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4 Months Free Fibre Broadband (Then $79.95/M) from Stuff Fibre When You Join through Broadband Compare


Exclusive broadband deal from Broadband Compare. Get 4 months free unlimited broadband from Stuff Fibre, but you MUST register your details for Stuff Fibre through Broadband Compare to take advantage of this offer. It is not available on their site directly.

Stuff Fibre have partnered exclusively with Broadband Compare to give Broadband Compare customers 4 months of free, unlimited broadband when you sign up to a 12 month contract with Stuff Fibre through Broadband Compare. The offer is FOUR months free unlimited broadband, Free Gigabit Router ($14.95 handling), Free Standard installation. A 12 month contract applies.

  • This promotion can’t be used in conjunction with any other Stuff Fibre promotion.
  • This offer is only available to new customers to Stuff Fibre who sign up from 18 September 2019 on a 12 month contract term.
  • If you sign up for a 12 month contract term you will receive your first 4 months of Fibre base services for free, which will be applied as a credit for your Fibre services on your invoice.
  • Additional fees for other services such as Voice and shipping are excluded from the offer, and you will be charged in full for these services.
  • If your Fibre base service is cancelled prior to the expiry of the contract term then our standard exit fees apply. For a “12 Month Term” an Exit Fee of $99 applies.
  • Router delivery fee of $14.95 applies.
  • You will be eligible to receive the Loyalty Discount available at the date you sign up.
  • Otherwise, the Stuff Fibre terms and policies will continue to apply as normal.

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  • That's a great offer.
    Is the modem free to own or just rental?

      • If you selected our Gigabit Router and your Fibre service ends for any reason, you get to keep the Router and you authorise us to charge you a discounted price of $90 for it. You still have the option to return the Router and we will credit the $90 charge back once we receive everything in good working order. Check out our Support area and Terms for further details on how this works.
    • As taeken has commented above - If you need to send your router back then you get sent a pre-paid bag that you leave the router in and a courier comes and collects - no charge for returning your router. Thanks

      • +1

        So it's a rental? Can I use my own router then to avoid paying for the delivery fee?

      • can we opt out from your router? already have our own router, dont want to pay for something we dont use

  • +1

    We could also frame this deal as:
    $24.75 per month for 4 months (Free 4 months + $99 cancellation fee), or
    $63.96 per month for 12 months, thereafter paying a penalty of $15.99 per month for overstaying
    Great deal!

    • How do you work it out at $63.96 per month?

      12 months - 4 free months = 8 paid months. 8 x $80 = $640(for 12 months). 640/12 = $53.33 per month, or am I missing something?

      with the 'free'/'rental' router, last time I completed a 12 month contract with them, then moved to another provider, they told me to keep it (for free) as I had completed the contract, but maybe they don't do that anymore?

      • Think that it's right, if you do get a free router doing the 12 month term is worth it!

  • When does this deal expire?

    I'm currently with another ISP and locked in a contract until end of this year…

    • Expiration date has been set at around the end of October but dependent on uptake it can be withdrawn at any time.

  • Has stuff fibre got better? last i knew, mates didn't let mates go stuff fibre.

    • Dont know where you hear that from but fiber is awesome (low latency, faster speed)
      Just need to make sure Chorus does a proper job installing it.

      • We're with Stuff - find them great. Modem they send you is miles better than the generic ones from most ISPs - we found wifi a lot more stable and faster.

        • +2

          Still won't be as good as my unifi access points.

        • what modem/router is it?

    • I hear people say this a lot for various different ISPs. But to be honest, for most people/general users, I personally think they are great.

      I've been with almost every ISP there is, Spark/Xtra/Telecom, Vodafone, Orcon, Slingshot, TrustPower, MyRepublic (another bad one that people talk about), 2Degrees, etc. Once you use fiber, most of them, if not all of them, are the same. Again, I'm talking about the performance/stability for average users.

      Personally, I don't have any servers or services at home. No Plex, no web server, nothing. All I do is just stream videos on Youtube, TV shows, movies, etc. I don't download movies, just stream them. I have a family of 4 and we're always using quite a bit of the internet and we're only on a 100/20 plan and have always been. I don't game, or use anything that relies on superfast internet. I've never really experienced any downtimes, so I have pretty stable connections.

      The router I'm using are ASUS AC88U and Dlink DIR-882, as well as 2 Powerlines (TP-Link PA9020P). I get max download/upload on WiFi 2.4Ghz/5Ghz, of course max download/upload on ethernet, and max download/upload via Powerlines. One of my router is bridged to the other, via Powerlines in between. Anyway, with this setup, I don't have any issues with internet whatsoever. I run Speedtests regularly, against different Speedtest servers, and I don't get any latency or jitter and everything is stable and normal.

      The only thing I do run are some IP cameras and smart switches at home, but that's about it. I can stream RTSP live stream to my cameras without lag.

      So yeah, unless you're a gamer, or a Plex provider or have some sort of crazy need for super fast download speed or 99.99999% stability/uptime, I don't see what the big deal is with most ISP providers. Sure, some may have CGNat and have crap peering or whatever, but for the most part, you won't really notice the issues as an average user.

      Now, I haven't been with Stuff Fiber before, but I think they are probably just the same as everyone else. I hear people talking crap about MyRepublic all the time and I'm with them right now and no issues. So I doubt Stuff Fiber will be any different.

    • We moved as long time customers of Vodafone (FibreX) to Stuff Fibre earlier this year, and it's been smooth sailing so far. Very happy with their service. Their home phone line through your mobile phone (optional) is a bit hit and miss though. This current offer is better than the 3 months free one that we signed up for.

  • Also looking through the plans they are offering gigabit too and that defaults to $90 a month after 4 months which seems a great deal for a 950/450 connection.

  • +3

    I remember when Stuff Fibre started. They got a few bad reviews on facebook and suddenly it was filled with 5 star reviews - all from Stuff/Fairfax employees.

  • Thanks. Just signed up. Have been with MyRepublic for 3 years with no problems until currently trying to cancel account. Contact us phone number gives a low quality recording to go chat and hangs up. My first chat question was about my billing date and cancellation. After a number of questions including telling me I can't have fibre (had it for years and was currently on it with MyRepublic) I'm told I need my billing date and cancellation. Glad I never any had any technical problems and needed to contact them.

  • Do they have such a deal on the 950mbps plan?

  • A good start, I signed up last night to the 950 plan and stuff sent enable an order to be livened in 2 days. Great, except I have to issue 30 days notice to my current provider. The checker says I already have fibre installed so you'd think the default order path in this scenario would be to transfer service not just liven it. A few back and forths today with enable, Orcon and stuff and it's all sorted to go live in a month and they are now all on the same page.

  • i submitted my details on Friday and still waiting to be contacted

    • Hey there rippernz - we can't find you based on this username but if you give the team a call on 0508 226672 they can get you signed up to this deal.

      • I followed the link above and just signed up. 😁

  • Thanks, I just signed up, it was easy. I can select the connection date (30 days notice with current ISP) which is great.

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