our NetGuard service in place to provide protection against compromised login credentials should that occur.

              I still think POLi sucks though :)

          • @Monk: where do you check their fx rates and that 3.05 fees ?

            • +2

              @shami: Stake have it on their website. 1% FX fees and zero broker fees. Hatch are $3/trade (being reduced soon) and 0.5% fees. If you are buying a lot of different companies with each FX transfer then Stake still becomes cheaper. If you're just investing in one single company/ETF then Hatch is cheaper.

              • @SrsSarcasM: If ur day trading then definitely stake :p.

                • +1

                  @ERIS: For sure, but then you should be on their $19/month subscription plan to allow use of unsettled funds if you want to day trade.

    • I think they sell your data to other bigger brokerages just like Robinhood.

  • +1

    Thanks for the code, for some reason they didn't send it to me today. I have been using the AU Stake for about 2 months without issue. Once I register they will transfer my AU account to an NZ one.
    MUCH better than Hatch!

    Edit: POLi only! Lame! AU Stake allows credit cards.

    • Do you know if we are actually holding stocks or what is it that we're holding by buying?


        19.1 Your Securities and Currencies will be held by a Custodian. You will retain legal and beneficial ownership of the Securities.
        19.2 Your money may be passed by us to a Service Provider. Your money may also be transferred to other persons, such as an Exchange. Where such a person is located outside Australia, the legal and regulatory regime applying to such a person will be different to that of Australia and, in the event of failure of such a person, this money may be treated in a different manner from that which would apply if the money was held by such a person in Australia.

  • "Currently we can only open accounts for residents of Australia."

  • Anyone get a stock other than gopro?

    • I got $DBX

    • I got dropbox

    • Got go pro first time and drop box from my referral.

  • how much do you have to fund to get free stock? is there a minimum? or the bigger the deposit the bigger the free stock?

    • Minimum NZ$50 deposit
      The amount shouldn’t matter but the probabilities are below

      Stock Market Value Probability
      Stock 1 $2 – $15 75%
      Stock 2 $15 – $50 22%
      Stock 3 $50 – $150 3%

  • I got gopro :(

  • Yeh get a chance of 1/3 and i put in 350
    pretty sure its its like 5% of anything given out that it could be nike and majority being gopro which is what i got too

  • How big are these guys? I have hesitations with businesses like this, I've seen too many go under :/
    But keen to hear from others

    • Bigger than Hatch. Better service. Less fees.
      Hatch seems to be dropping their fees today to compete.

    • -1

      hatch would be safer since its a nz company/Govt owned, i put $50 in stake but depending how i get on i plan to switch to hatch because of that.

      • I think saying safer because it's kiwiwealth is a bit nonsensical.
        You are investing in the US sharemarket. They both use DriveWealth. You have an account with DriveWealth. In both cases you are protected by the SIPC for 500k (250k cash).

      • Both are protected by custodians so not a lot of difference really. At the end of the day you're still investing in US stocks.

    • Your shares are protected by a third party custodian which is independent of the operating company. As long as the custodian is secure and reliable (ie audited by a trusted third party) then it doesn't really matter if the operating company goes under.

  • Any stock tips? :)

    • +3

      Buy low, sell high.

    • Try value stocks and do gap trades , a good website for value stock is simply wall st for gaps there is uncle stock and bar charts etc you can use Google finance and Yahoo to cross verify data

  • +1

    i've been using the AU one. can recommend.

    -initial fees are high (FX, credit card)
    -fund clearance times are slow
    -customer service depends on your luck


    -once you get going it's free to trade unlike hatch (and their massive USD$16 cut every time!)
    -nice app, fast trades

    they do have a subscription fees coming later in the year though, which takes away some features (like limit orders) but for most i think the basic free plan is fine. from what i gather, they get their profit from "deal flow" but not sure about selling data (wouldn't be surprised though).

  • +1

    The email Stake sent me to signup had the code NZFounderPTxr, not sure what the difference is

    • +1

      I eventually got mine and it was also different. Not sure if OP is getting anything for the registrations or not.

      • +1

        Mine was also different. I don’t believe he gets anything for the access code. I used a spam email address to receive the access code and my main one for the registration. No indications of rewards or anything like that on the spam email.

        • Thanks for checking that out, good to know.

      • +1

        Hey op here, nope not getting anything from the signup code, it is just used for registration

  • ugh, name of employers, selfie with you and your passport?

    • just requires a drivers license?

    • No selfie. I think that's Hatch.
      It's investing in the sharemarket, not Bitcoin. You should expect things like this.

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