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Strata Auckland Airport Scan and Win (Mobile Version Only)


Auckland Airports Strata Club are running a promo with codes around the airport and online.
Each spin gets you up to 500 points = $5 which you can use for coffee and parking etc at the airport.
They have a code on their facebook page - EPCEV which got me $5 off my parking.
If you are at the airport share your 5-letter codes you see, and you can enter them on the mobile version.

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    Had a bit of fun with this while waiting for a flight a few weeks ago and picked up 5 $5 vouchers. However each place I tried to use them said they didn't have the system up and running yet. Not sure when I'll next be back in Auckland but they are in my account and apparently remain valid for 3 years so hopefully they work next time I'm there.

    • Awesome! I'm needing to book car parking soon so hopefully can get some more codes!

    • Has anybody had any success using the vouchers at an airport store, for example buying coffee?

      • Curious to know as well. Have paid ridiculously high parking prices over the years so would like a painless airport experience for a change lol

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    Here is another one: 9TVEU

    Now I have 4, that's $20 so far.

    Hopefully, people can share more?

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    I think it was 250 points and $15 off when you spend $150 at one of the duty free shops from memory

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      JVM04 and V7SvW say invalid codes for me

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        Try JVMQ4 and V7SYW :-)

  • I think play is suspended due to overloaded use lol

    • Working now

  • Their site doesn't work on iOS 10 Safari :(

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      I have found out that you can use Google Chrome's Dev Tools to access the site on Desktop.

      Right click > Inspect > Click the little mobile device button in the top left of the Dev Tools window.

      Choose any mobile device at the top (e.g. Galaxy S5) and refresh/visit the page.

      • But the retailer still has to scan the QR code on your phone, unless you book online for parking only.

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          Yea, the Auckland Airport app works on my phone but the site for the Spin and Win promotion (www.strataspinandwin.co.nz) doesn't work as my phone is on an older iOS version.

  • Cool I got 4100 points

    • I think that's the limit. Can anyone get above 5000 points?

      • Iā€™m at 4819 points

      • Cant get pass 4500 points. Guessing anything higher means you had points before this promo.

        • Yeah it would be kinda insane to just hand out a $100 evoucher just like that, this is not Labour…

  • How do you use the points - can you get something for $10 and use 2 vouchers, or is it $5 off each purchase?

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      Open Auckland airport app and you can choose how much points you want to use to make voucher. You can combine vouchers.

  • sweet just in time as picking up someone from international terminal next week. how do i use the point to pay parking? i have 4000 points = $40 parking?

  • Ok so i got 8x $5 voucher. And about 4800 points.

    Do i redeem vouchers now and they go into the Auckland airport app, or do i leave them until I'm actually at the airport? I don't have any flights planned at the moment so it could be a year before I'm at the airport.

    • Ok i see how it works in the app.

      What is the expiry on points?
      What is the expiry on evoucher?

      • How long are my Strata Points valid for?

        Your Strata Points are valid for 3 years after they were collected. They expire at the end of the calendar month immediately following the third anniversary of the date you collected them. For example, you collected your first Strata Points in March 2017, if they have not converted to an eVoucher and been used, they will expire 30 April 2018

        How long are my Discount eVouchers valid for?

        Your eVouchers are created when you want to use them. The Strata Points are valid for 3 years from when they were collected. Please note that Strata Points are deducted when your eVoucher is scanned. This will then be reflected in your Strata Points balance and Transaction Summary. Your eVoucher will be redeemed if your Strata Points balance is high enough at the time of use. If between the time of creating and then using an eVoucher; Strata Points have expired or you use the Points with a Parking or Strata Lounge booking, with your Points balance falling below the minimum required, you will be unable to redeem the eVoucher.

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          err shouldn't that say 'expire 30 April 2020' or am I bad at math?

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        We used it tonight to get two meals (>$30). They have an iPad on the counter where you scan the QR code to your account, and you can select how many points you want to use then. No need to get evouchers beforehand.

        Also some more codes:

        • thanks, done 23 codes in total now, only 277 to go!
          points are capped at 10 codes but grand prize is not.

  • How do you find our which stores can accept the vouchers?

  • Anyone got more codes? :D

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    I have found out that you can use Google Chrome's Dev Tools to access the site on Desktop.

    Right Click anywhere on page > Inspect > Click the little mobile device icon in the top left of the Dev Tools window.

    Choose any mobile device at the top (e.g. Galaxy S5) and refresh/visit the page.

  • Ok just tested it at airport. Suggest using the ipad at the cashiers desk. Staff looked clueless when I showed them my phone.

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  • Expresso bar does not accept strata points

    • They should accept vouchers, however as this is new, most of the staff doesn't know how to use it. They should have a tablet next to the register that is capable of scanning QR codes.

      They are clearly listed here:


      What did they tell you?

      • No tablet on counter, and the lady pointed me to another competitor with strata points lol. I suspect she wants my cold hard cash :)

  • Over the last few weeks, my email accounts got verified almost instantly, but now my emails aren't getting verified. Is anyone else getting this?

    • Did you ever get the verification? Worked last night for me but not today

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