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Sennheiser PXC550 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones $299 @ JB HiFi


cheapest price ever according to pricespy.
maybe worth pricematching with noel leeming and using $10 off code (MYNL16W10) to make even cheaper.

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  • I got these for $350 in the 2017 black friday sale which was the cheapest at the time, these headphones are mean and definitely worth it at this price if anyones on the fence

  • Also have a pair, so lightweight and sound great. Blocks out so much background noise too.

  • how do they compare to Sony wh1000xm3?

    • Lower audio quality, less comfortable. Likely to have a lower resale value.

    • My opinion:

      PXC550 - Better value (if you're just an average user)
      XM3 - Best sound, noise cancellation, and quality
      QC35 - Best comfort

      • As an owner of both the QC35 II and XM3, I agree with you on that. QC35 is the most comfortable, whereas the XM3 is still comfy but not as good. However, you can definitely wear the XM3 for a long time (for me anyway). Noise cancellation - there's no competition here, XM3 wins hands down. Sound is also better on the XM3, but this may be subjective.

        I know people who can get me the XM3 at near $300 and the XM4 is coming out soon in August this year, so I would say maybe hold off on spending $300 on the PXC550 (at that price point, it's not really good value) and just wait for the XM3 to drop in price and buy it instead. You can also get the XM3 and the QC35 II for around $350 these days. I saw them going for $350 during XMas on Trademe last year and you can buy them brand new for $280 ~ $300 from overseas sites.

        Both the XM3 and the QC35 II are both really worth $250 in my opinion. They are great, but definitely not worth $300+. So if you're paying $300 or more for a pair of headphone, you really should be looking at what you're getting. Just because the RRP price is like $400~$500 and the deal is $300, doesn't necessarily mean it's a good deal.

        • Also, consider waiting till XMAS or special promotional days and get the XM3 at around $380 brand new. They were going for that price near end of last year, around XMAS / Boxing Day. The Sony brach at Sylvia Park was selling it for $400 but I'm sure you can get it down to $380 easy. Other places like Dicksmith also were selling around $380 or $400 too. They should be cheaper now so you're really looking at an extra $80 ~ $100 more.

          The features on the XM3 are definitely worth the extra $80 ~ $100. I don't use the touch controls too much (although they are pretty great), but holding my palm on the right ear-piece to disable noise cancellation so I could hear someone talking to me, or simply use the quick noise cancellation toggle switch to change the noise cancellaton modes, is simply amazing and super convenient. Yes, you get the noise cancellation toggle switch on the Bose as well, but you can customize the noise cancellation levels so much more with the XM3.

          Not to mention the quick charge of only 5 minutes to get 50% (or was it 80%?) from a completely dead battery. The battery is also long lasting as well.

          It's even better if you know someone who works at Sony who can get you the Friends & Family discount on the XM3. There are also some Geekzone thread discussions on this, you can find a few people there able to hook you up.

    • Having had the 550's and now the XM2s, the one thing I miss most is the ability to sync multiple devices at once on the 550's. I dont believe the XM3's have this feature either.

      • I never knew this was a thing on the 550s, how does it work?

        • This isn't unique to the PXC550. This is quite common nowadays, the QC35 II supports this too. Nothing to it really. You just make sure you've paired your headphone with your devices, e.g. phone + PC. Then you just use your headphone normally. If you play music on your phone and then sat down in front of your PC and play a movie, your headphone will (and should) automatically switch to the respective device.

      • Yeah, this isn't possible on the XM3, but possible on the QC35 II.

        Hopefully the upcoming XM4 will solve this problem.

  • Guess that goes for the Bose 35's as well?

  • Got a pair on Friday from Noel Leeming (Price Matched) and they are great on the bus - it cancels out almost everything!

  • In case people missed this deal on the XM3, here it is:

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